A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 205

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When I arrived back in Japan, it was 14:00.

It was midday.

I was transferred by app to around the front of the otherworldly cafe run by Nine Tails, so it seems I’ve come back there again.

It’s perfect, since I just need to say hello right away.

As I was thinking this, I heard a flurry of noises coming from inside the store, “Mother, Momiji is back!!, and “What? I don’t feel any connection with her!” and “What do you mean Yatsuha? Is she running away from home?” I could hear them such saying.

It seems that the family was in a panic because of them suddenly lost connection with Momiji.

“Your family loves you, Momiji. Everyone is so desperate for you.”

“Hum-humm. I’ve always been a good girl, so they probably thought I’d become upset and run away from home.”

While doing so, the nine-tailed Tamamo, which jumped out of the customers visiting the otherworldly cafe, appeared in front of me with blinding speed.

From her standing position, she has an overwhelming aura that makes her look like a demon god. She staring at me like I’m a chicken.

To put it bluntly, it’s super scary, and if you’re not careful, you’ll get chickened out in an instant.

Momiji was so scared that she hides and disappear in an instant.

The nine tails probably knew what I had done to Momiji, and she spoke with a sense of urgency, as if they were about to grab me.

“Hey, greenhorn. What did you do to my family? Even though it’s you, depends on the situation. …………”

“Wait, Tamamo. I’ll explain everything! See? Let’s talk about it, mother.”

I feel like a tripartite interview at an elementary school.

I’m the teacher who has done something, Momiji who is a student, and Tamamo, her mother.

I could feel the tingling in the air, as if Tamamo might punch me out if I didn’t explain properly.

“Who’s your mother? You have no right to call me “mother”! I knew you were the one who seduced that stupid girl! You’ve seduced her! And Momiji, come out! Don’t run away, I’ll use my divine power to chastise both you together!”

No, I didn’t call you ‘mother’ in that sense.

But fortunately or unfortunately, with momentary gap shook the space, Momiji appeared from behind Tamamo, who was clearly upset because she had taken the words to mean something else.

“No, Mother. Onigiri-man is important to me, and even Mother must not hurt him~~”

“What? When did that stupid girl behind me? ….. And what’s with this huge amount of demonic energy?”

In addition, she was happy to see her mother for the first time in a long time and rubbed her cheek to cheek with her.

Nice, Momiji!

Fine play!

“Hey, stop rubbing me. We’re in front of that man. Hey, hey…..”

“I can’t stop. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any mother-sama taste, and I can’t get enough!”

Perhaps it was because she was able to confirm that her daughter was safe, but the anger she had felt earlier was gone.

She already seemed to be slumping with a delirious expression on her daughter’s face.

Well, I was wondering what was going to happen at one point.

Sometimes a mother’s love can surpass even a creator god.

“Ha, ha, ha. ……. I hope you understand now, mother. Momiji is safe and sound.”

“All right, all right, all right! All right, stop rubbing! You’re embarrassing me!”

“I won’t stop until you not to attack Onigiri-man~~”

You won’t stop until you swear not to attack a man.

“I swear! I swear!”

Half-heartedly, she declares, and Momiji finally relaxes.

Then, without missing the chance, she threw the Momiji from her back toward me, saying, “Hey, you’re still worrying me, you idiot!”

As she flies around, I quickly catch her.

“Nice move, Onigiri-man!”

“Thank you. You’re the one who made the fine play, Momiji.”

As a thank you for calming Tamamo’s anger, I took one of the salmon onigiri from the dimensional storage and shoved it into Momiji’s mouth as a reward.

It was a pretty good job, and I think the price is right.

“Stupid girl, you, the number of your tails….

“Munch.. munch… it’s increased. I have ten now.”

“No way….”

Momiji, who was chewing on an onigiri replied, “Nyuufufu.”

Tamamo froze with her mouth gaping open, as if her mind had not caught up with the situation.

Well, I can understand why you feel that way, and to be honest, it’s not unreasonable.

The girl she sent off believing she was going to another world came back a few days later, and before she knew it, she had evolved seven levels.

If I were the parents of Momiji, I’m confident I would have fainted.

It was such a shocking event that even her sisters who were watching the scene around her were asking, “Is that really Momiji?” , “Isn’t that a fake?” , “But she does have similar magical powers.”

“Tell me more, greenhorn. What the hell happened to my daughter?”

“Well, that’s a complicated thing to say, but for now, I’ll just say that Momiji stood on her own and signed a contract to be my partner. Then it suddenly evolved.”

I’m not lying.

Even though they are apostles, I don’t intend to treat Mizzet and Momiji as my subordinates, and I’ve made a contract with them as my friends.

Therefore, it is true that Momiji stood alone of her own volition, that she signed a buddy contract, and that she suddenly evolved.

“It’s a partner. ……. So, you’re her life partner. ……. That’s why you called me mother just now, isn’t it? Well, that makes sense. And I can’t even begin to measure the potential of this stupid girl, so it’s probably obvious that when she merges with your incredible power, this is what will happen.”

No, the way you put it, the ‘mother’ I used means something else.

It was supposed to be a three-way meeting with the student’s mother.

As I was thinking that I had to somehow clear up the misunderstanding, Momiji, who had made a fine play earlier, stepped through the mines with a smug look on her face.

“Hum, hum, hum~. That’s what I can’t stay away from Onigiri-man anymore. Mother and sisters are still important to me, but now I have another family, and I’m going to live happily (and eat as many onigiri as I want) from now on.”

At the end of the day, she ate the leftover onigiri and finished it, and puffed out her chest with rice grains on her cheeks.

No, Momiji, you can’t tell them that you’re stuck in an environment where you can’t get a proper meal.

And why are you looking at me when you say that?

Is it because I’m the only onigiri provider you know?

But Momiji, who had stepped on an oversized landmine, did not know how to retreat. She looked over at her mother and sister, who were strangely convinced, and smiled at the thought that they were celebrating her departure.

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