A Guide to Creating Another World – 141

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It had already been two weeks since I had taken care of Kuroko.  

I’ve been concentrating on raising her level, and as a result, her abilities have improved quickly.  

Depending on the conditions of her training, she can even fight well against Momiji, the Three-Tailed.    Originally, Momiji’s main offensive techniques were only simple ones such as foxfire and gigantism, and she was inferior in terms of combat skills, but it was still a big improvement to be able to fight against a superior opponent.    

Her current level is about 25.    

No matter how much correction is applied to her experience gaining speed, it’s still an impressive growth rate.  

In addition, if you take into account the fact that Momiji, who has evolved into a Three-Tailed Fox, has a level of about 35, it is almost a joke that she is able to fight well at this level.  

It also leads to the question of how superior the Onmyoudou that Kuroko Togami has mastered is.

But perhaps as a reaction to such rapid growth, she is now sleeping soundly in her room in the temple, exhausted from the two weeks of training.    

In the limited time frame of the training, this forceful approach may have been unavoidable, but it was a little too hasty.

I’ll let her rest for now.    

During this period, I’ll take advantage of her break time to return to Galhart territory.  

I don’t think that a day or two of rest will be enough to heal the repercussions of continuous training, so I’ve already given her a week of vacation.  

That’s why, I will go under the former Earl Renein Garhart to see what the world is like.

“I’m going back to Garhart for a moment. Momiji should take good care of Kuroko-san.”

“But I may not be able to live without onigiri.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve thought of everything.”

In front of the anxious glutton, I push the convenience store onigiru I bought earlier.

In addition to the usual kelp, salmon, and tuna mayo, there were also new types of onigiri, such as those with hamburger steak and shrimp mayo, as secret weapons.

With such a large amount of food, she could live for a month, and even this glutton would not be able to finish it all in a week.  

If I put these onigiri in the temple’s refrigerator, which was somehow installed, all would be well.  

Of course, I’ve prepared and packed a separate supply for Kuroko-san, so there’s no need to worry.

“Oh, umm… If I were to be wooed by Onigiri-man in exchange for these onigiri, I might fall ……”

Oh, what a cheap proposal …

What kind of youkai fox would fall for a mere month’s worth of food? ……    

And why be a marriage proposal?

I’m not asking you to marry me in the first place.  

Anyway, I’m glad she’s satisfied.  

Now I can go check out the outside for a week without worry.    

After saying goodbye to Kuroko-san, I took Momiji for support ── who may or may not be useful ── and returned to the Galhart Territory with Mizzet.

The streets are crammed with people, and some injured adventurers can be seen here and there.    Apparently, some of them were injured during the Paladin Festival.  

I don’t know the details of the festival, but it seems to be some sort of contest of military might.

“Hee~ it’s my first time seeing it, but it seems like a pretty decent event. I had expectations since it was the Brave’s party selection event, but when I looked at the level of the participants, it turns exceeded my expectations. There are a few strong guys in the crowd.”

“Is that so?”

To be honest, I don’t have the ability of a master to read signs or anything like that, so I can’t tell how strong they are without appraising them.  

I’ve heard that real masters and warriors can judge their strength by their behavior, but I wonder what the principle is.    

While chatting about such things, we headed to the Earl’s mansion, passed the gatekeeper with Midget’s face, and entered the room.    

At any rate, I have to inform Renein-san that I’ve come to this place again.    

Some servant-like people showed up to take care of us, so we told them what we wanted and waited in the waiting room, and soon Earl Renenin appeared with Gray-kun.

“Ah! Mizzgorilla!!”

“Who do you call gorilla? You stupid offspring!”

And the Gray-kun who sells fights as soon as he makes eye contact is still the same.  

“Welcome back, Ancestor. And Kenji-dono. …… I just had something I wanted to let you know about.”

“Yes. Well, your timing is perfect.”

“Yes, very.”

The complexion of Renein-san’s face showed that he was having difficulty. He had an attitude that indicated he was in some kind of trouble.

I’ve been informed of a mysterious and bizarre incident in which the Brave is going to make a move, and I wonder if it’s something related to that.

I don’t know if I don’t listen to the story, but it’s probably the case.

I can assume that the Brave has been working since then, but without success.

If the Sub-Gods of the end I had previously guessed in this case is involved, no matter how much the power of the Brave, who is set to be the strongest of humankind, there is no way it will be a simple matter

“… Hmm.”

“You’re very serious, Kenji. “


I’ve never told her the details of Sub-Gods of the end, but she sensed my uncanny atmosphere and steeled herself as well.    

Mizzet then turned to Renein-san and opened her mouth.

“Alright. Then I’ll ask you straight to the point. Is the problem you’re having now a threat equal to or greater than the demons or the demon king?”

“What a tremendous insight! As expected of Ancestor! That’s right, what you think is 90% correct.”

She doesn’t know what’s going on, but Mizzet judges the threat level as if she were certain.    

Even though this is just my personal opinion, but it’s still a ridiculous intuition.

Even though this is in accordance with my opinion, but she still has a hell of a gut feeling.

All this power is superior to any other person I’ve ever met.    

There are not many people who can match the power of Mizzet’s intuition, including Subhuman.

“So, how much do you know about this?”

“It seems that you already understand the seriousness of the situation, so I will just give you the conclusion from my own mouth. …… A threat that appears to be a [Dungeon] has been discovered in a land in the direction of the World Tree, far from the Galhart territory. The Brave once went alone to solve the problem, but the threat was so great that he turned back once.”


Is there such a thing in this world?

No, there is indeed a place like a dungeon when it comes to the demon continent, but the information that it occurs in direction of world tree gives me an unpleasant feeling.

What the hell is going on …?

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