A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 197

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As I was participating in the war between Gungel and Albalest to stop the invaders from intervening in this world, and adjusting the flow of the battle to prevent unnecessary casualties, the scenery around me suddenly changed.

Suddenly, we had moved from the battlefield to the enemy-free wilderness.

And in the wilderness, there was me, Mizzet, Momiji, and a mysterious swordsman standing in front of me.

“What the hell…. there’s intervention of someone who didn’t exist in my magical sense of space-time magic … What the heck is this duo? ……”

Strange things happen around me, but who is he?

For a moment I thought it might be a sub-god from another world, but apparently it’s not, because from its demeanor it doesn’t seem to be hostile in the slightest.

If that’s the case, I don’t know even more. I’m not a professional guesser, and I’m not a wise guy.

There was no way I could understand the situation when I was caught in such an unexpected situation.

Don’t expect to a mere uncle who has lived in a peaceful country without much conflict.

“Kenji, his ability is strange for just a human being. He’s probably as powerful as me. He doesn’t seem to be hostile, but just be careful.”

“That’s true, though he hasn’t even pulled out his sword.”

Even as she said this, Mizzet stared at the young swordsman in front of her without a care in the world.

The swordsman still looked dumbfounded, mumbling something as he looked at the Momiji and Shie-that had fused with Deus-appeared behind him.

Hmm, what should I do about this situation?

I understand that this situation was not planned for the other side, but this is not the way to start.

As I thought this, I looked back and saw Shie pointing at the young swordsman with a surprised expression.

What’s wrong?

“What’s the matter Shie, do you know each other?”

“Mm. We don’t know each other. But I do know him.”

“You mean, is that young man from your hometown or something?”

“Yes. He is a Hero, a bearer of the holy sword who is said to have a good heart and confronts crises in the world. He is one of the strongest in the human race.”

She said.

Um, what does that mean, ……?

I don’t understand.

Let let’s get my head straight first.

First of all, Shie said that the reason she came to our world was to stop invaders from other world, and that he was looking for Creator God to do so.

So, the next thing you know, this world is actually in turmoil due to the influence of the sub-gods of other world, and this time, it is expected that the demon god of other world is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Lastly, the Hero of the other world in front of us have contacted us for some purpose by transferring us during such a war, but he has no hostile intentions.

To summarize the above information …

“I see, a hostile force against the demons. I guess the other world is not monolithic either.”

“Hmm? Oh, yes. That’s right!”

And that’s why.

The mysterious young hero agreed with my words, and the dumbfounded look on his face was gone, and he nodded with a crisp, handsome face.

And Mizzet seemed to be of the same opinion as me, not denying my opinion, but keeping a watchful eye on the situation.

Seeing that Mizzet, with her animalistic super intuition, doesn’t act aggressively, it seems like he’s not really an enemy.

“I’m not familiar with this world, but I didn’t realize that there were people who could not only slip past through my senses as a Hero, but could hide at a level that I didn’t notice at all. In the start, I thought by moving both of you to another location I can take advantage with it, but it seems that it was I who was exposing my disadvantage.”

So says a young hero from another world.

But that’s not true.

It is probably true that Momiji was aware of the existence of this Hero, and in fact her level of concealment was too high for him to see through, but still, this hero is not at a disadvantage.

This is because this Neet demon did not recognize the Hero who was caught by her own detection as an enemy.

Probably, she was thinking, “There’s something strange hiding in there, but it doesn’t seem to have any intention of attacking, and it’s probably just scared like me.”

Therefore, his assumption that he was the one who exposed his own disadvantage because of her ability was a foolishness.

As I was thinking about this, suddenly Momiji approached the hero and began to stroke his back.


“Don’t worry, Hero. I know you’ve been running and hiding because you’re afraid of war, but with Onigiri-man, you can’t lose. I’m sure he can protect you for a while if I ask him to.

In spite of the bewilderment of the young Hero, Momiji, which I thought were similar to me, nodded and made a familiar face.

I knew this would happen.

“Hero? Oh, yeah, right. I haven’t told you my name yet. There’s no one on the other world who doesn’t know who I am, so I let my guard down. I’ll introduce myself again…. I’m a Hero from another world, Leon Bastard. I thought you’re an important person associated with the creator god of this world …. I know it’s selfish, but will you please listen to me?”

The Hero, or Leon Bastard, bowed to me.

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