A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 199

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I might can help with the mana depletion problem.

I’ll explain the details to him later, but for now, I propose that we end this war between Gungel and Arbalest.

Sure, the problems in his world are huge, but we’re not talking about immediate destruction or anything like that.

It will be in the span of another ten years, or a hundred years, or something like that.

So, I decided that the first priority was to stop this war, which was the current problem.

The damage is spreading even as we speak, and the Albalest has begun to make a serious resistance to this war, thanks to the powerful forces of me and Mizzet.

It seems that the war has been withdrawn without much damage so far, but it will not be possible to solve anything until the minions of the demon god nesting in Gungel are dealt with.

“Oh, I understand. Then I’ll transfer you to the general of Gungel. I’ll take his head first. No matter how much Demon God’s minion is, they aren’t strong enough to deal with our sudden appearance.”

That’s what the Hero Leon said.

We didn’t have any objections to the proposal, as it was a wishful thinking on our part.

It seems that the Hero Leon knows a certain amount about the invaders from the way he talks about them, and he seems to know the general situation, layout, and strength of the demon god’s minions and other hostile forces.

This guy is is wonderfully dependable as a source of information.

“I’m going to use the space-time field to shift the phase and place it behind the enemy general, so please hold still for a while. The easiest way to transfer a being with a certain level of power is when the ones are not resisting. If they resist, there is a chance of failure. ──── Let’s go, space-time transfer!”

As he said this, the magic of the hero covered the space of everyone including him, and the scenery instantly switched.

In front of me, I see a mature man, probably the enemy general, and the back of a group of knights escorting him.

Perhaps this elderly man was the one who had orchestrated this war.

As proof that he was probably a servant of the demon god, he possessed the same collar as Shie, a communication device from another world.

…… Now, then, let’s have a quick exit from this space.

“Mizzet! Let’s go! [Holy Sword Invocation]!”

“Yes! I’m on it! [Holy Sword Invocation. Dance]!]

When Mizzet and I used our Paladin abilities to launch a charge attack from behind, the attack pierced the general, who was probably not expecting the surprise attack.

He didn’t even have a time to say a word before he was pierced by Mizzet and my holy sword, and his body was overkilled turned into a beehive.

(蜂の巣=beehive or phrase of something that full of holes)

…… We may have gone a little overboard.

When I looked around, I could see that the knights were about to move, but it seemed that the Hero was deploying some kind of barrier that acted on space, and I was unable to approach them because of the invisible wall.

As expected of a Hero, he works fast.

Incidentally, it seems that Momiji hides herself and others the moment they were transferred here and activated her hiding technique.

My sensing ability can no longer detect the slightest hint of them.

It was the best choice of action, because in a situation like this, if she showed up poorly, she could be taken hostage.

“Shit, shit, shit…”

“I’m sorry. This is the only way we could have stopped this war. You can hold a grudge if you want, but since you started the conflict, you must die responsibly.”

When I told him that, the general, who had been became a beehive, turned white and gave up

It’s not like this is the first time I’ve killed someone, so I’m not shocked or anything, but it does make me feel bad to think that they were also in dire need of help due to the inevitable phenomenon of mana depletion.

What the heck are the creator god of other world doing?

Once I meet him, I want to punch him in the face.

As I was thinking this, Mizzet cut off the head of the general who had run out of strength with her holy sword, and with magic in her voice, she began to declare victory in high spirits to the battlefield.

The knights who can’t move due to barriers seem to have already lost their will to fight after truly witnessing the power of Mizzet’s [Holy Sword Invocation. Dance] and the power of the Hero.

There was a glimpse of resignation on their face, as if the game was already over in terms of strength.

“Okay, so that’s all settled. ────, hmm?”

Just when I thought the matter was settled, I noticed that the phone in my pocket was vibrating.

──── pipi.
──── pipi.


I think it is too early to say that we are avoiding a [Creation Breakdown], but what the heck is that?

[You have earned the achievement by completing the specific action “End the War” in the story mode. Also, the new feature “Temple of the Creator God: Level 3” will be released by getting the achievement].]

[Temple of the Creator God: Level 3]

The great temple of the creator god that exists in another space.

As a new feature, you can now perform the Apostle selection ceremony, 【Contract Mode】, at the altar in the Great Temple.

Why not give a special power to someone you depend on?

I’m sure it will be a great help to you in your future adventures.

So what are you waiting for, immediately aim for an apostle!

“What’s with all the sales talk?”

Even though it’s ……, it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve won an achievement after a long absence.

Replay mode, creation mode, time machine, and now contract mode.

The name of the temple has also been changed to Great Temple, and apparently it has undergone a much bigger upgrade than I expected.

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