A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 213

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Scene moves to another place.

The Demon God of other world, who had failed in her plans for war with the great nation of Abalest, was pondering how to break the status quo in the castle with the space-time boundary that the hero Leon had prepared at the time.

Beside the Demon God, there are two pillars that seem to be sub-gods from other world. One is a sturdy man with dragon scales and horns, and the other is a young man with orange hair all back, looking like a modern-day delinquent.

“Ahh, hmmm. This might be a little tough. It was expected that the hero would turn to the other side, but it was also completely unexpected that the family members of the creator god were that good!”

In this way, it is as if the three pillars, including the Demon God, are admitting that they are cornered, but for some reason, the person herself ────, or perhaps the main sub-god ────, does not lose her aloofness and replies with a relaxed air.

The other two pillars, however, may have been annoyed by the demon god’s attitude, but they didn’t try to hide their frustration and gave her a stern look.

“Demon God, do you understand the situation we’re in? If we are defeated here, the world will inevitably collapse. Even if it doesn’t, I don’t think we’ll get off scot-free after wreaking havoc on this side of the world to this extent. It’s now a matter of life and death, kill or to be killed.”

The first to open his mouth was the Dragon God of the other world.

He denounces the Demon God, with glimpses of dragons everywhere, as if his humanization skills are inexperienced compared to the Dragon God of this world created by Kenji Saito.

However, it was this Dragon God who started the war across the world and forced his way into it by force.

From the beginning, he didn’t want to rely on the Demon God, who is the brain of this operation, but … no, he probably didn’t want to rely on someone who was originally created to be hostile to their world. In this way, it was like imposing responsibility.

But the Demon God understands this and smirks and ducks the accusation.

“What are you talking about, Dragon God? I made it clear that [You can’t beat sub-gods of another world when the Creator God itself is alive and well], but you ignored my warning instead. And now they’re trying to counterattack… Wasn’t it you who was reckless in the first place?”


Even though she was originally his enemy, her argument was so righteous that he could not help but admit her responsibility.

No, in the first place, Dragon God understood his inadequacy.

But he was only taking it out on her, because he understood that there was nothing he could do about it.

“Oh, you’re still annoying, you know that? I don’t care if it’s a good argument or a false accusation. The only thing that matters is whether we destroy them or they destroy us, as the old man said. …… or do you have a plan, Demon God? Tell me.”

And then, the God of Destruction from another world, who looks almost like a delinquent, cuts into the conversation.

Even as he said this, he seemed to understand that the Demon God was hiding some kind of plan, and urged him to continue with his conviction.

Even in his original world, he was always misbehaving and always talking about destruction, but he may not be as dumb as he seems.

In fact, he seemed to be much more peculiar than the Dragon God of other world, who was in some ways more cerebral incarnations of warriors.

“Hmmm…you do know how to talk, don’t you, God of Destruction-kun?”

“I told you it’s annoying to call me that, you bastard. You’ve been making me say the same thing for tens of thousands of years. I’ll break your neck.”

“Okay, okay, okay. If you challenge me head on, I’ll have no choice but to give you a full explanation.”

After saying that, the Demon God stood up and projected a blackboard-like object created by illusion magic into the void.

Write up a summary of the main points there and give an explanation.

“Okay, please attention. First of all, this war, as it turns out, doesn’t have to be won. Well, the first goal is to take the place of the creator god, or kill him completely and get the mana of this world. …… But that’s tough to do in the current situation, isn’t it? We failed to lure him by the war between countries, and we failed to tame a small country called Gungel. In the first place, the Creator God will come back to life even after he dies.”

With that preamble, the Demon God spoke further.

“That’s why I think, if the war is unwinnable anyway, so our retreat is not a bad decision.”


“That’s true.”

Dragon God and the God of Destruction were impressed by Demon God’s explanation.

Both of them have extreme reactions, but what they have in common is that they understand that it might be worth listening to.

After seeing the reaction of the two pillars, she grinned and continued to speak.

“My original plan is to use the collision between this world’s greatest forces, the Creator God of this world and his dependents, and sub-gods of our world, us, to bring that person back from God Realm. Knowing that this clash would hurt both sides, what do you think I bothered to overlook the hero’s turnover?”

“Hmm? Because that kid would be hard to catch in the first place? So you just let him go?”

The Dragon God tilted his head at the Demon God’s implied words, but he didn’t seem to think of anything in particular and immediately asked back.

On the contrary, however, the change in the God of Destruction’s expression was dramatic.

“No way!! Is that why you let that kid go? Damn it, that’s what this is about!”


“………… What are you talking about, God of Destruction, get to the point.”

The God of Destruction, realizing the Demon God’s intentions, was astonished and turned the table into ashes with his emotions.

Apparently, he had a tendency to lose control of his power when his temper rose.

“You still don’t get it, Muscle Brain! This woman, she knows that Creator God can’t abandon the Hero who fought as a companion beside him. She intends to use his wisdom to drag that Harold guy back from the God Realm!”

After all, if the Hero is considered a companion, the Creator God cannot abandon the world in which the hero has lived.

That is why, after the war, the Creator God would leave this world in search of Harold, the Creator God of their world who lives in same God Realm.

The God of Destruction realized that this was what this woman had been after all along.

It is true that her primary goal was to take over this world, but as soon as she was able to confirm that her opponent had an unruly force, she used the Hero he had left behind as a strategic point.

This was the fearsome part of this Demon God, and its strong point.

Yes, the whole sequence of events up to now had been a puppet show in the palm of the Demon God’s hand.

“I think that’s what they are thinking… Father~”

“Oh, is that so, Jean? Really?”

“What’s wrong with you, Father? I’ve analyzed it for you based on the information I got from you, but you’re so boring! It’s your habit to help anyone no matter who person is.”

Well, yeah, I guess so.

But I wonder why Jean is able to see through my intentions in such a short time.


All in the palm of the Demon God’s hand, or maybe it’s a reference to Jean’s hand insead?

No, no way…

“Hmm. Then I will hurt them moderately and give them a chance to retreat.”

“Ah, thank you, Dragon God. I always bother you all the time.”

“What? It’s only natural for a creature created by Father. Everything is as he wills it.”

For that reason, we were holding a meeting before true ending of the war.

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