A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 215

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“I think I’ve never seen such a large creature before.”

After a while of reuniting with Jean and having a strategy meeting, or rather a relaxed discussion, with Dragon God, whom I was finally meeting for the first time, Momiji was the first to notice something strange.

It seems that the enemy, who is the key to the current turmoil, has finally arrived.

From the distant horizon visible from the Dragon Mountains, we could see an army approaching, astride a huge dragon that was instantly recognizable as an anomaly.

Perhaps the Dragon God of the other world have revealed his true nature and is planning to give it his all from the first move and bring it to a decisive battle.

Well, since we’re the more powerful sub-gods, naturally they would do that.

In battle, the strong would overwhelm the weak, so it was necessary for the weak to appear strong.

It’s useless, though, because we already know everything.

“Looks like it’s about to start.”

“I guess so~….. I don’t like the fact that they’ve stepped in this world that you’re taking such good care of, but…. Well, I understand the situation. I’m going to give them a quick rub down so my father and best friend don’t have to worry so much.”

Regardless of my intention, Jean may have sensed Dragon God’s concern and declared ahead of time that he would not overdo it.

It seemed that even after becoming a Demon God and rebelling against the world, he still had the heart to care for his former friend, the Dragon God, without wearing out.

I still have no way of knowing why this guy rebelled against the world, but judging from the fact that he is so rational, I feel that there is some personal reason other than resentment and bitterness.

Incidentally, I also want to avoid overdoing it, but frankly speaking, I fully trust Jean when it comes to spoon feeding.

Because Jean is good at what he does.

If we look at it by field, we can say that it is the best in its particular field by far.

I was confident that this guy would not take any action that would be unpleasant or detrimental to their army for no reason.

Yes, I am naive, but this is not a judgment based on naivety.

I want you to know that it’s because I highly value the existence of the evil sub-god, Demon God Jean, who controls about half of the other worlds I’ve created.

Then, the hairs on Momiji’s tails suddenly stand on end, leaving me to ponder the situation.

I sensed something again.

“Uuuh … ”

“Momiji, what’s wrong?”


She didn’t respond to my question, but instead cringed and pointed her finger at the enemy forces, and then let out a strange voice when she was overwhelmed by her agitation.

What’s wrong? What’s wrong?

Did she go crazy with too much tension?

I thought, but apparently that’s not the case.

Now that Momiji has shriveled up, she’s hugging my back with her ten-tailed tails curled up.

Apparently, she thinks it might be the safest place to go.

I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I stared into with eyes, which have gotten impossibly better as my level has risen, and saw the Dragon God of other worldsopening his big mouths to threaten us. ──── No!

“That’s ……a Breath!”

“It’s fine~”

No, it’s not!!

It’s true that our power may be higher, but it’s not good to have a Dragon God level being give off a full force breath!

I’m not Momiji but, this is bad!!!

If we’re not careful, they could wipe out an entire corner of the Dragon Mountain Range and rewrite the map!

It’s a simple finishing attack, but at the same time, an extremely effective one.

But before I could break out in a cold sweat, Jean suddenly held his arm out in front of him and made a magic circle appear.

What, are you going to defend ourselves with that magic circle?

Hey, are you sure it’s okay?

As the person in charge of the situation, I knew it was a futile effort, but I tried my best not to show any signs of panic and calmly watched what Jean was doing.

“Listen, father. Dragon breath is a convergence of magic power. Therefore, it is not even magic, and aside from the process, the breath just before it is released is nothing more than a fragile collection of magical power that does not involve the skill or technique of dragon.”

Reall?, …….

No, if that’s the case, then what does that mean?

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

“All you need to do is make the magic power more directional. That annoying kid over there should have done that when you first met her, father. It’s just that this time the scale is so large. Do you think such a rudimentary, poor attack that even a baby can do will work for me as the “ruler of magic”? The answer is no… Dragon Breath and magic are ineffective for Demon God.”

Jean, manipulating the magic circle in circles, mentions the magic that I probably remembered from the first time I met Mizzet, when she was eight years old.

At that time, Mizzet was certainly getting used to magic, and even though she was a melee occupation, she was getting the hang of recovery magic.

But the scale was different from that time, as Jean had said.

Even if the principles were the same, would it be a story that could be solved simply because he was a demon god?

But in the next moment, my common sense crumbled, and I was forced to understand.

That’s not the textbook knowledge that I knew from the logs and the explanations of life creation, but purely the ability of the Demon God Jean, No. 2 in the world ranking.

“Finally he lets it go…. I almost yawned because he hadn’t finished his breath yet….. [Magic Grasp].”


The moment I realized that the breath that had been shot toward us in the distant sky had glowed dazzlingly for a moment, it dissipated and lost its shine as if it had lost its power.

Yes, the torrent of light that had converged on the dragon’s mouth was dismantled on the spot and scattered to the world.

What the hell is this?

No, I’m sure it’s the other side that’s thinking, “What the hell is this?”

“It’s a simple matter of me diffusing the magic that an inexperienced Dragon God from another world converged on the spot. I said I grasped magic, but what I was doing was just manipulating magic power. It’s just that the dimension of that manipulation power was different between me, the Demon God, and the Dragon God of the other world. Also, the fact that this is our home ground, the world we live in, has a big impact on us.”

Jean declared lightly and waved the hand that had been manipulating the magic circle.

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