A Guide to Creating Another World – 139

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After agreeing to train Kuroko-san, I immediately decided to cross over to the other world that night.

Of course, for that, three people other than me will be stored in the dimensional storage of APP and then taken out on the other side, but originally for Kuroko-san, it is known that Momiji is put in and out in the form of a seal. There is a section that seems to possess a unique field that I created by magic or onmyodo.

Therefore, storing her in the dimensional storage was not so difficult, and after a little explanation, she seemed to accept it easily.

If I had done this in front of Oldman Genzo or Harry Taylor, who had incredible insight, I probably would have been pursued with a high probability.

However, if I may say so myself, Kuroko-san is quite fond of me, and frankly speaking, she is a bit blind.

And that’s why I was able to avoid suspicion.

By the way, I’ve decided that the first place I’m going to take out Kuroko-san in the other world is in the Temple of the God of Creation.

I’m not going to suddenly take her out in the forest in Galhart territory and have her first encounter with someone from another world.

I have to make people think that this training space is one of the magical spaces that I personally own, so I should avoid such obvious spoilers.

After all, once it is revealed that this is a different world, there is no telling what kind of ruckus will occur there.

No, there is a minimum safety line, because even if chaos occurs, they can’t come and go without my will, but there is no need to plunge our world into chaos by making it full of earthlings.

There are limits and moderation in these things.

It is permissible within the scope of an individual, but if they board in a group, it will destroy or invade the culture.

But to be honest, the scale is too big for me to think about, so I’m just chickening out with a no-touch policy.

I admit that I have my objections.

I arrived in the forest of Galhart territory, where I had been away for a couple of days on the other side, or about a month in this world, and immediately took the three of them out of the dimensional storage at the Temple of the Creator God.

Mizzet and Momiji were already used to it, but as expected, it seemed to be too stimulating for Kuroko-san, and her eyes widened. I’m not sure what to say.

“Upee! What is this place? …. It is possible to transfer space by applying summoning jutsu, but the white space and blue sky with nothing but this temple is…. No way in magic or onmyodo… if it’s the magician’s own world ……, which is considered the ultimate in magic and Onmyoudo. No, maybe it’s a virtual world using a simple kekkai technique …? Saito-sama … ”

She guessing with a lot of difficult words, but to be frank, I don’t really understand it either.

I guess only the creator of the app would understand that part.

Also, no matter how surprised the girl is, I don’t think she’s going to say “Upee! I don’t think there is such a thing as “Upee!

I’ll pretend I didn’t hear this.

Instead, I have something to check first.

I was curious about Kuroko-san’s status after crossing into this world. Let’s appraise her.

[Otherwolder: Kuroko Togami]

Otherworlder Lv: 10
Skills: Magic Power 5x, Experience Value Acquisition Correction 2x, Skill Acquisition Correction 2x

By the will of the Creator God Player, this human has crossed over from another world far beyond time and space. As a result of adapting to this world, she has acquired an occupation, and it is not a high-level occupation, a composite occupation, or a basic occupation, but a special occupation.

She mainly uses magic and yin-yang techniques from other worlds, but since they are not in the data of this world, they are not embodied as skills.

“Wow, this is quite something. ………… ”

“What do you see?”

“No, nothing. It just…

Mizzet was curious about my results, so I explained them to her.

But this is a better result than I expected.

I was convinced that ones could get some kind of occupation in different world as long they’re the same human race as the owner of the app.

However, I never thought that that [Otherworlder] would become a profession.

Moreover, the skills are also unbelievable.

There are three unique skills at level 10, and it’s scary to do things like magic power 5x and growth correction 2x

But, this occupation alone cannot turn into offensive or defensive, you’ll need a support role to help you grow.

No, if you take the time, you will have growth correction and advantage either way, but first of all, in order to train your fighting skills, you will inevitably have to fight monsters, and that is where you will stumble if you are alone.

Unless, of course, you have a weapon or know how to use martial arts.

But this time, the Temple of the God of Creation plus myself are firmly supporting her, and in addition, Kuroko-san has a great skill called Onmyoudo, which she cultivated as an earthling.

I wondered if the Spiritual Power that Onmyoji referred to was same as Magical Power. However, with her spiritual power was quintupled, that alone was already a tremendous power increase.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a tremendous enhancement.

Since it’s called a “special occupation”, it is unlikely that an occupation will be derived from this, but still, at level 10, it’s as good as any high-level or composite occupation.

It may be no exaggeration to say that the quota has already been cleared in terms of training.

No, she’ll still do her training in replay mode, though.

So when I told Mizzet what her current state was, including the concept of this occupation, her dismay was intense.

“What? That’s crazy! That’s not fair!”

“No, no, no. Mizzet also has a great composite occupation as a Paladin. This occupation may not be as powerful as the Brave or the Sage, but it is the strongest power occupation among all the composite occupations.”

I was in a position where I could freely choose composite occupations, and I could even freely read occupation descriptions. And the first thing I thought at the time was that Paladin was what I had to get.

It cannot be weak.

“I don’t know what a power occupation is! I can’t understand if you’re talking about difficult things! I’m just saying that it’s unfair that she just came to our world and became so powerful! How can she become stronger than me?! I can’t understand!”

“Well, I can’t understand either.”

Certainly, this power-up is sly, a cheat, just by moving from one world to another.

However, when I checked the list of occupations newly posted on the app, the occupation of Otherworlder had strong skills, but the increase value of the status was not so much.

If you want to be strong, you need to supplement your power with plenty of magic power and a variety of skills.

Their raw power is equal to or less than that of an Alchemist, a basic production occupation, or a Soul Reaver of the modified basic occupation.

It’s a very peaky profession.

“Oh I see, her raw power is not that great. Good!”

“You’re switching so fast, ……. ”

“Of course! I won’t let anyone get in the way of this big-hearted Mizzet! I’m always on top of things!

The indignation she had felt earlier was gone, and Mizzet was in a good mood, confident that she was superior.

In other words, she wasn’t worried about getting stronger, she was just worried about being overtaken in her ability.

“It’s called Ikki Ikyuu.”

You are right, Great Professor Momiji.

Ikki Ikyuu=一喜一憂

Being happy or anxious about small things such as changes in the situation. Also, be swayed by the surrounding situation.


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