A Guide to Creating Another World – 142

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The former Earl of Renein gave me detailed information about the dungeon.

When it was first discovered, the scale of the dungeon was not that large, and it was just a small cave at the foot of the World Tree, the largest elven village in the world.

It was not clear why such a thing was suddenly created, but the High Elf Lara Shatira, the living legend and the supreme authority of the village, found no miasma, so it was determined at the time that it was not the work of demons.

However, the dungeon that had been left unattended grew in size as the days went by, and finally a new kind of monster began to attack people.

Of course, the elf village was not a defenseless place, so they resisted.

However, although they were able to defeat the monster, they were unable to find out the cause of the problem because the cave was deeper than they expected.

Lara Shatira judged that the cave itself was alive, as the cave, which appeared at the foot of the World Tree, became deeper and deeper with each passing day.

As a countermeasure, she invited the Brave as strongest force in the world of humankind as a guest of honor and sent him to the cave, which was now a dungeon.

…… and here’s a biggest part of what was happening up until about the time I visited this world, after skipping 100 years.

Renein-san knew this information from the beginning, but he didn’t pay any attention to it as he thought it was one of the strange phenomena happening around the world.

Well, that was natural.

After all, the Brave went to solve the problem, and normally it would be settled with a single blow.

However, the situation changed drastically while I left Galhart territory with Mizzet and spent time on earth.

The Brave who had defeated even the Demon King single-handedly, and who could even compete with the Demon God on the demon continent, was defeated.

Nothing like that had happened before.

The whole story is that the elven village and the surrounding countries finally understood the seriousness of the situation and are now looking for a way out.

“I’m sorry to say this, but this is a new crisis in the world. We should be working as one to conquer the dungeon, not thinking about profits.” (Mizzet)

“Yeah, that’s right…. ” (Renein)

Mizzet said a little coldly to Renein-san, whose expression is gradually clouding, as if to shun him.

Oh, I see. I know what this means.

He would like to use the Mizzet politically as an aristocrat and in consideration of the country.

That’s why his face is clouded, and he’s disgusted with himself for saying such a self-serving thing.

“At the same time, the world crisis is also an opportunity for those who are involved in politics. If they can contribute to solving the problems that even the Brave have failed to solve, they will have more power to speak out as a nation. To tell you the truth, Ancestor, I hope that you could become one of the Heroes participating in the conquest of the dungeon, but …”

Having put that much into words, Renein-san closed his mouth with a hard expression.

Perhaps he knew from legend of Paladin Mizzet Galhart.

To the fact that it is impossible to move this girl with the power of a country where politics is involved.

Of course, as a nobleman and as a country, the best solution is to use Mizzet to gain an advantage over other countries.

Her ability is real, and being able to borrow the power such a legendary hero is a big fish.

Because it implies the existence of the God.

But Renein-san is also reluctant to give out any information about Mizzet.

Of course, if Mizzet was a person who was not driven by power, if he tries to use her forcibly, he might turned in to her enemy.

And above all, he has a certain amount of respect for his great ancestor, the Paladin Mizzet Galhart.

He may be disqualified as a nobleman, but I’m sure he can’t come to terms with it.

“Oh, it’s awkward….. As a nobleman, I can’t help but develop an ambition to take advantage of you …. I’m supposed to be a descendant of the hero who once saved the continent. How despicable I am… ”

“… Grandpa.”

Gray-kun, whose understanding of the situation has not yet caught up with him, looks curiously at Renein-san, who is about to collapse.

But Mizzet, who had received this explanation was calm, and did not look at him with contempt as he used her in this way.

“You don’t have to worry.”


“I told you not to worry about it. It is a natural decision for a nobleman to make. …… My father, Earl Galeria Galhart, was the same way. He used the person who saved me as a dead person and credited his achievements for his daughter. I now think that might be the right thing to do as a person in your position.”

Mizzet said with some nostalgia for the past.


“But no. I’m still going to live in this world on my own terms. I will not be subject to your judgment as a nobleman. But I won’t despise you either. So make good use of my accomplishments at all costs. I’m going to venture into the dungeon of this world on my own terms.”


She made eye contact with me and stuck her tongue out at me as if to say, “Come with me for a minute”.

Hmmm, there you go.

As a player of the God of Creation, it’s impossible for me not to make a move here in relation to the [Creation Breakdown], so I’m all for going.

But right now, I’m in the middle of training Kuroko-san

I can’t afford to neglect her, so I’ve been double-booked, I guess.

What should I do?

And then, I got the idea.

That’s right, I thought it would be good to let Kuroko-san advancing her training train in the dungeon as well.

Rather, now that she has reached a certain level and have grown up, the only way to seek training efficiency is through actual combat.

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