A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 204

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Some time after Arrogant Momiji was defeated, we decided to have a strategy meeting after the Apostle’s contract event.

The first objective of this strategy meeting is to leave the great nation of Arbalest and join up with the Hero.

Secondly, I would like to apologize to Tamamo Gozen, Momiji’s mother, for breaking the family contract without permission.

In my mind, the second project is more important, but if we just sit around, we’ll lose the chance to get out of the Albalest, so we all agreed that the first priority should be to get out.

“Of course. Momiji’s mother won’t be able to sense what’s going on in this world, and she won’t notice until we get there. So, if you want to apologize, there’s no harm in doing so then. …… I know Kenji feels guilty for interfering with the parent-child bond, though.”

She’s right.

It’s true that I feel guilty for having taken the liberty of making Momiji a dependent, or even an apostle.

However, Mizzet’s opinion that the fact would not come to light until after we returned to Japan, and that there would be no inconvenience in contacting her then, was also on target.

This is an emotional issue for me, so I’ll give priority to Mizzet’s opinion for now.

“Are you alright, Onigiri-man? You don’t have to worry too much. You know, my mother is a family woman, but she doesn’t really care about the form. As long I’m I’m happy, then my mother might as well be happy to see me gone.

And I also get approval Momiji.

Then let’s not worry about it anymore.

For now, I should leave the Albalest in secret and return to Japan before I meet up with the Hero.

“Well, the plan is for all of us to escape from the royal castle in the middle of the night. It’s probably around noon now, so let’s go back to our rooms and carry out the mission after a while.”


And that’s we’re going to do.

……And after a break for a while, it was midnight.

In the evening, we were invited to a dinner party with the nobles, and at the dinner party, I was admonishing Momiji when she was about become Arrogant Momiji, saying that she wanted to boast about number of her tails that I asked her to hide, or that they were getting an itch.

“Then we’ll get right to it. Momiji, are you ready?”

“I think I can do it now.”

The strategy was quite simple.

It’s just a matter of Momiji, who is the world’s best at escaping and hiding, becoming a ten-tailed fox and using her form of concealment and ability that have evolved at an uncontrollable level to detect signs to escape the royal castle and flee the country while doing so.

With the current Momiji, it’s possible to extend the detection of presence to entire area of this Royal Capital and measure the escape route in advance, she can perform a form of concealment that will not be noticed even if you pass in front of them.

Besides, she says she can do it with me on her back in a mounted beast mode.

At this point, I don’t think it matters much whether it’s day or night anymore, but instead of escaping without permission, I needed to prepare a letter to the king, Ygrin, and the others who had taken care of us, so that’s why we took the time to do this.

If we disappeared without notice, the king, who don’t think we’re leaving, would have to send out a search party suspecting kidnapping to find us, and I didn’t want him to go through any unnecessary trouble.

It’s true that I can’t stay in this country, but that doesn’t mean that I underestimate or dislike king and lodrs.

I just thought it was necessary to write a letter as a minimum courtesy to the person who took care of me.

Incidentally, I had Mizzet and Shie isolated inside the temple to avoid any unnecessary prominence.

I don’t think we’re found out, but we must be careful.

“Momiji, I count on you.”

Momiji nodded and turned into a ten-tailed beast and jumped from the window of the royal castle with me on her back.

She then landed nimbly without feeling the weight and ran through the capital with her increased physical strength.

And in the process, I found out that the autumn leaves that became the apostles still possessed overwhelming abilities.

I could tell from riding on her back that there was hardly any noise or sign of life, despite the fact that Momiji was running at amazing speed, close to the speed of sound.

When she was three tails, she was going as fast as a car on the highway, but now that she was ten tails, she was approaching the speed of an airplane, and even with this, she still wasn’t taking it serious yet.

Seriously, being a sub-god is not bad.

She was already in the same realm as Demon God Jean, the Dragon God and other supernatural beings.

And come to think of it, I can stop time before it too fast or too slow in Creation God mode.

If that’s the case, then this level is natural.

In the first place, Momiji’s status is specialized for running away, and even this can still be called jogging level.

Maybe the reason why she doesn’t go beyond the speed of sound is because she’s afraid that it will affect her concealment.

It was a wise decision, because if it exceeded the speed of sound, the shock wave would make a terrible noise.

…… and so we crossed the royal capital in an instant, and hurried to the border of the small country of Gungel, which we had promised before parting with the Hero Leon.

The reason for this is that the Hero had to persuade, or rather threaten, the troublesome minions of the demon god who had not yet appeared on the battlefield, and he had to dispose of those who still did not listen to his advice with his own hands.

Even though it was necessary, I didn’t want that guy, who was being a good hero, get his hands on someone from his own hometown.

But he insisted on convincing me, so I left it.

Well, if the war actually started again, it will lighten our burden, and it would be very effective.

And I kept running for about ten minutes.

If I drove at the speed of Momiji, I would probably reach my destination in less than an hour, but as a final confirmation that no pursuers were coming, I decided to return to Japan.

The Hero Leon asked us to give him some time, so we decided to stay overnight in Japan, which is on a different time axis, and then meet up with him when ten days have passed according to our time standards.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to go back to Japan and report to your mother.”

“I wonder if Mother will be surprised. Maybe she’ll be so surprised that she’ll pat me on the head.”

Nyufufu, Momiji smiles as she imagines the face-to-face meeting between parent and child that is about to take place.

As usual, her appearance lacks the dignity of a sub-god, and she smells like a small thing compared to her parent nine-tails, but that’s just her personality.

It’s good to know that Momiji is still Momiji, regardless of whether she’s Arrogant or not.

With these thoughts in mind, I saved Momiji away and logged out to Japan together.

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