A Guide to Creating Another World – 135

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It’s been more than 20 minutes since I went out to look for Mizzet, and I’ve been strolling around the city with Momiji, who seems to be sleepy but is still holding my hand tightly as we trudge along.

I had thought that once the distance between us had been shortened to a certain extent, the super-sensing ability of this cowardly youkai would come in handy, but contrary to my expectations, I can’t catch her presence.

I really wondered where that girl was wandering around.

There’s no way she could get on a train without a wallet, and she probably wouldn’t know how to buy a ticket.

She can’t have gone that far. ……

One of the most unlikely possibilities is that she took a cab and got into trouble because she couldn’t pay the fare, but this is probably not the case.

No matter how much Mizzet is, she wouldn’t expect people to work for free.

The concept of a cab is similar to that of a horse-drawn carriage in another world, and she is not so stupid as to not understand that.

It’s not that she’s stupid, she’s just a tomboy.

“Nevertheless, this is getting us nowhere.

“Man, why don’t we go home and wait for her to come back? I’m sure he’ll come back when she’s hungry.”

To be honest, I did consider it.

What Momiji saying is true, but I have a bad feeling about this, so I’m searching around like this.

I hope nothing happens to her, but I can’t help but feel that once that tomboy girl makes a move, something might happen.

For example, being questioned by a policeman and escapes by force, or conversely spend her time comfortably like an aristocrat by subordinating the thugs who have been deceived by her appearance.

Given the character of Mizzet, I can come up with any number of troubles.

If she causes trouble, I’m going to give my uncle’s justice hammer this time.

But to be honest, I was at fault in this case, too.

I should have told her to refrain from acting without permission before this happened.

That’s why I decided to limit the punishment to 100 strokes, considering the extenuating circumstances.

As the trial was unfolding in my brain, Momiji, who had already begun to get bored with the search for the tomboy girl, found a promising response.

“Mu …… ”

“What’s up, did you find anything?”

“I feel the smell of her from around here …”

“How can you smell a specific person in a crowd like this? ……”

The location is near the city’s electronics district.    It’s the kind of place that might tickle the curiosity of a newcomer to Japan like Mizzet.

However, upon hearing more details from Momiji, it seemed that the smell was moving in several clumps, not just one.

Two of these clumps seemed to belong to a man, so I had a hunch that he had been caught by the police or some thugs.

It’s a pain in the ass, …….

No, think about it the other way around.

If it’s the police, there’s no way to avoid trouble, but if it’s the thugs, they’re taking care of Mizzet’s curious outbursts for her.

This is a good thing, isn’t it, since I can force the thugs to deal with all the endless trouble that I was originally supposed to handle.

Yes, it must be.

“Over here, over here. I can smell it coming from inside this bleeping building. Hey, that’s ……. ”

When Momiji, suddenly energized by the fact that she was finally free from the search for that girl, led me to a game center where I often go with my subordinate Miyagawa.

Don’t tell me she went into a game center without any money.

I was expecting her to be eating and drinking with her subordinate thugs, but I had no idea she was there for the game center.

As I entered the store and looked around, I soon found the person I was looking for.

The reason why I was able to find ger so quickly was because there was a huge crowd of people gathered around the person I was looking for, or rather Mizzet.

“Whoa! This foreign girl finally got past 60 people! Who’s next, who’s going to challenge her?”

“What amazing eyesight! That attack didn’t even graze her! She’s even visually guarding her special moves!”

There was a cosplay knight girl who had taken up a position at one of the fighting game tables in the arcade, and with unbelievably skillful control, she was able to finish off the challenger.

In the back of the girl, two men were guarding her like cronies, urging the crowd of onlookers to line up and organizing the crowd.

And now, at long last, the 61st Challenger has been defeated before our eyes.

“No, it’s bad, but that completely makes no sense. ……”

Why is Mizzet unmatched in fighting games?

Or rather, what happened to those two who are following her like servants?

Did she brainwash them with her princess power?

Does she will release them later?

I can’t catch up with the situation too much.

However, Mizzet is actually doing great there, and now that we’ve found the person we’re looking for, we’ll just have to wade through the group and bring her back.

Somehow I was tired.

As a side note, I suspect that the reason why she’s so good at fighting games is not because she has talent, but because she can use her athletic ability, dexterity, and kinetic vision, which are beyond human capabilities, to push the envelope as long as she knows how to move her characters.

She can see through the movements of a video game character like a fly through the air.

But that’s cheating from the very beginning, isn’t it?

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