A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 211

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Once I logged out to Japan and told her mother, Nine-Tails, about Momiji, I resumed the story mode and met up with the Hero Leon.

Now, we are on our way to the Dragon Mountains, the center of the conflict, to try to find a fundamental solution to this war of aggression.

“Oh, I can see it now.”

“It’s spectacular.”

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a road less traveled.

As I was offering tuna mayo as a thank you for Momiji that worked so well, I saw a series of sheer, cliff-like mountains in the distance across the ocean.

By the way, by the time I came here, the Hero Leon had been quarantined inside the Temple of the Creator God, and now I am traveling alone with Momiji in order to travel light.

I’m sure he’s still having a mock battle with Mizzet inside the temple.

If it’s a few years ago, Mizzet would have been helpless against the Hero Leon, but now that she has become an apostle and her fighting skills have improved dramatically, that should not be the case.

I’m not sure how far she can go against a Hero who is a lot stronger than a lesser sub-god, but in my opinion, Mizzet has a slight edge.

While I was thinking about this, and wondering how to cross the ocean, a huge shadow suddenly descended from the sky.

The shadow boasts a physique of about fifty to a hundred meters by eye, with huge wings on its back and shiny scales all over its body,……, yes, a dragon.

From what I feel from him, it seems that this dragon has not yet reached dragon(龍) rank, maybe slightly above dragon(竜) rank.

If I refer to the memories from the time of life creation, I can guess that he is probably a high-ranking ancient dragon or something like that, a top-grade dragon.

Hmm, a fine dragon.

Could it be a welcome from Jean or the Dragon God, who sensed my approach?

Well, that’s just blissful.

But as I was thinking about this, Momiji, who had apparently come to a different conclusion than I had, suddenly cancelled her mount beast mode and came crying to me.

What’s wrong? What’s wrong?

You just ate an onigiri, are you hungry already?

Or did you get a stomach ache from eating too much?

“Iyaaaaaaa! That beast is going to eat me!!! No!! I don’t want to die in this place!! Help me!! Please help me!!! Onigiri-man!!”


“I’ll be eaten!!”

She clung to me. I hugged her and patted her on the back as she cried and flailed.

Apparently, this dragon looked like a predator who was going to eat her.

It’s true that he looks tough and intimidating, but I already gave Oracle and dragons are not supposed to attack people.

On top of that, if you look closely, you can see the dragon’s troubled look at the crying Momiji, and it’s obvious that this guy didn’t approach her with malicious intent.

I’m pretty sure it’s a welcome from the Dragon God or someone.

They must have sent this dragon as a means to cross the sea.

You probably already know, but I don’t think it’s possible for a ten-tailed Momiji to be killed by a high-ranking ancient dragon.

If she wanted to, she could get away with a short run from here, without having to hide herself.

Anyway, it seems that no matter how much power she gains, nothing has changed in the nature of this cowardly youkai.

“Come on, come on, stop crying. Look, the dragon there is in trouble. It’s okay, it’s okay, do not be afraid. He’s not going to attack you.”



When I looked back with a sense of certainty, I saw the dragon shrinking apologetically in front of Momiji, bowing and prostrating itself.

She finally understood that she was safe and said, “What a waste of time to be scared.” Momiji that had tears and snot on her cheeks came back as if nothing had happened.

Hey, don’t get snot on me.

Ewww, Momiji’s face is already messed up with tears and a runny nose.

Here, wipe your face with a handkerchief, handkerchief.

While I was busy dealing with the crying Momiji, I somehow managed to keep up appearances and spoke to the dragon that seemed to be a high-ranking ancient dragon.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, High Ancient Dragon. So, am I correct in assuming that you’ve come for us? Is it correct that it was the Dragon God who gave the order?”

“That’s right, my father. I have come to guide you to the Dragon Mountain Range under the direction of the Dragon God. And I’m very sorry for startling your daughter just now. ……”

“Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it, it’s normal for Momiji to freak out. It’s not your fault.”

He may be speaking in the language of dragons, but fortunately, it’s understandable, the Creator God skill will understand everything.

To be honest, he’s not at fault in the slightest, and it would be a shame to make him apologize.

So, I decided to admonish him.

But as usual, the Dragon God is very capable of sensing my arrival and dispatching a means of transportation in such a well-prepared manner.

Now we can head to the Dragon Mountains without worrying about it, and if we’re traveling at the flight speed of a high-ranking ancient dragon, we’ll get there soon.

If we had traveled by ship or something, the ship itself would have been destroyed by the giant creatures that can live in the vicinity of the demon continent, and we would have been in a lot of trouble along the way.

In fact, it’s a mystery whether there are even any ships heading to the Dragon Mountains that surround the Demon Continent.

If this were the world of a role-playing game, the Demon Continent would be more like an ura dungeon than the last dungeon.

If you weren’t a Hero, you can’t even dream of reaching there.

Anyway, thanks to the generosity of the Dragon God, I was able to make my way to the Dragon Range.

Not sure what’s ura dungeon means, but I found this one https://zeldadungeon.net/forum/threads/the-meaning-of-ura-was-found.56085/

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