A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 217

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When I came back to my senses, I was on my butt in front of the otherworldly cafe with all my body parts intact.

Apparently, the forced logout was successful, but what was Jean’s last action?

“That, that’s right! What happened to everyone? What happened to the world?”

I hurriedly launched the app to check everyone’s safety and logs.

The first thing I found out was that Momiji and Mizzet, who had become my dependents as a result of the forced logout, had been evacuated inside the dimensional storage.

And as for Shie and Deus, who were not, they were left there as they were.

“Oh, my God. ……. Right, show me the logs! Logs!”

I was stunned that I had left Shue and Deus, who were the least I could do to save them, behind because of the emergency situation, but I couldn’t keep saying that and confirmed the current situation.

And there was something incredible written as evidence.

[Urgent report. The Demon God has declared the unification of the two worlds by the demon race. The Demon God has analyzed a part of the miraculous mana of the Creator God. The Dragon God, who noticed the Demon God’s abnormal behavior, resisted it and defeated the alter in its place with a single blow. The main body is unharmed. The demon god has used the power of mana that he analyzed to connect your world with the other world through a dungeon. This will start the outflow of mana to other world. The sub-god of the end is attempting to contact you.]

An unending flow of information that can’t be sorted out is being updated in the log.

While it’s happening, time seems to be advancing at high speed in the app world, and even though it’s not as fast as the skip function, there seems to be a significant time difference.

Moreover, when I tried to log in again with my own avatar, all I got was a message that said, “This avatar is currently unavailable,” and there was no sign that I could transfer to another world.

I have no idea why Jean did this or what the act of unifying the two worlds means.

In the first place, there were many mysteries about Jean’s personality, but he was not the kind of person who would be influenced by immediate interests such as the desire to unify the world and control it.

So why, when there was always a time when he could have harmed me, did he not do it, and now he has taken this action?

I don’t know.

I don’t know what’s going on.

But there is only one thing I can say.

“He made that face at the end. …… He forced himself to smile ……”

The last thing I saw was Jean’s chuckle.

It was as if he knew he would be scolded by his parents in the end, but he was still a child who pushed through his will.

He forced himself to do this.

The only thing I know for sure is that there is no such thing as meaningless.

However, even so, what should I do after this …

Just when I was starting to feel weak, a shadow with fox ears suddenly appeared over my head.

“Oh. It’s you, son-in-law. What are you doing sitting here? What’s the matter? Hee~ why are you making such a face?”


Nine-Tails, the land god, Tamamo Gozen, Tamamo Gozen, appears, grinning faintly, and before I can say anything, she begins to stroke my head.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. You no need to tell me, I can see it clearly on your face. How long do you think I’ve been the parent of my daughters? A thousand years, a thousand years. Don’t underestimate me.”


Tamamo then sits down next to me on the street and scratches her own head, saying “Ah~” and “Um~”.

“Ah, yes. First of all, let me tell you that I owe you. Do you know what is that? No, you don’t need to know. Let’s just say it is.”


“So here’s some good advice for you, ……. Kenji Saito, you should have a little more faith in your own failures.”


What is this fox-sama talking about?

How can you have a faith in a failure?

Would’nt be a huge mistake?

“Oh, you just thought I was a bad fox, didn’t you?”

“Oh, I don’t think so. That’s not what I meant. Still, what’s the point?”

Yeah, don’t instigate me often …

Now I’m depressed and uptight.

If you say something lame, I’ll rub your tail, okay?


“Well, that’s good. What I’m trying to say is that whatever you feel is a failure is not a failure at all. Most likely, you are troubled by the fact that you don’t understand the actions of the people you have been looking up to. Why can’t you understand? …… It’s. It is not because you have failed, but because it is a sign of growth that the person has grown so much beyond your imagination.”


As soon as I thought that there was indeed something about what she was told, Tamamo smiled with a grin on the corner of her mouth.

“Yes, as you can imagine, this analogy is similar to the relationship between me and my youngest daughter, Momiji, isn’t it? That stupid girl is always doing things that I can’t understand, and going in directions that I don’t want to go, but is that really a failure?  …… No, definitely not. This is the potential of my child, this is the future. So what is there to worried about?”

Yes, you’re absolutely right.

What the hell was I worried about?

Knowing that Jean would never do me any harm, and admitting that he’s a great guy with potential that I can’t even begin to match, why am I so depressed and worried about his future?

That’s obviously a contradiction.

I should have trusted my own failures and the success of those I created from the beginning.

“I see you’ve noticed. Hmm, you’re making it difficult for me. So you understand, don’t you?”

“Yes, indeed, I do.”

It doesn’t matter what Jean’s intentions are.

Because I believed in him, all I had to do was do what I had to do.

Just I understood that much, Tamamo said, “It looks like you’re all right,” and stood up.

“You’re going to do something interesting again, right? If so, I can help you…. Well, if you wish.”

Then she stroked my head again.

But one thing for sure, now it’s my turn to be owed to her.

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