A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 216

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The Breath released by Dragon God, the pinnacle of power in the other world, was drowned out by a swing of the arm of ruler of this world, Demon God Jean.

To be honest, as this is my first time seeing a battle between sub-gods directly, the dimensions are so different that I can’t really grasp what’s going on.

This battle is no longer between the less powerful sub-gods, such as the Nine Tails on Earth, but is truly a summit battle between the top of the world.

However, the reason why I can remain calm even though I don’t understand is because I can use the power of the creator god to stop time and escape in case of emergency, and more importantly, I can see that Jean has the upper hand because he doesn’t lose his composure.

“How about it? Did you find it’s helpful? Hey kid.”

“Guh…Uh..Tsk!!!! You did a great job!”

“Ha-ha-ha! It’s good to see you being so honest. Well, since you seem to have reached the realm of the sub-gods, you’ll be able to do something like this sooner or later.”

Even Mizzet, who had been awakened in the Temple of the God of Creation and strengthened by being given a race beyond heroes called the Heavenly Race and a sub-god-level occupation as a guardian deity, was apparently taken aback by Jean’s current actions.

Maybe even if Jean had failed to cancel the breath, we could have avoided a fatal blow with Mizzet’s skill that specialized in defense, but still, nullifying it with a single swing of his arm was probably more than she expected.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter. Do you think this is a contest?”

“Hmm. ……”

The Dragon God, the best friend of the reliable Demon God and the strongest being in our party, calmly analyzes the enemy.

He glanced at the enemy forces, who were still dumbfounded by the difference in their abilities, and rubbed his chin as he spoke of the results.

“Let me get straight to the point. It’s not a contest. If either I or my friend, the Demon God, stepped forward, it would be settled in two minutes at most. And even if not, my army of dragons, and his army of demons will be enough. If both of our armies show their true powers, we will not be defeated. And above all, Father is here, so it’s useless to even think about it.”

He spills his thoughts.

The only thing I understood was that it was as good as settled, except that his absolute trust that I was here so it’s useless to even think about it was probably overconfidence.

The other side seemed to understand this, and the armies of the other world, who had just been shown the difference in their abilities, looked dejected and pitifully lost their will to fight.

Perhaps, though, the decisive attack earlier was their strongest attack.

“Uh, Demon God of this world…. I’m really glad I didn’t make an enemy of you, …….or I’ll die in vain.”

He’s absolutely right.

No matter how strong he was, the strongest human, the hero Leon, there’s no way he can compete with him.

“I think this won’t be a war anymore.”

“Yes, Father. I agree with you. I’m sure they didn’t think they could beat us at the beginning, either. I’m sure they were planning to get some concessions from us and cross over to father’s world, the Divine Realm, once they had some close calls.”

I’ve heard that before, but surely if they want to cross over to whoever is the creator god on the other side, it makes sense to show a minimum of force and bring it to negotiations.

Otherwise, the moment they show weakness, depending on how we respond, the entire world could be put under our control.

But miserably, the result of the battle has already come out.

The other side’s strongest attack had been reduced to nothing, and their army will be settled in two minutes once the Dragon God or Demon God stepped forward.

That’s the worst case scenario.

I’m not sure how I’m going to concede this one.

I was going to help them search for their creator god, but now that our world has been invaded, I’m sure there are demons and dragons, who are very upset about it.

Their indignation is natural, and it’s really outrageous if they beg when they are about to lose.

Yes, it’s natural.

But ────

“But I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to be selfish here, Jean. And the Dragon God. It is the creator gods who should take responsibility for their situation, not the people of their world. At least, not in this case.”

Yes, it is the Creator God who must take the blame this time.

I don’t know who abdicated his responsibility and decided to sit on the sidelines until this happened, but whatever the reason, it was all his fault.

If someone told me that the earth was about to collapse, I’d also take refuge to someone’s world.

And it’s the same for them.

They were merely stopping by a world where they could afford to so that their world would not end.

“Hmm. If my father says so, I have no problem with it. You’re the highest-ranking figure in this world, and above all, your reason makes sense. In fact, if necessary, I will go talk to them.”

Then the Dragon God nodded and flew off to his army, leaving Jean, who seemed to be saying, “Well, that’s why you’re such a softie.”

The other side seemed to be bothered by the sudden movement of the dragon god, but I’m sure they’ll understand once they hear what I have to say.

And just when I thought that, my phone started beeping.

Whoa, I didn’t think this was possible. ────

[Congratulations! You have averted yet another [Creation Breakdown] by solving a crucial problem in this era! This concludes “Story Mode Chapter 3”. Thank you for your hard work, followed by ────]

Oh, so that’s it.
So the Dragon God did a good job of organizing the negotiations.

But just as I was reassured of this, additional new text began to flow into the log.

[──── Then, there is an emergency. An emergency situation has occurred. As soon as “Story Mode Chapter 3” ended, we detected the abnormal behavior of the Demon God Jean. The mana of the world that has been stabilized by avoiding the collapse of creation is beginning to be analyzed. Due to the emergency situation, in order to prioritize the protection of you, the god of creation, we will execute a forced logout along with your dependents. 10 seconds to start, 9 seconds, 8 seconds …………]

“What’s ……?

Hey, what’s going on?
Jean’s abnormal behavior?
Mana’s analysis?

What the heck is going on ………….

“Oh, what’s the matter, father?”

──── Hmm.
──── Hey, I think you’re looking a little pale.

Starting with those words, my consciousness was forcibly transferred by the power of the application.

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