A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 207

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Once I returned to Japan, I made a promise to Tamamo Gozen and restarted the story mode.

I didn’t bring the Nine-Tails family to the other world, but I’m assuming that the promise I made this time will be a milestone for the future.

The promise was quite simple: find the person I told them about when I came back.

The problem is that I don’t know exactly who that person is yet.

However, I do have some idea of what to expect.

This is because the person we’re looking for is, after all, the creator god of the other world that’s invading this app world right now.

I knew this because I had heard from the Hero about some of the circumstances, such as the depletion of mana, but I was sure that the true identity of the creator god of the other world was probably an earthling.

There are several reasons why I thought so, but the most important reason is the existence of a common resource called mana that forms the other world and our world.

The other world originally invaded us in search of mana, so we can understand that their mana and ours are the same.

So why are they identical?

This is, of course, because the being that gave us the power to create the world is the same.

In short, the most likely scenario is that that person is an Earthling who was involved with the creator god of the beginning who contacted me only once.

But there is one problem here.

This is because I once asked, “I want to know why I was chosen for this app,” as a reward for clearing Chapter 1, under the question of whether there were other beings who had downloaded the app.

But the answer at that time would have been that I had a high aptitude for it.

This led me to conclude that if someone is distributing them to everyone, then the world should be more confusing and full of powerful people.

But the reality is that this is not the case.

Therefore, I thought that I was the only one who had the power of the application at that point, and that no other earthlings were currently available.

So what are the factors that cause that assumption to break down?

In other words, I thought that if someone from a different era than the one in which I got my power was starting to create the world as my predecessor, then the premise would be broken.

If that’s the case, then a lot of things make sense.

That person somehow obtained the power to create the world from the creator god of the beginning in another time, and I don’t know in which chapter, but I can guess that somewhere that person confronted the [Creation Breakdown] and failed.

I assumed that the world that had failed in this way would continue to be without a creator god for some reason, and that it would now be facing destruction.

That’s why I decided to ask the demon god and other sub-gods of other worlds with whom I was about to clash about the details, and to pull out the “other creator god” who might still be alive on Earth.

In order to do so, I borrowed the power of the Nine-Tailed Family, who were the best at sensing.

“Well, that’s just an assumption. There may be cases where pulling that person out won’t solve anything.”

If that person, the other creator god, has completely given up or forsaken the world, it is too much to handle.

There is a little bit of hope in my heart that if I pull it out, I might be able to find some kind of solution.

“It’s okay, Onigiri-man. I don’t know how to explain it, but in the mind of youkai, family is always important, and I don’t think I’m going to abndon you.”

“Well, you’re right, ……. But, Momiji, please stop nodding your head, it’s embarrassing.”

“Oh, yeah?”


While I was a little soothed by the mysterious behavior of Momiji, it seems that youkai mind is still in time.

I felt a little relieved.

I’m not Momiji, but I wish I was as positive as her.

While I was lost in thought, I had arrived at the border of Gungel, the place of my appointment with the Hero Leon, to make up for the delay of less than 10 days of the application standard due to my overnight stay in Japan.

“Oh, you’re late, God of Creation.”

“Wait, don’t call me that. Just call me Kenji.”

“Hmm, really? Well, I guess Kenji is fine then. I don’t mind a frank God. I owe you.”

It was nice to meet up with Hero Leon, but I felt a strange respect from him after I told him I was the creator god of this world.

The way he spoke was the same as before, but I could tell by his body language that he treated me as a god and respected me.

Well, according to the story, I found out that the age of the other side is around the medieval civilization, which is comparable to our own, so I think it is inevitable that the existence of God is big in that age.

But I’m just an uncle with God’s power, so I feel itchy when people act like that.

It would be easier if he was still as aloof as Jean.

“And where’s the knight lady and the funny duo who’s good at hiding? From the looks of it, looks like you’re the only one coming.”

“Oh, I’ve isolated Mizzet and the No.1 interesting duo, Shie, in a separate space as I move. And the No.2 interesting duo, the one who is good at hiding, is this fox who is carrying me on her back right now. Momiji can be a mount beast.”

When I replied, Momiji squeaked and returned to her original human form.

The Hero was stunned for a moment by the scene, but on second thought, he recalled that since she was a family member of the creator god, anything could happen.

I felt my respect for him grow even more.

Although it seems that all the youkai foxes of the earth have this ability …

“As expected of a member of the God of Creation. I feel a power that is incomparable to what I saw before. …… I’m sure you were saving your abilities back then so that the demon god wouldn’t find out.”

Wrong. Momiji really just powered up.

And you, Momiji, the Hero doesn’t know the value your tails, so stop, there’s no point in showing them off.

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