A Guide to Creating Another World – 136

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Some time later, I brought back Mizzet, who had achieved the legendary 70-man victory at the arcade, and took a break at home.

Now I’m trying to get the details from her as to why this situation happened, and I’m telling her to refrain from going out without a permission in order to prevent victims like thugs A and B from occurring in the future.

By the way, I really carried out the punishment of sp*nking her b*ttocks.

It seems that it has already become her own dark history.

“So, what was with those thugs were trying to protect you from the onlookers? Who are they?”

“Oh, that…”

When I heard the story, it seems that they were the auspicious Kobo and Gob who volunteered to guide the city.

Before stopping at the game center, they had breakfast at a restaurant called “Family” that Mizzet wanted to visit.

They were very generous with their money and were very easy to use.

She said that they might have a talent as butler, and if she could bring them back to Galhart’s territory, that would be a good.

“I see.”

“Yes, that is so.”

…… No, wait, something’s wrong.

I should have been talking about why thug A and B were involved now.

Why is it replaced by the story of human resources discovery before I know it?

This girl has no remorse at all.


“No, no, stop~!! I’m sorry, I’m really sorry! I’m still unfamiliar with this world, so I thought it was just right to bring them along…. I’ll never go out alone again!”

“Okay, I forgive you this time.”

I don’t want to disperse our forces as much as possible, especially now that the Nine Tails’ family members seem to be causing problems.

If this was a peaceful situation as usual, she could do as she pleases to some extent.

After all, I would like to borrow the power of a high level Paladin to the fullest if possible, now let’s forgive her this time.

After explaining a rough picture, I moved the still-sleep-deprived Momiji in the futon and told Mizzet about the current situation, with the cat or fox, or whatever it was, curled up in a ball, drooling and sleeping.

There are two important points.

The first is that Momiji’s family, or rather, the family who has Momiji as their dependent, are on the rampage in this world.

The second point is that in order to deal with this, those who have power in this world will try to draw us in.

“Wow, I didn’t know that was what was going on over here. Is Momiji really that great? But she’s just a Celestial Bestman judging from the looks, In this world, where there may be beings who are equal to Kenji, one or two Celestial Beastman wouldn’t be of much threats. ”

It was understandable to think so.

At first glance, Momiji looks like a beastman from another world, not a youkai, and to Mizzet, who thinks I’m the standard in this world after raising my level, Momiji wouldn’t considered as a threat at all.

But she’s wrong.

The only people who have the concept of level in this world are Mizzet, who is from another world, and me, who is the owner of the app.

This is neither self-esteem nor anything, but indeed the difference in strength is due to occupational correction.

To be honest I’m afraid to fight – well, actually I’m scared as hell – but I can’t turn my back on reality.

Originally, even if I act like I don’t care about Nine Tails, it’s still acceptable.

After all, I am an outsider, originally an ordinary person.

However, after I got involved with the Onmyouji family and accepted Momiji as my family, I can no longer ignore it conveniently.

In fact, if I ignore it, I’ll probably end up getting myself in trouble.

Therefore, I decided to tell Mizzet the reality of the threat of the Nine-Tails.

To be honest, I don’t know much about her either, but I do have confirmation that she’s at least sub-god level, according to the appraiser.

“By the way, the final form of Momiji is comparable to the sub-god class in the other world.”

“Eee!! ….. You’re kidding, right?”

Her jaw dropped in suprise.

But that’s not a lie, that’s the truth.

It was hard to imagine that the little girl sleeping inside the futon had such potential, but the appraiser has never lied to me before.

Although there are various differences in strength in the sub-god class between Dragon god, Demon God, and World Tree, but it is wrong to say that they are weak.

That’s a problem.

However, it has not been decided that violence alone will solve the problem.

I don’t know why the Nine-Tails are rioting in the first place, and there may be cases where the two sides have settled their differences without much trouble.

That’s why I don’t think it’s my style to attack unilaterally, and I don’t think it makes sense.

The problem is whether or not the other party is willing to talk. …… But that two-tailed fox attacked me unilaterally.

It’s not easy to talk.

However, it is a fact that she hesitated to attack at first and moved with the first priority to bring back Momiji.

I’ve heard that each sister has a different temperament, so there’s a line of thinking that maybe her mission forbids her to harm me, and she made a personal decision based on her short temper.

This is a point of concern.

Oh, that’s right. There was one last thing I had to add.

“Also, don’t ever look into my computer.”

“What? What’s on the computer?”

“No, nothing..”

Oops, I can’t answer.

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