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In the center of certain world…. in the middle of the miasma vortex known as the demon continent in the human world, silver-haired boy sitting on a throne looked out over the world.

“Hahahaha!! Look at this! That proud World Tree is being eroded by a mysterious sub-god! Haha, she looks like she’s in pain. Is she really okay?”

In the hands of the boy who said this, pieces resembling some kind of people were moving around, competing and fighting like a chess game on a board that was levitated by a mysterious power.  

Currently, he was holding a piece of a tree.  

It was a wooden piece with a design that looked like a World Tree.    

However, it was not in a normal state as it was twisting around in the boy’s hand in a somewhat painful way.    

The boy looked at the piece in this state, smiled darkly, and rolled it around in his palm with a grimace.

“Yes, it seems so …… But if you’re asking me if she’s will okay, all I can say is that it’s probably too late.”

“Well, you’re right. If the God of Creation doesn’t move, then one of the pieces on the board will have fallen. She’s stupid, isn’t? If she asked that friend of mine for help, she might be okay. Well, he can’t because he’s currently monitoring this continent …. Ahahahahaha! ”

The boy, who was laughing with amusement at the struggles of the world tree, looked to be ten years old or younger.  

In contrast, the one with the croaky voice of an old man was a large, giant creature shaped like a dragon.

No, not like a dragon.    

He is actually the Demon Dragon itself.    

But the Demon Dragon had shrunk down to his knees and was looking at the boy sitting on the throne.

“But it’s also not easy for our Father. Because that friend of mine Dragon God is so enthusiastic about this continent, that Father had to step in on his own to overcome a new threat that not even the Brave could resist. If it were me, I would have reset this trouble world. Hey, don’t you think so too?”


In response to the boy’s question, the Demon Dragon kept his mouth shut.    

He knew that the boy was very sensitive on the topic of his Father, the God of Creation, and the Dragon God.

Therefore, a poor response would physically shorten his own life span. And even if he answers, he has to understand where the intention is.

Then, after a long pause and a lot of thought, the Demon Dragon finally opened his mouth.  

And the nature of this boy who curious about the Demon Dragon by that time is ────

“But, Demon God, a hundred years ago, when my father fought with the humans, the God of Creation seemed to prioritize saving us demons. This means that the God of Creation may think that this troubled world is too good to be reset…….”

─── Yes, the Demon King, that person.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry. I’m an adult, and while I enjoy your answers to my problems, I would never kill you for them. I don’t want to be lumped in with the sub-god who only have power rampaging through the World Tree.”

The Demon Dragon gently strokes his chest and relieves tension.

It is true that he is a sensitive boss when it comes to the topic of Creator God and Dragon God, but that does not mean that he is a bad guy.  

In fact, as far as the Demon Lord Dragon knows, this twisted being called the Demon God is more tolerant than anyone else, loves others more than anyone else, and loves the world.    

It’s just that the direction of that love is a little, …… or even quite special.

“But it’s a shame. It’s a shame, because I love the world and that Friend of mine my Father created so much. He doesn’t accept me as an enemy of the world or anything…. It’s a shame. Is it the fault of humans? Should I just kill them?”
The Demon God muttered to himself and grabbed a piece of the tree in his hand.    

The piece shattered and disappeared with a pale light.    

The Demon Dragon, an aide who has been following since ancient times, knows that this is a sign that the Demon God is about to make a move.

It was at a similar point in time when he challenged the Dragon God to battle and became the Demon God, and a hundred years ago when he lure the Sage of that era to Demon King in order to catch the God of Creation.

“Well, I guess so. But if I destroy the humans now, I’ll ruin my father’s plan, which is getting more and more interesting, and more importantly, it’s boring without knowing my Father plan or what my friend of mine is up to… Yeah, that’s right. Okay, I’ve decided! I’m going to visit the suffering World Tree too!”

“Are you leave? But how do you get out of sight the primitive dragons and ancient dragons?”

It is said that the demon god is about to leave the demon continent.

However, the outside of this continent is surrounded by mountains called the Dragon Mountains, and it is impossible to escape from the eyes of the d
Dragon God and his attendants.

Of course, there are loopholes in every security system, and if you take your time, even a person of the Demon King level will be able to sneak out.

However, this person is a Demon God, the god standing at the top of the demons.    

It was impossible to sneak out of it right away.

“I’m fine. I’m very good at this kind of stuff. Even if I don’t go with my main body, which is under strict surveillance, I can easily channel my alter ego to the other continent…. Rather, it’s better to turn alter ego because the main body is not in direct contact, right?”

In other words, he can supply his own power remotely, and if he unleashes a very, very weak alter ego, he will be able to hide in plain sight.

And even if he loses his life somewhere on the human continent when his scheme is discovered, he is still just an alter ego.    

The main body would not feel any pain or itch.  

For this Demon God, the surveillance of dragons and the rules of the world are as if they don’t exist.  

Combined with the fact that he uses the miracle of the Creator God [Mana], he has the temperament of a hacker.    

After deciding to do so, he hurriedly created an alter ego and remotely controlled it by making a sort of translucent panel appear in front of him.

“Oh, it moves, it moves! It’s really interesting, isn’t? ……Okay, then go ahead, Demon God No.1!”

In spite of the innocent look on his face, his alter ego set off with an expression of bottomless pit of despair.  

The goal is the World Tree.    

It won’t be long before he meets Kenji Saito, the Creator God Player of this world.

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