A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 191

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A few minutes later, the battle against the knights, which had started under the guise of our small test, was coming to an end due to the overwhelming onslaught of Mizzet.

In the beginning, the knight commander was quite persistent, and he thought that the flow was not good, so he tried to use various methods, such as the obstructive magic of the hero Carly, but when he found that none of them worked, the formation broke down, and he fell.

But even so, Carly, who had managed to survive the attack until the end, seemed to be running out of magic power.

“You’re not getting anywhere!”

“What are you, ……?”

Curly gets down on one knee and lets out a gasp, while Mizzet looks down at her without any particular emotion.

There seemed to be an immeasurable difference in power between the two.

As expected, this is a total victory.

It is true that the physical damage is minor, but the blood has been drained from the Knight Commander and Curly because they have been pushed too far mentally.

The girl who came to take the test with the introduction of the Knight Commander went on a rampage, kicking the best forces in the country out of the way and then looking down at them with a sword in her face with no expression on her face. ……

If this were the first episode of an anime or manga, the viewers would recognize her as the last boss of this world.

It was so thoroughly strong and overwhelmingly intimidating.

“Nothing. I’m Mizzet Galhart, the Paladin of the Human Race. I just have a little more experience than you do.”

After those words, the knight of the Kingsguard, who was the judge, declared Mizzet the winner, and our demonstration, which had started out as a small examination of the knight, but which no one believed, was over.

I mean, it’s not a victory for us, it’s just a personal victory for Mizzet, isn’t it, judge?

Well, I didn’t do anything, and I think I’m just flying out of existence from consciousness.

However, this demonstration may have been a success, and it seemed to be a big hit with Ygrin and the King of Albalest, who were originally supportive of us.

Even now, they are standing up from the audience and closing the curtain with a big round of applause.

At that rate, it will be enough for the mental care of the Knights in the future.

Even now, while giving a summary of the match in the spectators’ seats, he says that this match was a little unannounced test for mental in the form of taking an examination.

It’s only natural for a superior to be a king, but he’s quite a smooth talker.

Except for the knight commander and Curly-san, who knew what was going on, they seemed to really believe the king’s story.

Some of them are even pledging more loyalty to the king who has done so much for them.

As was the case with Ygrin-san, there are many capable people in the upper echelons of this country.

As I was thinking about this, a jubilant Mizzet dived under me, waving her arms in the air.

Apparently, she was happy to show me her win.

I caught her in the front.

“Good job, Mizzet.”

“Hmmm, how did it go, Kenji? Did you fall in love with me again?”

“Yeah, it’s been a long time.”

This is a natural result, since the opponent this time is a little out of balance in terms of combat power, but it’s not a bad thing to be in a good mood, so I nodded honestly.

It’s too late to say no now, because I made a promise a long time ago, but I’ve already told Mizzet I’ll take responsibility for her courtship, so there’s no denying it.

“But I’m a little surprised about the hero. I think the fight will be a little fierce.”

“Oh, yeah. ……”

There is a bit of a reason for this that is known only to me, the creator god.

In the first place, the abilities that increase rapidly in the evolution of a race include magic power in the case of elves, physical abilities in the case of beastmen, and so on, and it is easy for the individuality of each race to grow, but the evolution of the human race is somewhat special.

The human race in this world has no disadvantages compared to other races, but it also has no advantages.

Therefore, the ability depends largely on the talent of the individual.

That’s why heroes, who are the tribal evolutionary ancestors of the human race, have a variety of abilities to grow as well, and have no fixed destination.

There are heroes who have refined their physical abilities and gained special physical enhancement powers, and there are heroes like the High Elves who tend to have outstandingly high magical powers.

Therefore, in the case of the human race, it is difficult to say that the characteristics of species evolution are generally the same.

I don’t know what type of evolution Carly underwent, but judging from the fact that she is active as a great mage, she probably grew up to be more of a rear guard.

That’s why his combat power was a little inadequate for a one-on-one battle with Midget after the vanguard was quickly destroyed.

“That’s why. So if the Knights had persisted a little longer, it might have been a tough fight with fifty percent Mizzer alone.”

“Oh, I see. Then maybe I should have played with her a little more.”

No, that would hurt their pride, and it would be bad for the King of Arbalest, who is still taking care of their mental health, so I’d rather not do that.

Nevertheless, this would give them a rough idea of our capabilities, and our planned intervention in the war would go smoothly.

During our week-long trip to the capital, Ygrin told us that we would be deployed mainly in the middle of battles with enemy nations that were considered to be fishy, so we were sure that our turn would come soon.

Well, most of all, that said, I can’t end it all with the power of a sub-god.

How to settle it depends on the time, but as long as the Demon God over there is causing confusion in this world with such a roundabout hand, there must be some speculation.

The way I see it, the idea is probably to “expose the creator god.

I’m not sure what she’s doing it for, but if that’s the case, it’s a bad idea to play into her hands so easily.

That’s why we have to intervene in this war at the level of ‘slightly strong locals’.

It’s a troublesome approach, but as long as the other side doesn’t know I’m the Creator God and is trying to expose us, we can’t afford not to be vigilant.

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