A Guide to Creating Another World – 138

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The day after the legendary 70-man game arcade incident, I promised to Mizzet, who was curious by the mysterious civilization of this world, to show her around Tokyo Electronics District.γ€€ γ€€

Momiji, who had just been resurrected in this era after being sealed away a long time ago, seemed to be interested, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take the two of them sightseeing, but right now Momiji’s sisters are in the middle of a problem. γ€€

After explaining this to them in general, I decided to agree that I would take them out to play after the problem was solved.

The only problem was that time moves ten times faster in the other world when you spend several days here, so she couldn’t stay for many months. γ€€ γ€€

Even the descendants of the Galhart family, Renein-san, would be waiting for the return of their dependable ancestor. γ€€ γ€€

Mizzet seems to be well aware of this, so she doesn’t seem to be so selfish about this matter.

So, I’ll make good on my promise another time, as for what we’re doing now is ────

“────So that’s it. I want you to train this young lady for me. Can you do it? ”


Harry Taylor, the mercenary I had run into in the alleyway late the other night, came to my house with the Togami family’s daughter. γ€€ γ€€

To summarize the story, he said that he needed this Kuroko lady’s strength to seal the nine-tailed fox, the Evil God of the moment, so he wanted me to train her. γ€€ γ€€Of course, it’s in the form of a request, so I’m going to get paid handsomely, but to be honest, I don’t know why he came to me. γ€€

To begin with, I can’t use Onmyouji magic, so there’s nothing I can do to train her.

It is completely out of my area of expertise. γ€€

However, Harry’s light-hearted tone did not convey any seriousness, but judging from the grim faces of Kuroko-san and Oldman Genzo from other time, it seemed that the other side was also serious in their own way. γ€€ γ€€

The reward is unquestionably generous, but what should I do?

By the way, the reward was not only the eye-popping request fee, but also the coveted condition that the Togami family would fully back the otherworldly cafe I was about to start running.

This is the only thing that makes me want to get down on my knees and beg them for help.

“Aren’t you willing?

“No, no… It’s not bad.”

“Oh! Sasuga Saito da! Good lady! This guy seems willing to help!”

“Ha, hai~!!”

Wait a minute, listen to me.

Why is this mercenary so friendly?

No, it’s good to be friendly, but listen to the story.

Kuroko-san shouldn’t reply like that.

It’s as if I agreed.

“Wait, I haven’t given my consent yet!”

“Well, I guess so.”


What is it? What’s up?
He’s suddenly got serious. γ€€ γ€€

What can I say, this guy is elusive. γ€€

I’m not saying this because I don’t have the aura of an ordinary person, but this guy has an appearance that doesn’t give off the aura of a powerful person when he’s acting normal. γ€€ γ€€

When he’s talking, he doesn’t give off that feeling of invincibility that I got when I was fighting.

“I’m not that optimistic either. Being so mysterious, I’m sure there’s a lot going on with you. But knowing that, we came here for help. Do you understand this meaning? ”

I don’t understand.

I have no idea what you mean.

But when I looked around, everyone was nodding to Harry’s words except for me, and even Momiji was putting her hand on her chin and saying “Hmmm ……”.

What, I’m the only one who doesn’t understand? γ€€ γ€€Seriously? γ€€ γ€€

I’ve got a scar on my pride from losing to Momiji ……. γ€€ γ€€

Ugh, my head…

“Yes, it certainly is … it certainly is. ” (Saito)

“That’s right. That’s what I’m talking about. I’m a professional who calls himself a top-notch mercenary. I’m ready for this.”

“Hmm. I knew that Saito-dono would answer that way.”

Oh no, I pretended to know what we were talking about, but the conversation went on as if I really knew what we were talking about.

As I was pondering what to do about this incomprehensible situation, Mizzet, who already understood what was going on, intervened.

“I’m not opposed to the idea of training Kuroko. You owe me big time. I don’t like to say this to a ready warrior, but it’s not cheap when your value makes up for the lack of material to trade.”

Oh, you mean that. γ€€

I’m starting to see what’s going on. γ€€

In other words, they are assuming that the rewards are still insufficient before the request to entrust me with Kuroko-san.

γ€€I’m not sure why they thought that, but they must have bought the value of this old man was worth that much.

So, it was expected that I would be reluctant to agree to it, and as a way to make up for it, they are asking me to invest in the shortfall so that they can pay it back with their own work. γ€€

I understood the meaning somehow. γ€€

…… No, then just say that normally! γ€€

γ€€I don’t know what you expect from this uncle, but I don’t usually understand, so that’s it. γ€€

I’m telling you, I’m the normal one, and you guys are the ones who understand this topic easily.

In conclusion, he will leave Kuroko-san with me to become strong.

The deadline is a month at most. γ€€

The method does not matter.

It seems that.

…… Hmm, well, I guess I can manage that, huh? γ€€

I know I’m at a loss for the nine-tailed affair, and I’ve been wanting to do something about it, so let’s take Kuroko-san to another world as an experiment.

I mean, I wanted to see if I could raise the level of human beings for once.

Fortunately, through Mizzet-led negotiations, they promised me something like confidentiality, and that’s the most important thing.

I still need to come up with some excuse, though, without telling them that the app world is a different world. γ€€

I didn’t intend to hide it outright, but to avoid unnecessary confusion, I was going to keep it to myself until I unravel the secret, but I sensed that they were starting to get an inkling of my mystery, so I’ll take advantage of that. γ€€ γ€€

It would be better to deceive them by letting them experience a small amount of truth rather than a solid 100 lies.γ€€

I don’t know how much of a liar I can be, but fortunately I’ve gained their trust, so it’s easy to fool them.

Most importantly, I personally want to experiment to see if others can also gain the effects of occupational correction through leveling up.


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