A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 214

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The day after Kenji Saito escaped from the great country of Albalest.

Upon learning that the guest room was empty, the heavyweights of the Arbalest held a hurried meeting.

No, the truth is that everyone understands.

Those people could not be bound by their own self-interest, and that those who freed them from this war and brought them victory and peace were truly heavenly beings. ……

Because they had the military power to crush this war in its entirety.

Because even in the final phase of this war, they did not take the lives of each other’s soldiers for mischief.

Because they couldn’t find any traces of their origin and life anywhere.

Their power, their noble spirit, and their closed mystery.

Everything was proving that they existed.

Therefore, it was naturally impossible to follow their footsteps, and although he had sent secret agents out of the capital, he expected that they would be unsuccessful.

However, those people were still ostensibly the guest of honor of this country, and the primary contributor to this war.

Even though he knew that they were mythical beings, he couldn’t take no action.

Whether it was releasing the secret agents, forcing them to stay in the country until they were ready to flee, or dealing with the nobles who were planning to use them for their own personal gain without knowing anything about it, it was inevitable due to the situation and the way things were going.

After understanding the truth of the situation, they gathered together and made a final decision after several days of meetings: to pass on the story.

This is all a sign of gratitude and awe for them.

A war that they had no control over, and what lurked behind it.

He had no way of knowing what was going on in this world, but he knew that whatever it was, it was a crisis in the world and there was an unusual reason for it.

The king quietly left a record in his journal as a part of the true history of the Albalest, which is said to have continued for hundreds of years, as a truth to be passed down to the royal family in the future.

──── Don’t forget the tales of the legendary knight, Mizzet Galhart. The knight who has been handed down for over a thousand years certainly exists. It’s also a truth that has been proven with unquestionable power and confirmed with my own eyes. It’s not only the stories of the legendary knight that are now only told as fairy tales, but also the young man, Kenji Galhart, who is not even a legend. All of this was truly the will of God.

────When our country was in trouble in this age, they dropped in without warning. In order to save both war-torn countries, they did not wear out their troops unnecessarily, but cut out the least pustules that were nesting in this age. They had the power, the mercy and the reason to do it.

──── I saw it, I heard it, I knew it. And I understood. Truly, they are legends. But until the end, I didn’t know what they were really up to. I don’t even know why they saved our country. But the fact is that our country was saved. What this fact means, I, the current king, will not understand until the time of my death.

──── But if they should ever reappear in the future, repay them in that future the favor you have received in the present. Help them with the prestige of the state, with the authority of the king, with the duties of the nobility. Never try to capture their power. …… This is a royal decree from me, the King of this generation, to the King of the Albalest, to the ruler of future generations.

Finally, he closed the journal and recorded it as the truth of this era, passed down through generations of royal families.

It’s all for the good of the country and the world.

As the messengers of God with so much power, supporting the miracles they had performed and their intentions was a priority.

A mysterious enemy that the Albalest, currently the most powerful nation on this continent, cannot handle.

It is unclear whether this is due to the invasion from the demon world that he hear about, or whether it is due to the interference of something else.

He had expected that perhaps the conflict in the divine dimension had befallen the human world a little bit, but there was still one thing he understood.

That is to say, not everything has been settled yet.

This is because after the war ended, they received a communication from the collar magic tool carried by Gungel’s leaders.

The language is unfamiliar to him, and the communication is from a magical device whose principles he doesn’t understand at all.

It sounded as if it was a vindictive voice from those in the other world, and the king was terrified.

After a while, the communication was cut off and there was no response.

That’s why the king guesses.

The story that took place in this time period is proof that it was only a foretaste, a prelude to the events caused by those from the other world.

He doesn’t know when, but there will come a time when this great nation, or maybe the world next, will have to join forces and cooperate with the legend again.

With this understanding, the king recorded the facts and now focused on preparing and leaving a small legacy for future generations.

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