A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 192

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Late in the evening of the same day, Kenji Saito held a practice match, which they called a small test, as a demonstration to the royal family.

The group was secretly invited to be guests of the royal family.

However, Kenji Saito is not an idiot, and he felt uneasy about letting Shie sleep in the royal castle with the magical equipment of the enemy country, so he decided to isolate her in the Temple of the God of Creation.

Perhaps it was because he thought it would be quicker to isolate Shie in the temple than to protect her, who was recognized as a slave by the country’s underworld and other forces.

And now, the scene begins with such an isolated Shie in a private room, as usual, having an exchange with someone who she calls “Doctor”.

“Doctor. Doctor, are you there? This is experimental subject 1562cf. I have an extremely important report.”

“Yes, yes, I’m a little busy right now, so wait for me.”

The doctor responded with her usual casualness to Shie’s communication, which for some reason seemed a little depressed.

After a few minutes of waiting and listening to the sound of the doctor slamming around on the other side, she finally calmed down and called out to her.

“So, what’s up experimental subject 1562cf? I heard it was an extremely important report.”

“Umm. Actually, there’s a little something I didn’t calculate……”

What is it that the 1562cf experimental subject, or Shie, had not calculated?

The Doctor, who has not fully informed her of the depletion of manna, and does not know that she is actually surprisingly stupid, questions her statement.

“Uncalculated? It’s unusual for you to say that.”

“I can’t help it.”

“Then, what’s so extremely about that?”


Shie affirmed with a bland face.

It’s unknown what it is that makes her so proud of herself, but it seems that anything that is outside of her calculations usually gets jurisdiction as a “crazy case”.

Later, Shie began to talk.

First of all, the compatriots of our world have already raided this world, and somewhere they have obtained and are operating a replica of this collar, which is a magical tool developed by the doctor.

Secondly, the man’s subordinate who is cooperating with him, or more specifically the female local who calls herself Mizzet, is so strong that her fighting strength is equal to or evensurpassesthat of a sub-god.

Third, it seems that the man with whom I am cooperating is stronger than the woman who calls herself Mizzet, and if the man wants to do something, I may not be able to resist and will be handcuffed, and there is a hundred million chance that I will fail in my mission.

These were the three points.

Incidentally, the first report is actually true, but the second and third are the result of Shie’s imagination.

But perhaps the daytime demonstration had been too shocking, or perhaps her trembling demeanor as she gave her report was more believable, and the doctor was beginning to accept it as truth.

“You’ve been in such a crisis. ……”

The doctor pondered this report and wondered what to do.

However, aside from the first report, the fact that the collaborators are strong can be taken as good news.

The Doctor, wavering in the midst of a situation that made it difficult to make a decision, weighed the success of the mission against the existence of the homunculus she had created.

“Experiment 1562cf, what do you want to do? Do you still see it as possible to continue the mission?”

“Mmm? That’s okay. Even if the situation is critical, I will never give up. I’m the masterpiece that the doctor sent me out with everything she had. I’m the best of the best, the experimental 1562cf homunculus Shie.”

Shie’s trembling had vanished, and her expression changed to one of determination.

She seemed to have a mysterious confidence that she would be fine, no matter what the crisis was.

The doctor seemed to be impressed by her confidence, and after a moment of silence, she opened her mouth.

“Homonculus Shie?”

“Yes. This code name was given to me by the collaborator in question. He is a person to watch out for, but he has a proven track record of cooperating with me in my missions. It would be a shame to abandon him. I’m sure I can lead him in the right direction.”

She raises her eyebrows and makes a smug face.

“Yes, yes. It’s safe to say that you’re the best of the best, having passed my education program. I’m counting on you.”

“Don’t worry, you can count on me. I’m sure I can be of use to the Doctor.”

Please keep your expectations up, I’m sure I’ll be useful.

Shie was somewhat desperate and unsure of her own emotions.

However, her appearance was like that of a small child trying hard to get hef parents’ approval.

And quietly, Deus, who had been quietly snooping around outside the room, muttered.

“You can count on me. I’m sure I can be of use to the Doctor.. …… I see. Although the direction was different, the girl also had the same problem as I did in the past. At first, I was thinking of detaining hef as soon as I caught any suspicious evidence as a suspicious person approaching my master. But this has given me some really great information.”

When he was satisfied, he stopped observing and said, “It seems that you are fully qualified to be my host,” and walked away.

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