A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 208

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Character Introduction 2

Kenji Saito: Main character

An uncle in his 30s who works for a general company.

Initially, he used the power of the app to escape from the company, but he was freed from that fate after he bought the company with the connections he gained through his unique abilities.

Have multiple occupations with the power of apps.

His current level is hovering around [Paladin: level 50 / Akuma: level 45 / EX occupation: level 1].
In addition, since the minimum requirement to reach the composite occupation is the fusion of two basic occupations, level 50 of the Paladin is equivalent to level 110~ of the basic job.

On top of that, with the exception of the power of the EX occupations, there are usually status buffs from the two combined occupations that give him the power to approach the top occupations in the area.

However, they are poor in dexterity because their status is divided between the Paladin in the vanguard and the Akuma in the rear.

It has a high overall strength due to its high level of side-by-side stats, but its one-on-one strength is not as strong as it could be..

If he dueled, he would be weaker than the heroine, Mizzet the Legendary Paladin.

In addition, if he releases the EX occupation, he will be much stronger than the other sub-gods around.

Among them, the EX occupation creation god that is highly suitable for the main character is clearly a cheat, unbalanced, and invincible.

[Kuroko Togami: Heroine 1
The eldest daughter of a mainstream Onmyouji clan who is in love with Saito.

Her relationship with Saito is approved by her parents, and they even encourage her to take him in as their son-in-law, but because she is very shy, she is the less prominent of all the heroines.

Thanks to her training in the other world, she was able to obtain a special occupation, the job of an [Otherworlder].

Initially, she was only level 10, but by training for several months in the World Tree Labyrinth, she has greatly increased her power, and is now over level 30 in her special occupation, [Otherworldler].

The status of the Otherworlders is more of a rearguard, and they are peaky, with almost all of their cost taken up by their magic value.

It is a occupation that specializes in magic power even more than the occupation of Akuma, which is an expert in magic power, and in fact has the second highest magic power value after demon god in the work.

She is good at summoning techniques using shikigami, but this is not in the skill data of the other world, but an original technology of Earth.

[Mizzet Galhart: Heroine 2
She is the eldest daughter of a former Earl who has always had a strong trust and admiration for Saito, and has always been his target.

In the present, she has left the past era in which she lived and traveled to the future to spend the rest of her life beside Saito.
In fact, she’s about to turn 14 years old physically.

Her occupation has long been that of a Paladin, but since she became an apostle through the upgrade of the Temple of the Creator God, she has been greatly strengthened and has reached the realm of a occupational guardian deity.

As the name suggests, the power of the guardian deity is focused on defense, and the skills are more durable.
However, the status and skills acquired as a Paladin in the vanguard position are not lost, so the firepower is perfect.

The race has also undergone a two-stage evolution, from human to hero to heavenly race, and has been enhanced. As a result of this evolution, even without occupational effect, her physical abilities have become extraordinary, and just by being a member of the heavenly race, Mizzet has the same power as she when she was a Paladin.

With the current Mizzet, she can disable Saito, who is not using an EX occupation, in 30 seconds.

If you compare it to the strongest enemy, its vanguard ability is about three times that of the nine-tails, and its magic power is about half.

Momiji: Heroine 3
The youngest daughter of Tamamo Gozen, the former great youkai of the Nine Tails.

Now that she has ten tails, she has finally surpassed her mother.

However, her power is focused on survival, and her ability to fight head-on is not as strong as it could be.

She has one more tail than her mother, Tamamo, but if she arm wrestle her, she will sink in two seconds.

Instead, her agility, stealth, resilience, and evasion are world-class.

This is just a hypothetical, but even if two demon gods or dragon gods, who are clearly stronger than the nine-tails, were to try to kill Momiji, she could escape with plenty of time to spare if she really tried to run away.

She has the highest survival rate of all living things.

[Experimental Subject 1562cf: C.E.
She is an agent and homunculus of an organization that works with Kenji Saito.

She is as strong in battle as Momiji was in her three-tails days, and believes herself to be an elite.

She seems to be obsessed with the Professor, but the details are still a mystery.

At present, she has somehow made a contract with Deus, the sub-god of the end, and is able to use him.

[Demon God Jean]

He is the second most powerful being in the other world created by Kenji Saito.

His vanguard ability is not as great, but still surpasses that of Mizzet, who just became a guardian deity.
It goes without saying that it has a high rear-guard ability, and if you look only at his magic power, it boasts higher specs than the strongest Dragon God.

However, the true essence of the demon god Jean is not his performance as a race, but rather his essence.
He is very clever, and is at a level where he can mimic the power of mana, which was originally only allowed to Kenji Saito, and create similar phenomena with magic.
He is truly a demon god with a lot of power.

[Demon of Mercy]
Demon god of other world.
Apparently, she has a deep connection with another creator god, but the details are unknown.

[Leon the Hero]
A hero who has a pure and righteous heart and wields his high ability as a hero for the benefit of others.

He has roughly the same power as the heroes of this world, but because he is invader from another world, he does not have the concept of skills or occupation correction.

[Harry Taylor]
He is an Earthling and a British mercenary.
He was apparently looking for his father.

[Harold Taylor]
The creator god of other world, as revealed by the Demon God of Mercy.

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