A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 203

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After a long time of checking items on the sheet while going through the dancing Momiji, I finally reached the last section.

The question is again:

[Question. What do you want from this person who will become an apostle?] it seems that it is.

Unlike Mizzet, I don’t know what Momiji was thinking, and even when we check the sheet, she spins around on the altar without seeming to pay any attention to it.

Perhaps it is a sign of trust, but I would like to see a little more of a sense of urgency.

They might make you sign an extra contract, and no matter how forgiving you are, you should handle these things seriously.

I told her that before filling out the last question.

“But if it’s Onigiri-man, I think it’s okay. More than that, leaving my mother’s care might be more like being independent than running away from home, don’t you think so? Do you think I grew more mature?”

As expected, she didn’t seem particularly bothered by it. However, she said something about grow mature.

Well, I can’t blame her if she trust me that much.

I’ll try to live up to her expectations with all my heart.

I’ve made it clear to myself that I will never betray her trust in my heart.

I’m sure this gi is filled with anticipation for the future right now.

And then the last question ────

────Are you willing to make Momiji happy?

I filled out the form.

I don’t know if that the right answer.

But I don’t regret revealing my true feelings.

I’m sure there will be some changes in the evolutionary destination or something based on the content of this question, but I can’t think of anything else appropriate to say to this girl.

So, this is fine.

Then, as soon as the last question answered and the contract ended, the log started to flow and the Momiji screamed.

[Contract conditions have been met. Set the land god’s daughter, Momiji, as the second apostle of the creator god].

[By the consent of both the creator god and the apostle, the covenant with the land god that has already been made will be forcibly cancelled.]

[Fulfilled the requirements for species evolution. Changed the race of Momiji from three-tailed to four-tailed. Further evolution conditions have been met. Changed the race of Momiji from four-tailed to five-tailed. Further evolution conditions have been met. Changed the race of Momiji from five-tailed to ……]

And so on and so forth, evolving rapidly.

And each time, Momiji on the altar would make a strange noise, and her tails would increase with a popping, popping sound.

Wow! How far is this going to go?

“Nuaaaaa!!! There’s more! I got a new tail!! Nuaaaaa! it pops-up again!!! Nuaaaaa!!! There’s more!!”

“Shut up, Momiji. Be quiet for a minute.”

“Shikari, shukari, Momiji. Always keep a clear mind. You should be more like me, calm and collected.

No, there’s too much of a drop in tension.

I mean, when did Shie learn such a difficult word?

How do you translate this into the language of your world?

Then, with a pleasant pomp-pomp sound, the increasing changes in the tail finally settled down, and finally with a light popping sound, the changes stopped.

Let’s see, I wonder what happened in the end.

[Changed the race of …… from nine-tailed to ten-tailed. This concludes the update]

“Ten, ten tails!”

It’s beyond her mother!

I hurried to appraise Momiji due to such change.

I had thought that maybe it would reach the realm of the land gods, but I didn’t think that it would evolve even further than that.

Oh, no this is bad!

If I don’t do something soon Momiji will surpass me!

As expected, Momiji was puzzled by what had happened, but as if her mind was slowly catching up with reality, she started counting her own tail.

“One, two, three….”


[Ten-tailed fox, Momiji]

She has the power of illusion and healing to hide her appearance, and is good at support.

She run away so fast that even a creator god would have a hard time catching her speed.

She can also change into cavalry riding mode.

She didn’t do anything in particular, but ate well, slept well, and played well, and before I knew it, she was a lucky girl who had become a sub-god.

She doesn’t have much of a fighting ability, but she is the strongest when it comes to survival.

Nevertheless, her low combat power is also by sub-god standards, and among normal life, her power is of a high standard, comparable to that of a mid-level dragon.

She is tremendously strong.

“Uwaaa.. ………. I’ve got ten tails now.”


“Could it be that I’ve surpassed mother?”

“Yeah, I guess so. ……

When I told her that, she smiled and revealed an incredibly smug face.

Hmmm, I’m sure you’ve been drowning in power, you Neet youkai!

You no longer Momiji now.

The arrogant Momiji is now out of the youkai path!!

Yes, arrogant Momiji is the right name!!!

Then, perhaps realizing the same thing, Mizzet made her move.

“This is not good. If we don’t do something about it now, we’ll be in trouble later.”

“Nichaa. ……”

Mizzet holds up her sword by its sheath and thrusts it at Momiji.

She probably thought that now that she had just lost her way, she could lead Arrogant Momiji back to the right path.

However, Momiji’s overwhelmingly smug face did not falter even when she saw Mizzet, and she smiled with a relaxed smile…

Could this be …… a secret way to counter the Mizzet that has evolved in every way?

“Stop that annoying smile of yours!”

“Nichaa. ……”

“‘I’m going to hit you once, wake up. Haa!”

Mizzet holding a sword with a scabbard showed the movement of God speed and approached Momiji.

Momiji, on the other hand, didn’t take any particular stance, and didn’t show any signs of running away, but just put on a smug face.


If the appraiser is right, then this girl has evolved to a tremendous level of escaping power, but in terms of pure fighting ability, Mizzet should be the superior!

What in the world is that confidence and margin?

I was somewhat confused, but I kept an eye on the whereabouts, and the sword of Mizzet that she raised was sucked straight into Momiji’s head, and ────

──── Dogon!



And just like that, she hit Momiji clean.


No. Why?

With the exception of Mizzet, Everyone include Momiji showed their stupid faces.

I thought you had a secret plan!

“Uughh ……”

“Hmm, you’re finally back to your usual Momiji’s face. I don’t care how happy you are, if you keep going insane with that weird face, Kenji is going to get sick of you. You should be grateful to me for bringing you back.”

Oh, I see. So that’s reason of your smug face.

The reason of her insane with that grimace on her face was because she was too happy!

Oh, you’re kidding!

I was astonished, or rather, beyond astonished. Now, I pretended that I hadn’t seen anything and announced the end of the contract mode event.


The act and behavior that the person trying to show he/she is superior than another person.


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