A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 223

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“That’s why…. Now the lord of this place in state of flux.”

“Hmmm. Oh…. another ale for this person, please.”

“Guh! Sorry, young lady.”

I had a hunch that I was going to get into trouble in the first town, so I spent some time moving from one place to another as if I were running away from home.

In two days, I had come to the neighboring town of Kilkay, which is said to be ruled by the Marquis of this country.

However, the city is currently in a state of flux.

Or rather, the inhabitants of the town have a thoug time, or are in a state of disrepair.

So, while I was gathering information, I bought an ale for an old man who was drinking at the adventurer’s guild tavern, and asked him about small talk, and he told me what he thought was the cause of the problem.

It seems that a demon race of unruly strength has arrived from the recently discovered dungeon area, and the town is being threatened as it struggles to deal with them.

They can fight head on even against the knights privately owned by the Marquis family, so their fighting power is far different from that of any other monster out there.

Hee, that’s interesting.

“You’ve had a tough time, haven’t you, old man? You’re an adventurer, right? You can’t have nothing to do with the demon tribe.”

“No, we adventurers are still better off. The lord who rules Kilkay is an excellent man, and he basically takes care of the demons himself so that we don’t lose our lives needlessly. We adventurers in the town are easygoing.”

That’s what the old man with the red face from the ale said.

I don’t know how good adventurers from Kilkay is, but it’s quite admirable that the knights themselves are willing to shield them.

As I was admiring him, the old man narrowed his eyes and said, “But, well, so much for such a demonic threat.”

“I’ve heard that the lord got tired of the lack of resolution and hired a very skilled adventurer to investigate the discovered dungeon and defeat the demon race. Her name is Shie the Flash. She’s an S-class adventurer who’s been on the rise for about two years now.”

It is true that an adventurer with the highest level of human power, such as an S-class adventurer, might be able to defeat the demons without any problem.

However, as I continued to listen to the old man, it became apparent that the Shie was not just a free transcendent.

It seems that the Shie the Flash is very money-conscious and won’t take you seriously unless you pay her something that even the lord can’t afford.

The amount of compensation was about twice the annual budget of this town.

As a marquis family, they control a number of towns and cities, so it’s not like they can’t afford to pay S-class adventurers, but it’s a different story when it comes to the annual budget for running a town.

But Shie the Flash was unconcerned about such a situation, and apparently that person was saying, “I’m excellent, so I deserve this much.”

Well, for an S-class adventure, I guess it is acceptable.

I would have thought that asking another S-class adventurer would have solved the financial problem, but since this demonic incident was urgent, the adventurer’s nickname, “Flash,” in other words, it seems that movement speed becomes an issue.

Well, I predict that this means that the time needed to rush to support them will be extremely short.

“Oh, I see. Well, it’s none of my business as I’ve just been promoted to Class E. It was nice to hear your story, old man. See you later.”

“See you later, young lady.”

As I leave the tavern attached to the adventurer’s guild, I feel conflicted.

At any rate, my intuition was sounding the alarm more than ever.

If this Shie got involved in the affairs of the town, I would surely get into trouble too.

But even I, as a matter of fact, since I landed in this world after receiving a request from uncel god to defeat the demon god and the demon race, I can’t just turn tail and run when I hear the word demon race.

I wish I could find a way to keep myself out of trouble and still help defeat the demons. ……

“Well, that’s impossible. I can’t help it.”

After thinking about it for a while, I came to the conclusion that this trouble was an unavoidable event.

Because I’m stuck in all directions.

I can’t disappoint the uncle god.

So, reluctantly, very reluctantly, I worked hard to raise my level in order to acquire enough strength not to die in preparation for the upcoming battle with the demon race.

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