A Guide To How To Create Another World – Chapter 188

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The center of the war between the great nation of Arbalest and the small nation of Gungel.

On the plains near the border between the two sides, there was a demon god watching the clash of armies that was currently taking place.

“Oh~ As I thought. The soldiers of this world are also quite stubborn.”

Her appearance was that of a young girl of about fifteen or sixteen years of age, a female form with darker hair than the demon god of this world created by Kenji Saito.

Such a female demon goddess seems to be enjoying the clash of humans, clapping her hands and observing the battle between the two while hiding her figure from the sky far above.

“If things are going this well, it’s only a matter of time before the creator god of this world start to get involved~. They’re usually quiet, but when the world is in turmoil, they immediately start moving, saying things like, [It’s going collapse!]. Ah, it looks like it’s about to be settled… I know, I know.”

While she was nodding her head, the soldiers seemed to have settled their battle, and she saw the Arbalest retreating after being defeated again by the small country of Gungel, waving their hands in the air as if in greeting.

And this time, the female demon goddess would again use her magic in hiding to heal each other’s soldiers wounded by the battle with her own power.

“Okay, done. However if I do it too flashy, I won’t stand a chance against the Creator God. I don’t want to kill each other head-on, you know. I’ll have to take care of the victims so it doesn’t become too serious~. If I do this, Dragon God and God of Destruction will be angry with me, but it’s okay as long as they don’t find out.”

It’s unknown what her purpose is, but she just stirs up the [world] around her, and while it’s called take care of victims, she doesn’t neglect to pay attention to the creator god of this world.

Apparently, unlike the Dragon God and the God of Destruction who came to invade from other worlds, she has a personal purpose beyond the mana depletion problem.

And after taking care it all, she went to her lair in this world, or more specifically, to her castle, which had a space-time ward built only to deceive the sub-gods of this world.

It can be said that this space-time boundary is virtue left by the heroes of their own world to them.

“Well, I’m done with work for today! I heard that the dragon god is still at work, but I have a policy of leaving work on time. My creator god also said, ‘Competent employees don’t work overtime!”…. You said that, didn’t you? … Fufu!”

A female demon goddess with a smug look on her face, reproducing every detail down to the last “click”.

And what fun it was, she laughed and laughed, shedding thin tears as if she was immersed in a glorious memory.

“Ahahahaa, hahahha! Oh, I’m getting sick to my stomach remembering this. God of creation was trying to kill me with his mere existence. …… I hope you’re not joking with me.”

Although she was swearing, her face was somehow colored with feelings of love and compassion.

Then the female demon goddess takes out an object like a photo notebook from nowhere in the other space, squints and mutters …….

“I remember that guy’s kid is called Harry, ……. He used to go on and on about how his kid was a genius. …… He promised me that he would let me meet him when he grew up. …… You’re a liar, you really are. You really are a liar. You are a much bigger liar than I am.”

And on the back of the notebook, there was a name.

“First Class Exorcist, Harold Taylor” and …….

For the next few hours, the female demon goddess looked at the pages of her notebook without boredom, and when she reached the last page, she closed her eyes.

Then she let out a small monologue.

“I know, I know. I know that you haven’t abandoned our world. Yes, I know. There’s a reason why you can’t come to ……, isn’t there? I know. But ……, our world is reaching its limits. So ……”

It’s ────, so I’ll go over there even if it eats up our world.

I’ll gather up the ──── mana, cross the world’s barrier, and come to you, Harold.

──── Come on, just wait until I get there.

──── My dear Creator God.

The female demon goddess who had said this opened her eyes again and smiled.

“Well, I’m done being sentimental! It’s early in the morning for a good employee, right?”

Information we can get from this chapter:

1. The Demon Goddess has a different purpose than the Dragon God and the God of Destruction which is to invade this world, she heals the victims of war so as not to receive the wrath of the Creator God of this world. Her goal was to meet her Creator God, Harold Taylor who was on earth.

2. Harold Taylor is father of Harry Taylor.

Well, I’m not too sure, I translated this novel using a machine translator in the first place, so translation errors are very likely.

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