A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 224

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While Nakajima Saki is on the verge of getting into trouble in another world, on Earth, the Nine-Tailed Family, which started working at the request of Saito Kenji, is on the prowl to find the creator god of another world.

Following the unique sense of smell of the nine-tailed family, they crossed the sea and went west and east. ……

In order to repay the favor to the man who saved her family, Tamamo Gozen, the head of the Nine-Tailed family, and Momiji, who is not particularly special, but seems to be quite happy, are playing an active role.

Even now, Momiji was using an unfamiliar electronic device to report on today’s events, with her sister Yatsuha operating the phone for her.

“Moshi-moshi, Onigiri,-man. It’s me….”

“Oh, Momiji? Did you find any clues?”

“Umu~ It’s not much, I guess? Or is it still a jackpot? I don’t know.”

“Oh. Well, there’s still time, so there’s no need to rush. Keep a good work.”

Yes, just reporting today’s events does not necessarily mean that the results have been achieved.

As for Momiji, she was only looking forward to talking to the man with Onigiri who would praise her work.

Incidentally, since the proper reports are regularly sent out by Nine-Tails and Yatsuha, Saito has nothing in particular to say and there is no obstacle to the operation.

“Do you know? I’ve been great succes today.”

“Oh. What great things have you done?”

“The vampire found out that I’ve been sniffing around for a creator god in [Ingirisu]. I was suddenly attacked, though~”

Even though I had already received a report from the Nine Tails, she began to happily talk about information of considerable importance as Peerless Momiji.

In addition, the information that the vampire, the monster that exists in England, found out about it, is just a deliberate distraction to make the other party swim by grabbing its tail from the beginning.

(Let someone swim is phrase for “deliberately let someone free so that you can monitoring her/his behaviour secretary” https://tinyurl.com/2p823vst)

This is because if Momiji, who is now Ten Tails, really works to conceal information, no clue will be found, even if it is from her family.

“Well, well, well. Well done, Momiji. Great job! If the other party was in a hurry to attack you, then you got a jackpot this time.”

“Umu~. That’s also what my mother said. She said I’m amazing. Does that mean I become a smart girl?”

Saito, who sensed over the phone that she was smiling with her aura of praise in full swing, immediately gave her a compliment, and was relieved when she reconfirmed that this was in fact a major step forward in the investigation.

But, however, Saito thought.

If the vampire monster has some kind of connection with the creator god of the other world, as there was a sub-god called the Nine-Tails here in Japan, and if the creator god has to abandon the other world for some reason, there is probably a sub-god on the England side that is no less powerful than the Nine-Tails of the past.

That is what he thinks.

And it was the same with the nine-tails.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your flirting, but I’m going to borrow it up a bit, my dear silly girl. Can you hear me, my son-in-law?”

“Yeah, I can hear you. Do you probably aware of that too?”

“That’s right. Just as I used to reign in Japan, I’m sure there’s also a Big Boss of ghosts called vampires or something here ”

If we continue with the investigation, we will eventually tick off that person.

And it would be a battle between sub-gods of equal power, which might cause not a little damage to us.

Nine-Tails was concerned about that.


“In other words, from here on out, Mizzet and I will be going out there and working as bouncers, is that correct?”

“That’s right. I have no intention of losing, but I don’t want any of my family members to get injured.”

So says the Nine-Tails.

However, this is a mixture of half-truths, and as a race originally skilled in investigation and secrecy, their combat abilities are somewhat lower than those of pure demons.

If it was just a matter of hiding and escaping, Momiji would be invincible with her ten tails, but if it was a sub-god of the same rank, she would have a bad chance in a head-on battle.

“All right. But wait a minute. I have another bouncer I need to consult with until I get there. Until then, don’t make any unnecessary attacks and wait for me.”

“Hmm. Why you need another bouncer by the way? With me and my son-in-law together, there is no such thing as a demon that can defeat us.”

No, not really, Saito thinks.

In terms of strength, of course, it would be easy to say that Mizzet, Momiji, Nine-Tails and myself, all of whom have become guardians of the gods, can face a single pillar of the sub-gods, but the situation is not so simple.

Just as the Togami family used to be experts in the Nine Tails, there are those who expert in their fields.

In this case, it would be the exorcists, including the guy, Harry Taylor.

With this in mind, Saito cut the call and went to Genzo Togami’s office first to make contact with the man.

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