A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 190

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A few minutes later, the king agreed to my proposal, and a mock battle was officially decided in the form of a preliminary test.

At the knights’ training grounds next to the royal castle, Mizzet and I were facing our opponents, the elite of the knightly order.

The knight commander, who has yet to take off his full-plate mail and whose appearance is unknown, and his elite are the ones who are going to intercept us.

And then there is the hero Curly, with her long blue hair and fresh green cloak fluttering in the air.

Incidentally, Momiji and Shie did not participate this time.

The three tailed Momiji is fully capable of showing the power of an ordinary mid-level adventurer, even by this world’s standards, but it is indeed a bad match for a hero.

Besides, in every way, Momiji is incapable of fighting.

As for Shie, she was almost as good as Momiji in terms of ability, and rejected for the same reason.

So, with only two of us, we have to clash head-on with an enemy force three times our size, but even so, our victory will not be shaken.

“Yareyare. I guess King Arbalest is also in a trouble too… No matter how skilled they are, I never thought he’d has to ask for help from the Kingsguard, myself, and even Curly-sama to beat down just two people…. I suppose we need to maintain the dignity of this country to such an extent.”

That’s what the Knight Commander said.

It is true that there is a difference in numbers, and that the other side is bringing in almost the best manpower, but it is too early to think about that.

I can’t read the exact intentions of the King of Albalest, but considering the fact that he even accepted the participation of the hero Curly in addition to my proposal, he probably doesn’t think that this game will end with an overwhelming victory for his country.

This is because if we end up with not much of a difference in strength, we’ll be destroying the face of Ygrin, who introduced us as as collaborator.

Unless you’re a foolish king, you wouldn’t go out of your way to lead with such a lack of consideration.

“Hey Kenji. It’s about what you said before, but how serious can you be?”

“Hmmm.. That’s right. I’ve sealed off the power of the sub-gods, with Mizzet’s [Holy Sword Invocation] to the fullest, I think it’s 50% of my ability.”


Hearing the Knight Commander’s grand lament, Mizzet gives me an earful.

To be honest, even fifty percent seems like overkill, but I think it’s enough for my partner, who hates to lose, to win consistently, even if it’s a mock battle.

In the first place, just because you are a hero who has evolved as a species doesn’t mean that you have more fighting power than anyone else.

It is true that there is an increase in the basic functions that occur through species evolution, but if you compare it to our tomboy princess, Mizzet, the individual differences will be so great that they will be slight.

If that is the case, no matter how much of a hero you are, you are just a great mage who has powers that the human race does not have when it comes to fighting.

It would be hard to find someone who could surpass my partner in terms of violence.

While the meeting was going on, the other side was getting ready, and the knights of the Kingsguard arrived to act as examiners, with the King of Arbalest and Ygrin in the observation seats.

“The both of you, are you ready?”

“No problem.”

“No problem here either.”

After confirming the agreement of the Knight Commander and me, the judge finally calls out, “Let’s begin.”

Well, let’s see how good you’re ……

And just when I thought that, our trusty vanguard, Mizzet, made an immediately attack on the Knights.

“You all are too slow! Holy Sword Invocation!”


And the first knight of the Kingsguard is run over in an instant.

She was the first to do the opening, which was too bad.

The other side was also in formation and showing all the best posture, but it seems that my partner was also licking her chops and was so frustrated that she tried to move fast and went on a immediately attack.

The damage was of course moderate, so the knight’s armor was only dented, the knight of the Kingsguard, perhaps taken aback by her too abrupt actions and fighting strength, was unable to respond and was knocked out in one blow!

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Mizzet was originally an ace in the Paladin Order over a thousand years ago, so she is very good at taking advantage of her opponents’ weaknesses.

She seems to know exactly how the knights can’t handle it.

Even now, she is trying to play with her opponent with speed to push him even further and cause a second and third casualty.


This doesn’t seem like the place for me to be anymore. ……

“Damn, what speed! I can’t handle it! And the Holy Sword Invocation?”

“What’s the speed, you idiot! You guys are just too slow in front of a Paladin! You’ll have to start over as newbies again!”

The Knight Commander is bewildered, afterall Mizzet, who came to take the exam as a new knight, says they’re newbies.

How is this possible?

I’m not sure which one of us is the examinee anymore.

“Hahahahaha! This is good, Ygrin. I knew from the start that the warriors you brought were quite skilled.”

“That’s right. After all, the girl calls herself “Mizzet Galhart” the legendary knight, so she should be able to do at least this. I don’t think she’s the real thing, but it would be disrespectful to the fairy tale if she were to fall behind a few knights of the Kingsguard.”

However, it was a satisfactory performance in the mock battle, and the king and Yugrin conversed with a satisfied look on their faces.

But still, a fairly tale .

The other side didn’t seem to understand that she was the real Mizzet Galhart, but I didn’t think that the legend still lived on.

It’s been a little over a thousand years, so I’m sure a lot of things have been adapted, but I’m a little curious about the content.

“Keep it up, girl~! Show Onigiri-man your good side!”

“Of course! I’m going to make him falls in love with me all over again!”

With the addition of Momiji’s cheering, Mizzet’s momentum accelerated.

Really, my only role is to accompany Mizzet.

I’m very bored.

“…. A, amazing!”

“….Are you okay, Shie?”


As I watched the scene with my arms folded in boredom, I saw Shie shivering slightly.

Oh right, I’m pretty sure that Shie didn’t know about our power yet.

I think there’s one place where she saw Mizzet being publicly executed by the Nine Tails in the Temple of the Creator God once, but that was just a death scene.

Well, if you look at the place where she is showing her true character, it can’t be helped like this.

Even I can’t beat Mizzet in a one-on-one match without an EX occupation.

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