A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 212

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Riding on the back of a high-ranking ancient dragon that was prepared by the Dragon God, Mizzet, Shie, and the Hero all headed for the Dragon Mountains.

As you would expect from a dragon that is the champion of the skies, its speed is overwhelming, and it continues to move across the ocean at a speed that would make a modern airplane look like one.

“Oh, I guess dragons have a lot of power in this world too. And not many dragons in my world are as magnificent as this one.”

The Hero sounded impressed, perhaps he had been traveling around the world on the back of a dragon in the other world.

Well, even in games made on Earth, dragons are the means of transportation for heroes, so it would not be surprising if the Earthling who created the other world set up such a story.

After relaxing on the dragon’s back for a while, we finally saw our destination, the Demon Continent, and the Dragon Mountains that surrounded it.

According to the world map on my phone, it seems that the Dragon God and Demon God Jean are waiting for us over there.

“Oh, I can see it!”

“It’s a very spiky mountain. It’s bigger than Mount Fuji.”

As you can see from impression of Momiji, the Dragon Range is quite stark.

The slope was so steep that it was almost like a cliff, and there was little level ground, making it impossible to climb even by the standards of the people of this world.

Except, of course, for those who have raised their occupation level and trained themselves.

In the first place, those people don’t fit into the human standard anymore.

“We’ve arrived, Father. And Dragon God-sama, I am pleased to report that I have successfully fulfilled my duties.”

“Hmm, good work. The results are perfect for the job I gave you. It was the right decision to ask you.”

“Yes! Thank you for your kind words ……!”

When we reached the top of the Dragon Range, we were greeted by a tall, beautiful man we had not yet met in person, a man who seemed to be the Dragon God.

I know who he is because I can see him through the app’s functions, but this way, he looks very dignified.

Seeing his figure, I can’t help but feel inferior as Creator God.

Just standing there, you can feel the aura of competence.

I felt like I was witnessing a different kind of existence.

“Aaaah! You’re the mysterious dragon-man that trained me! It’s been a long time, thank you for saving my life back then!”

“Oh, you are the girl my father looked up to and raised a little over a thousand years ago, aren’t you? I’m glad to see that you’ve grown so much. However, even so, the girl from that time has come such an amazing figure….. I’m still in awe of my father’s wisdom. It’s hard for me, a small person, to measure up.”

No, you too exaggerated it.

Because most of that growth is due to becoming an apostle.

It’s all because the app, and I don’t get much credit for that.

As much as I want to say so, I can’t seem to convince him, so I’ll just leave it at that.

But then again, I’m surprised that Mizzet and Dragon God knew each other.

I had heard during our travels that a mysterious dragon man with overwhelming power had trained her when she was chasing me on my way to defeat the Demon King with the Sage Argus, but I was surprised to learn that he was really the Dragon God.

I had thought that she was strangely used to fighting against sub-god during the Battle of the Nine Tails, but was there a reason for this?

If she had been playing mock battles with the Dragon God, who is the strongest of all the sub-gods, then it wouldn’t be strange if she can take on the lower-ranked Nine-Tails. ……

A lot of things made sense to me now.

“Ha-ha-ha! You’re still as noisy as ever. It seems that your powers have grown stronger, but your mental hasn’t changed that much from when you were here a thousand years ago. I’m disappointed.”

“What the hell? Jean, are you trying to fight me? I’m telling you, if you think this is the old me, you’re wrong. This time I’m going to kick your ass.”

“Pfft, no way, no way. Stop it, hahaha!”

Then another transcendent being, the Demon God Jean, intervened between the Dragon God and Mizzet, timing his entrance just right.

He seems to be the same as in the past, with deliberate disappointed looks, shrugs of the shoulders, and agitation from various angles.

He was probably half teasing, half advising, and half worrying about Mizzet, but he was so light-hearted that there was no indication that his true intentions were being conveyed.

But don’t worry, Jean.

It’s true that Mizzet’s mental age hasn’t grown since a thousand years ago, but that’s because it’s natural.

Because that 1,000 years is a blank period of time, and we’ve just been leaping through time with the function of an app.

Of course, it would be impossible to expect Jean to understand this if he didn’t know about it, but there’s no need to worry such thing now.

“Hello, Jean. It’s been a while. Some invaders from another world are making a lot of noise, so I’ve come to solve the problem. Behind me are the people I’m working with this time.”

“Yes, long time no see! Looks like father is still the same. …………, but I don’t like the guy in the back. Hello there, Peeping Tom?”


When Jean said this, the Hero Leon gulped and opened his eyes.

“Did you really think that I wouldn’t find out about your technique? That’s sweet.”

“My space-time telescope has been exposed. ……”

“Of course. I’m not the only one, my good friend Dragon God has also detected your technique. …… To be honest, I was thinking of killing you last, because it would be too much trouble to chase you if you could fly around in the transference. Well, it’s a good thing you turned to my father. If you hadn’t, one of these days I would have killed you myself.”

Jean looked at the Hero Leon with a chilling look in his eyes and affirms that.

But still, that’s a hell of a cold sweat.

By that time, it seems that there is such a huge difference in ability between the Hero Leon and Jean.

It’s not a calm situation, but in summary, they’re going to let it slide, so I don’t think I need to worry.

After all, Jean seems to like me, and he probably wouldn’t take any action that would be detrimental to me against someone who isn’t my enemy.

Maybe, as he just said, he just genuinely doesn’t like the fact that he was being peeked at the situation.

Anyway, despite such a minor incident, the defense forces of this world gathered in the Dragon Mountains.

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