A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 193

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The day after we were invited to the rolay’s castle after a mock battle to test our skills.

I was immediately called to a strategy meeting, where I was to meet with the king and other important figures involved in the war.

It seems that while our title is ostensibly that of new members of the Order, we’ve been invited as guest of honor, which is essentially the most powerful force that can be deployed in war.

The knight commander, who had said he wanted to see what we were capable of, had no objection to that, and said he was reassured that a mercenary with this much power would be his ally.

As a side note, their assessment of our strength is that each of us is equivalent to about 100 knights of the Kingsguard.

It is said that a knight of the Kingsguard has the power of about five veteran regular knights, so the equivalent number of knights is 500.

My power was unknown because it was based on Mizzet’s power when it was calculated, but since Mizzet herself declared that I was untouchable when I got serious, I was treated as an equal.

And, of course, they were calculating that Momiji and Shie were also out of normal.

However, to be honest, Mizzet hadn’t yet shown half of her ability in that situation, so it’s safe to say that she would be more than twice as powerful if she showed her true potential.

Well, I’m not going to tell them, because it will only add more problems.

However, as the girl was approaching her fourteenth birthday, they still seemed to have concerns about how she got so much strength at her age.

In this world, where you can become as strong as you want based on your occupation level, you can’t use your age to measure the fighting ability of Mizzer, who has had many adventures with me and many other strong enemies.

In any case, the enemies we defeated were demon kings, demons in labyrinths created by the sub god of the end by sucking the energy of the world tree, replay mode, and other powerful enemies that demanded that level increase.

That would make her stronger.

“But Kenji is so overprotective. Even though Shie is recognized as a slave, you didn’t have to isolate her in the temple. If you leave it to me, I’ll be able to kill anyone who messes with her in no time.”

“No, you can’t kill anyone. I’m doing this so as not to cause any unnecessary commotion.”

Yes, on the day I was invited, I quarantined Shie because I was concerned about her treatment of the slaves.

As we were invited as guests of honor, each of us was given a private room, and even Shie was assigned a room accordingly.

Of course, even if they don’t know the details of why we were invited, they must have shared some information with the people in the royal castle about the room where the slave was staying.

Therefore, there is no guarantee that someone will not misunderstand something and do something rough, so I quarantined her just in case.

Besides, there’s no guarantee that the information about that collar won’t leak out from somewhere and bring in assassins from the enemy.

I can never be too careful.

“But I think you’re still so overprotective. You think so too, don’t you, Momiji?

“Hmm? I think onigiri-man can do as he pleases, though. However, if you ask me from my point of vierw, if you’re facing an enemy, you should run away immediately, so I guess this is the right thing to do. I’m afraid of fighting afterall.”

“I was wrong to ask you.”

It seems that Mizzet, who thinks that if there are enemies, we should defeat them, and Momiji, who thinks that we should run away if there are enemies, did not agree with each other.

To put it bluntly, the two are so stubborn that it is hard to say which is right, which is typical of these two.

Incidentally, Shie has already joined our circle and is silently ministering to the words she is learning little by little.

As one would expect from a homunculus that claims to be so good at what she does, she has a terrifyingly good memory and is quite quick-witted.

She can already carry on a small conversation without any problems.

Then Shie, who had been silent for a long time, raised her hand and spoke up, as if she had some thoughts after listening to what I had said so far.

She looked very confident.

…… What’s going on?

“There was no way that an agent of my caliber could fall behind the assassins of this country. However, my collaborator Kenji’s judgment was spot on. Because that night, I used the free time I was given to talk to Deus and succeeded in making a contract with him. Mmm…”

“Now that you mention it….”

And the astonishing new fact that happened last night.

What a surprise, I went to pick up Shie at the temple of the creator god early in the morning, and before I knew it, Shie had made some kind of contract with Deus and formed a cooperative relationship.

When I asked Deus about it, he didn’t tell me the details of the contract, but from what Shie told me, she said that she gained the power to summon and use Deus through her own magical power.

It seems that Deus can uses the power of [Life Creation] to fuse his body with the Shie’s, and that he goes in and out depending on Deus’ mood.

…… I also think that this is not a summoning, or even control him, but in Shie’s view, this is a summoning and a control.

Apparently, she doesn’t doubt that she is the Master.

I had always wondered where her strange confidence came from.

Lately, there are times when I sometimes wonder if Shie is actually missing out on a lot of things.

“Master’s concerns are valid, but my collaborator, Shie, is still working hard on this. Please acknowledge her.”

“Oh, okay.”

I don’t know what tugged at Deus’s heartstrings so much, but he’s been in an unusually good mood since last night.

What the hell happened while I was gone?

I’m really curious about this, but for now, the first thing we need to do is have a strategy meeting.

If it’s as promised, they’ll put us on the front lines of the war as soon as possible, but as for me, I’d like to know a little more about the enemy side.

My personal victory condition is to end this war as inconspicuously as possible without using the power of my EX profession, and to defeat the executives who are working in the dark.

If we can do that, the other side will become numb, and Jean and the Dragon God will grab the invaders by the tail.

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