A Guide to Creating Another World – 137

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While Saito was taking Mizzet back home for a strategy meeting, Harry Taylor, a mercenary exorcist invited from England, was meeting with Togami Genzo at the behest of his employer, the Japanese government.

“So, what did you think of the man from your point of view?”

“Hmmm… Let’s see ……. In a word, he is clearly different, isn’t he? At first glance, he looks like an ordinary guy who can’t even kill a bug, but in reality, he’s got incredible magical powers. That’s crazy. And from the way he carries himself, he’s used to practice. I’m getting the impression there are lot things about him that are out of place.”

Harry looked puzzled, but then answered with conviction.

“…… I see. Even from this old man’s point of view, he’s like a different person from him a month ago. How can I put it, it’s like the power is out of nothing.”

Genzo nodded deeply at the answer, but closed his eyes with a somewhat unhappy face.

It’s no wonder.

He had been hoping that Saito’s strangeness would somehow solve the problem of the nine-tails, but there was no time to lose.

The thought that her granddaughter Kuroko might die first, rather than that strange man growing up and doing something about it, made him feel uncomfortable.

However, it would be wrong to blame him, since his connection with Saito was unexpected and it would be unwise to rely only on it.

Therefore, he would like to give praise to him, who is still doing his best to get rid of youkai.

“In the first place, how is this country going to quell the Nine Tail? I said hello to her earlier, but I don’t think it’s a problem that can be managed by one or two priestesses of that level. She’s just too poor compared to the priestesses who are said to have sealed in the past. Both in terms of strength and magic. Let alone seal the evil god, it’s just throwing her life away and barely getting a scratch on it.”

“….That’s right.”

This Harry’s concern was plausible.

No matter how many major life-threatening techniques have been passed down from the past to the present, one or two of these will not make up for the difference in ability between the Nine-Tails and Kuroko.

But since there is nothing they can do about it at present, there is nothing else they can do about it.

As the leading Onmyouji family in Japan, there was no way they could say that it was impossible for them to reseal it, either.

If they did, they would lose the authority they had built up so far, and if the Togami family, the representative of the youkai exterminators, gave up, there would be nothing anyone else could do.

If they could borrow the help of other organizations or psychics in other countries, they might be able to get by, but unlike hiring a single mercenary, if they borrowed an army as a nation, the government itself would owe us a great deal.

In order to avoid such a situation, the government is trying to find a way to do something on its own.

Of course, if there is no other way, the government will ask for help.

However it was inevitable that the Togami Family, which is known as Japan’s top psychics group, and the government’s own secret society would receive irreparable damage.

Aside from whether or not the country can function as an advanced nation after losing so many people with different abilities, it can still manage to survive at least.

But that’s a last resort.

“Genzo Oldman. You’ve spoiled your granddaughter too much. You reap what you show.”

“I know that too.”

He didn’t deny it.

He thought that even though he had retired as the head of the family, he was still responsible for everything.

Afterall, he himself had the most influence and time against the “nine-tailed fox” out of all the Japanese physics alive today.

He seems to think that the reason he couldn’t do anything about it was because he was too naive.

“Well, that’s the thing.”

“Yes, I suppose so. But …… is not all that definite yet.”

“That’s right. The future isn’t in anyone’s hands yet. So we’ll just have to do what we can and figure it out.”

The two of them described the problems they were facing, but they still did what they had to do.

They are Japan’s leading Onmyoji and England’s leading mercenary exorcist.

There was no way that these two would give up so easily.

Then Genzo and Harry simultaneously came up with a plan to counter the Nine-Tails.

“Hmm, I guess so, ……. If she’s not strong enough, then────

“If that’s the case, then ──── ”

──── we can have someone with more powerful strength to train her.

The two of them were unanimous in their conclusion.

It is true that the current Kuroko is completely incapable of competing with the Nine-Tails.

It’s a complete lack of power.

But it is Kuroko who is lacking in power, not these two.

In the first place, assuming that the best Onmyouji and the strongest mercenary would be able to withstand the Nine-Tails.

Mainly as a way to buy time, though.

Even though humans have different physical abilities, there are techniques and tools that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Until now, they had been working against youkai who were stronger than them.

They have plenty of ways to make up for the difference in ability.

Then, it was natural to think that they should earn as much time as they can and concentrate on training the problematic Kuroko’s ability from now on.

Fortunately, heaven was smiling on them.

There’s Kenji Saito, a man who have achieved a mysterious rapid growth that the two of them had been worrying about for a while ago.

“The idea was to entrust Kuroko to this man and train her up. It’s a gamble, but not a bad one…. As you said, that man has a secret that he hides.”

“Oh, that’s obvious. No doubt.”

The masters grinned and made plans for the future to prepare enough bait for Saito to take care of Kuroko.

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