A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 218

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It’s been half a day since I was bounced from the other world by the app’s function.

I’m currently staying at an otherworldly coffee shop run by the Fox family, and I’m going to be living with them for a while until things settle down, as I need their help with some things.

Momiji and Mizzet have already been taken out of the dimensional storage, and are now sitting next to me in the tea room with the Nine Tails family.

“So, what’s going on in the other world now? I thought Kenji was suddenly in hurry, the next thing I knew I was in this world. Really, what happened?”

“Umu. Umu. Well, I’m glad to see my mother and sisters again, so I’m not complaining too much. But I am a little worried about Shie, though. We’ve become such good friends, you know?”

And first of all, here is the opinion of the other world group.

To be honest, I didn’t know what was going on at first, but after following the app logs, I was able to get a general idea of what was going on, so I’ll respond to this opinion later.

“Hmmm. It’s hard to believe, but the point is that something strange has happened in your world, just as it has in mine? Does that mean that my stupid daughter has behaved badly again?”

“Oh, Mother. You underestimate our sister Momiji, don’t you? Once she gets out of control, there’s no way it’ll be able to get away with anything. I’m sure she’s done more than enough to turn that world upside down.”

This is the opinion of Tamamo, the mainstay of the family, and Yatsuha, the representative of her sisters.

I was surprised that Tamamo recognized my other world as a kind of other space like hers, but I guess I was not far off the mark.

The world that she and the other fox tails, which are earth-born youkai, have is probably like the Demon World of other world.

I knew that there was some kind of boundary separating Japan from the youkai world, but it wasn’t strictly true because it wasn’t another planet.

But I felt that if I were to explain it in terms of events that they could easily recognize, this direction would be fine, so I nodded for now.

Yatsuha’s opinion is also not far off, and although Momiji did not turn the world upside down, she is in trouble because the world has been turned upside down, so it’s just as well that I don’t have to explain.

“What? Mother, sister. What do you think am I?”

“Mm. You’re a silly girl outside the norm.” (Tamamo)

“My lovely, unpredictable little sister?” (Yatsuha)

“Mmmm ……”

Her mother and sister reacted in a way that didn’t make sense to her, and Momiji looked unconvinced.

Well, I guess we’ll leave those girls alone for now.

Either way, the Nine-Tailed family will have to search for the creator god of other world after this, and I have to focus on Mizzet to talk about the anomalies in the app world that need to be solved right now.

“Well, Mizzet. For now, let’s leave the Nine-Tailed family behind and talk about our current situation and what we need to do in the future.”

“I’ve been waiting for it. If I can help you, you can always come to me. Leave it to me.”

I nodded in response to her very reliable answer and began to explain the current situation.

That’s right, the app tells me that I need to send a new person to the other world to solve this problem.

The condition of the avatar, the savior, is that this person needs to be sent to another world as Creator God, in the true sense of the word.

This is the first update from the management since the outbreak of the occupation.


Saki Nakajima is a second year high school girl from a public school.

She’s just a normal girl with unusual hobbies, who usually researches how to get to other worlds, is interested in magic and witchcraft, and loves to read websites about webnovel.

Since she was not in any club activities, she would go to coffee shops and game centers with her female friends after school and drink tea until her home curfew.

“Somehow, I have a feeling something is going to happen today!”

“Huh? Is that it again? It’s starting. The illness of Saki has begun.”

“Leave her alone, leave her alone~ She’ll forget about it tomorrow~”

Saki, who is feeling some kind of radio wave on her way home, declares in a high-pitched voice, but for her schoolmates, this is just a regular seizure.

This is because she receives some kind of radio wave about once a month, and every time it happens, she wakes up with an incomprehensible intuition that she is destined to be with someone, that there must be a yokai there, or that there is actually a onmyouji in the high school next door.

Well, she’s never able to prove that.

“So, what is it today? Do you have a hunch that destined person will show up again?”

“Exactly! No, maybe it’s a little different?”

“Haha, what’s that?”

Saki herself doesn’t really believe in her own intuition, and since she’s doing it half in jest, she responds appropriately.

This lack of attachment seemed to be a hit with her schoolmates, and there were always smiles around her.

“Hmm~. But it’s a little strange. I don’t know, it’s different from usual, it’s really like a buzz! What a mystery.”


Saki crossed the traffic light and started to head home, although she was troubled by a really buzzing chill that was different from usual.

And then the incident happened.


“Hey, Saki! Watch out!”

“What ……?”

When she was about to cross the traffic light, there was a car driving at high speed, ignoring the light, coming right in front of her.

Naturally, in her normal state, she would have been able to immediately detect the danger by the sounds made by the cars driving at high speed, the people around her, and so on.

But today was the only day she was unlucky, and now her thoughts were plagued by the identity of a mysterious chill.

Therefore, her distracted gait was unable to detect the car, and only at the last moment of her life did she realize that death was coming to her.

──── Oh, I’m dead.
──── Well, that’s what the chills were about.

She thought so for a while.

Memories of the past flashed back to me like a running lantern.

Due to the acceleration of time in the brain, which is triggered when a person is on the verge of death, the car, which is already right under our noses, is slowly approaching hee as if time has stopped, but her body is not moving and there is no way to avoid it. ……

There is no way to avoid it. ……

“Huh? Isn’t the car really stopped? I mean, isn’t all the time around me stopped too? What is this? No, what’s going on?”

She found herself in a world where it was as if the time around her had stopped, no, it’s not as if, but that time had really stopped.

And in the meantime, in an impossible world where time has stopped, the footsteps of someone echoing steadily approach, and ────.

──── Hey, nice to meet you, young lady.
──── Actually, I’m a creator god. Wouldn’t you like to go to another world for a while?

A mysterious middle-aged man suddenly appeared and invited her to enter another world.

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