A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 222

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A little over a week has already passed since I arrived in the other world.

I don’t know how my school, friends, and family are reacting to my disappearance after I was almost hit by a car, but I’m sure uncle God is doing a good job with that.

I’ve been thinking about it since the beginning when he saved my life, but even though he’s a god, he seems to be somewhat of an ordinary person, or a type of god who has such characteristics to chance.

Somehow, I feel a similar vibe to my father.

You know, like a salary man?

No, it’s more like a tired salary man.

Well, okay, that’s about it.

Well, since the uncle god was so close to us humans, I was able to trust him without hesitation.

“By the way, …… Hmm. So this is my current status. The phone that the uncle god prepared for me is so high performance.”

I looked at the screen of the smartphone I had activated in the room of the cheap inn and tapped on my name, which was written as Nakajima Saki.

Underneath my name, it showed my current abilities, skills, and occupation level in detail, so that I could see at a glance how much I had grown.

By the way, thanks to the repeated tearing and throwing of low-grade demons for the past week, the ranger’s level seems to have risen to 12.

However, my swordsmanship level is still at two, and my healing magic, which I spent all my GP on to save a wounded adventurer, is still at three.

However, perhaps with the rise in ranger level, only the hidden form has risen from the initial value of 1 to 2, so it is not that there was no growth

Oh yeah, and speaking of spending all of my GP, I discovered that my GP was slowly accumulating under various conditions as I played around with my phone.

For example, even just lying on the bed like this, GP increases at a rate of less than a decimal point, and if you do a particularly strenuous workout, GP will increase at a corresponding rate.

In other words, it seems that GP, the only cheat ability given to me by my uncle God, will increase in proportion to what I have accumulated in the form of life experiences.

I had discovered it a few days ago by tapping on the GP displayed on my phone and constantly observing it.

“So, my current GP is 25.36246 points. That’s 25 points.”

Considering that you can increase one of your skills or job level with 10 points, this is an exceptional amount to acquire in one week. ……

However, occupation level increases surprisingly quickly after experiencing combat, so if you’re going to spend GP, I think it’s better to spend it on skills.

“But it bothers me.”

Consider whether you want to take on new skills or concentrate on developing your existing skills.

After meeting a group of merchants who had been attacked by demons on the first day, and helping them, there had been no major trouble whatsoever.

If that’s the case, it’s one thing to keep it, but my instincts are telling me that it won’t work out that way.

Honestly, my instincts are right.

I don’t know why it hits me, but anyway, it hits me pretty well without much evidence.

In fact, it even foresaw my own death, so it should be highly credible.

If so, it is also a good idea to follow my intuition and spend GP.

“All right! You’ve got it! Good luck, Warp-kun! You’ll enrich my adventures from now on!”

I spend 20 skill points to gain Short Range Transfer at level two.

It seems that spatio-temporal magic can do the same thing, making full use of a huge amount of magic power and chanting, but I’m still at a low level, and I don’t have enough magic power to withstand practical use, and more importantly, I’m adventuring solo, and chanting for a long time is a problem in battle.

If that was the case, I thought it would be more constructive to have it as an ability that could be activated instantly, rather than as magic, for the single point of transference, even though it was a short distance.

It seems that this skill is an ancillary skill that can be acquired with a supernatural occupation like “hero”, which I can’t acquire with GP no matter how hard I try, but the good thing about it is that I can learn it for cheap if it’s only part of my ability.

Well, it’s not mine, it’s uncle’s power.

By the way, the GP consumption to get a hero at level 1 is a little over 100,000.

I can’t do it, not very well.

I mean, the uncle god doesn’t want the hero to learn properly.

Even now, with my newfound power, I could feel the presence of trouble that were intuitively transmitted were approaching, and I hurriedly escaped from this town by short-range transfer.

“So, should I hide? Yes, I’m still a little low, after all! If there’s trouble like this approaching, I’ll run away, of course! Don’t underestimate a high school girl’s survival skills!”

Bye-bye, a certain Trouble-san.

I’m going to leave for the next town.

………… No way.

Nakajima-san, who was guided by me and detected the contact event with the Togami family that I had prepared as support personnel, escaped in a short distance transfer.

The timing was just in time to make contact.

“No, no, no, what’s with that high school girl? You’ve got too much intuition, Nakajima-san.”

“Right. She has very sharp intuition. In a sense, she’s a good match for Momiji and me.”

Mizzet also looked at the phone with some surprise.

Yeah, what a bad level of sharpness. ……

This is troubling.

I mean, her intuition is not just a bad premonition, but she seems to be detecting a major turning point itself.

So whether it’s a good encounter or a bad one, it seems that when an event is about to happen that’s out of her control, she naturally take evasive action.

It’s true that the difference in ability between Nakajima-san and Kuroko-san right now is like the difference between heaven and earth, and even if they met right now, she might be too much for her to handle.

But on the other hand, the fact that she able to escape from my intentions so quickly gives me a certain sense of relief.

In other words, if Jean tried to sabotage her in any way, or if someone else with bad intentions tried to get close to her, she would be able to defend herself.

But that’s not to say that there won’t be problems that come up that she can’t solve on her own, so I’m going to ask her to continue the chase through the oracle.

Well, the members of the Togami family seem to be enjoying their adventures in the other world in a boy-meets-girl kind of way, so there’s no need to hurry.

I’m sure that by the time Kuroko-san and Kido-kun catch up to her, Nakajima-san will have improved her level.

Then there would be no need to run away this time.

“But she has got a long road ahead of her. ……”

I muttered to myself as I checked the [log] for a problem that was occurring in the next town she was heading to.

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