A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 202

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The decision was made to make Mizzet an apostle, and the contract mode was immediately held at the altar attached to the Great Temple of the Creator God.

Since I’m going to turn them both into apostles today anyway, I don’t think it makes much difference which one of them is first, but Mizzet doesn’t like the idea of Momiji taking the lead.

Therefore, the first priority is to make a contract with her.

The content of the contract is simple: with the target on the prepared altar, you just click on the computer screen and operate it.

This is how the display showed, “The contract cannot be cancelled, is that okay? or “Have you obtained the subject’s permission?

There was no hint of sanctity, and it felt more like a bureaucratic procedure than anything else.

However, every time I submit this item, Mizzet’s expression reacted, so I knew that the content of the checklist had been conveyed to her.

Apparently, this is how you can tell if we agree with each other.

Well, what’s the point of a checklist if you don’t?

Then, after marking the requirements on the sheet, which had dozens of items in total, a fill-in-the-blank section appeared at the end.

[This is the last question. What do you desire from this one who will become an apostle?]

Apparently, answering this question will complete the contract.

However, it was a bit of a sensible question, so I had to think about it a bit.

The reason why I wanted to make Mizzet an apostle in the first place was not because I wanted to make her do something.

I decided to make the contract, thinking that by giving her the power, we could overcome the difficulties that lay ahead and continue our journey together.

Therefore, it is difficult for me to reply to the question, “What do you desire from this one who will become an apostle?”

I’m not trying to use Mizzet as a tool.


Still, if I had to, I would say ────.

──── From now on, I want things to be the way they are with my most trusted partner, Mizzet Galhart.

When I replied, Mizzet’s cheeks flushed and a big smile appeared on her face, as if she knew what I was signing.

She smiled as if to say that she was sure that I would answer that way.

“…… Oh, my God.”

Not just a little bit, but a whole lot of cute.

I’m confident in myself that I’m not a lolicon, but there was a level of attraction there that still made me giggle.

If I’m really pushed over tonight, I’ll find it hard to resist this charm.

And while I’m thinking so, the contract is still in place.

“Contract terms have been met. Mizzet Galhart has set as the First Apostle of the Creator God.]

[Fulfilled the requirements for race evolution. Mizzet Galhart’s race has been changed from Human to Hero. Further evolution conditions have been met. Mizzet Galhart’s race has been changed from Hero to Celestial. The subject has met the requirements for occupational evolution. Changed Mizzet Galhart’s occupation from Paladin to Guardian God]

──── When the upgrade is over, all the changes have subsided.

There was no particular glow or effect during the contract, but according to the log, she skipped the race evolution and even the occupational evolution.

It just looks like the usual Mizzet, so Momiji and Shie are left puzzled, not knowing what happened.

However, Deus, whose face had appeared like a slime from Shie’s arm, was able to sense something and had a serious expression on his face.

“How’s it going? Has anything changed?”

“Yes, it’s perfect. But now I have something more important to say. Thank you ……. I trust you, Kenji.”


Suddenly, Mizzet jumped down from the altar and embraced me, kissing me passionately.

Oh, it smells so sweet. ────

Not ────!

Because it’s not a good time to do this!

My comrades were screaming because they can’t keep their sanity!

Hey, who is saying “Whoaa, whoa, whoaa!” Behind me!??

It’s probably Momiji anyway. I know it!

But I knew this would happen sooner or later, but I couldn’t mess with Mizzet, who was still in her girl stage.

I managed to mobilize all of my sanity to the limit and managed to endure it, and I left my mouth after a not-so-natural amount of time.

I know what she was referring to the last line when she she said she trusts me.

Well, even a slow learner like me could understand if she looked that happy.

“Oh, uh, you know. Right now I don’t know what to say…”

“Mmm-hmm! Your face is all red, Kenji.”


“It’s okay. I know you care about me, so I’ll back off for now……. But I’m not going to be able to take it anymore, so be prepared for that in the future. Especially at night.”

After saying that, Mizzet left me frozen and walked away. “Now it’s your turn,” she said, pulling Momiji to the altar.

Come on, give me a break.

Is this young lady going to be any more aggressive than she already is?

While I was thinking about this, I managed to get my head around it and moved on to the next checkpoint.

Oh, hey, don’t do that weird dance on the altar.

What’s with the dancing?

“I’m a little upset.” (Momiji)

“Oh, is that so ……”


When I heard that, I decided to leave it alone because there was no point in thinking too much about it.

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