A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 221

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The next day after sending Nakajima Saki to the other world, I crossed over to the Togami family to prepare her support staff, and successfully guided Kuroko-san and Kido-kun to the other world.

I’ve already explained to the Togami family that I have a unique otherworld, and although I haven’t explained to them that it’s actually a different world in a different galaxy, they understand that I have some kind of special ability that allows me to possess a space that separated from the real world, just like the Nine Tails.

Although it was not a big surprise to Kuroko-san and her parents, as they had heard it from the Kuroko-san who had experienced the dungeon in the app world before, but Kido-kun, who heard that for first time, was absent-minded the whole time.

As an invitation to another world, I didn’t want him to pursue it too deeply. I just wanted him to take care of the person, my apprentice, I sent to another world.

It would be more flexible, and the other side seemed to be reasonably enthusiastic about it, as long as they could repay their debt to me for solving the Nine-Tails problem.

By the way, Kuroko and Kido have already traveled to another world, and now they are wandering around to join Nakajima while struggling with the situation over there.

“Even so, Nakajima-san is really excellent. No, I think it is more a template-driven easy-road.”

I looked into the app and watched her adventures, and to my surprise, while leveling up well on the first day of her life in the other world, she went through the forest she landed in, rescued a merchant’s carriage in distress from a demon attack with a surprise attack of concealment and swordplay, and healed a wounded mercenary with recovery magic that cost her even more GP.

In addition, the merchant who had helped her had taken a liking to her, and she had been promoted from adventurer rank F to E with his unparalleled recommendation and financial support.

The merchant himself was a well-known figure in the town, and she was already making a name for herself as a promising newcomer.

There were a few ragtag adventurers in the town who were jealous of this, but they had already been beaten back.

Incidentally, this is the series of events that took place during the day when the other world and Japan were connected and the flow of time was synchronized.

The question is, how many accidents has she caused and how many has she solved?

It’s as if she was born to be the protagonist in another world.

I can’t help but wonder if she could have gotten by without sending in the Kuroko-san or Kido-kun, but knowing that Jean’s people will surely interfere at some point, it’s better to have a larger force.

The choice to prepare this support should come into play somewhere.

“So, what do you want from me after this? I know you’re not working for the wrong reasons, so I’m more than willing to help you out. I owe you a debt of gratitude for raising that stupid girl so well.”

“Yes, ……. Honestly, I’d say it helps, but next time the investigation might be a little tougher.”

Two years have already passed on the other side of the timeline between the time I was kicked back into the app and the start of the damn update.

The time has slowed down since the update and the merge of two worlds, but I don’t want to dawdle any longer.

On the other side, Shie, Deus, and the hero Leon have teamed up with the Dragon God of my world, and they’ve been telling the world that the world crisis is over for the time being, the situation seems to have come to a head, but they know that it is only a temporary fix.

The fact that the world’s mana has been diverted and the balance between the two worlds has been maintained means that the mana in my world has been cut in half.

And it’s very bad that it was a demon god who exercised it, and that it was accomplished by a level of hacking that caused the app to sound an alert.

What’s worse is that I won’t be able to log in until this problem is solved, which is the worst part.

As long as the app is wary of the Demon God Jean, my right to interfere in the world will be severely restricted, and if this situation continues, the world will be without a creator god, and in the worst case scenario, my entire app world will run out of mana.

If my existence wasn’t blocked, I wouldn’t have a problem with the interfering with the world just in time to generate a large amount of mana.

But maybe the creator god of other world have also been blocked to their own world because of these creation breakdown related problems. ……

However, there is still plenty of time to spare, as the flow of time has been linked to real world.

For now, I’ll leave this problem to Nakajima-san and the Togami famiy, and I’ll have to deal with the other big problem: finding the creator god of other world.

At the moment, I have no idea what to expect, but there are things I can do even in such an unpredictable situation.

“So, Tamamo, I’m sorry, but I need you to trace this man, Harry Taylor. I think he’s in England, can you do that?”

“Sigh ……. Can you do it? Who do you think I and my family are? Who do you think I and my clan are? I’m not geriatric enough to forget the scent of people I’ve already met, no matter where they are.”

This is a very encouraging thing to say.

Everyone in the family was smiling, except for Momiji, so it didn’t seem like it would take much effort to find Harry.

Oh, you ask what Momiji is doing?

Right now, she’s suffering from the onigiri and tea snacks that she ate too much of when she went back to her parents’ house, and she’s puffing up her stomach and saying things like “Unnu ……”.

It’s a self-inflicted suffer.

As expected, there was a limit to the amount of onigiri she could hold.

I don’t know what kind of method the Nine-Tailed family uses to cross the ocean, and there are likely to be foreign monsters, youkai, and demon tribes abroad, but the girls must be pretty confident because they immediately took off with Momiji when they heard my request.

I think this is the one I can leave to them.

“Well, I’ll do what U have to do.”

“Right. It’s been a while since I’ve been alone with Kenji, so I’ll go out with you on a date.”

And Mizzet, who seems to have turned fourteen the other day, said something like that.

No, I’m sorry.

I couldn’t celebrate your birthday because I was in a lot of trouble.

However, the pressure I feel from Mizzet is so great that I have no choice but to enjoy cake and shopping just for today.

Well, for now, all I have to do is monitor Nakajima’s adventures and take steps to help her as the situation demands.

I have access to oracles and other useful functions, so I can at least contact the sub-gods of my world.

“Come on. Don’t think about other women when you’re on a date with me. Look at me, we have the whole place to ourselves today.”


I managed to reply back, even though my cheek was being munched.

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