A Guide to Creating Another World – 133

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It seemed that sleepover would start because Mizzet and Kuroko-san had a good match, but it is not possible to let the bodyguards stay and have a sleepover.

I’m not prepared for this, in the first place, the bodyguards of this young lady will not easily accept it given their role.

I explained to her that she would have to get permission from her parents to come here for such a thing, and let her go home for the day, promising to hold a sleepover later when I was ready. γ€€ γ€€

To be honest, Kuroko-san had a lot of common sense, she was very embarrassed and even apologized several times, saying that she was sorry for being so out of line.

She promised that it wouldn’t happen again.

Well, the reason why she thought it was okay to stay here was because she misunderstood that Mizzet was my relative or blood relative, and she thought that if my relatives said it was okay, then it was okay. That was the beginning.γ€€ γ€€

γ€€In this case, the Mizzet should be scolded.

“That’s why Mizzet, sit up straight please.”

“Eee ~~”

“Not, ee ~~”

Mizzet was not happy, but when I asked her why she was giving them to the room without permission, she said that she was interested in the background of the otherworlders (from Mizzet’s point of view) who were close to me, and she was trying to find out if they might be potential enemies of mine.

At first, she was stopping them with the Holy Shield Invocation, and if they acted suspiciously after she gave her to the room, she was going to cut off them head immediately. γ€€ γ€€

But wait a minute, she’s used your Paladin skills? It’s no wonder they think she’s my relative, but that’s not the point. I’ve to teach her common sense first.

If I don’t tell her that it’s forbidden to use power in this country, it’s going to be a disaster.

I was in a cold sweat when she said she would chop off their head if they acted suspiciously, but this was due to the fact that Mizzet mistook Kuroko-san for the dark side of the country who was inquiring about me, so I said, “No,” and put an end to it.

It seems that Kuroko-san contacted to visit me when Mizzet received the phone call, so I can’t say that I was not at fault for being away from home while Mizzet, who doesn’t know Japanese common sense, was there.

This is the reason why I can’t say anything strongly.

If this had been a member of the Nine-Tailed family and not the Kuroko-san, there would have been nothing wrong with this response. γ€€ γ€€

I can’t blame her for stalling them, for searching for information, or for chopping off their head when she detect suspicious activity.

That’s why I decided to take half of the blame this time and start teaching her common sense tomorrow. γ€€ γ€€

That day, we spent about an hour explaining the world, and at 2 a.m. in middle of night, we went to sleep to prepare for tomorrow. γ€€ γ€€

Momiji also listened to the explanation, as there were many things she should know, but unlike Mizzet, who was very interested in information about the other world, she was not so interested, and pretended to be listening and watching TV in her spare time.
This corporate-sl*ve youkai is not good at listening to small talk and advice. γ€€ γ€€

As I was explaining to Mizzet, she twitched and turned tense when I checked to see if she was listening to me properly. γ€€ γ€€

I was tempted to ask her in my fake Kansai dialect, “What’s with your strained face? You were watching TV and smiling just now.”

She seems completely used to this.

She’s probably been subjected to the same kind of nitpicking by her sisters and mother, Nine-Tailed Fox, for hundreds of years. γ€€

I thought I have dignity of a professional who could pass on a sermon. I felt a kind of greatness in people readiness to listen to my sermons.

But it was useless, Momiji seems not type that moves positively, so I decided to leave her and avoid the trouble by reading the air.

 ──── And the next day, at 9:30 in the morning,

──── I woke up to find that Mizzet had disappeared from my room.

“Huh? Hey! Where’s Mizzet?”


It was the first time in a long time that I had a soft bed, so I jumped out of bed, and Momiji, who had been sleeping on my stomach, rolled over on the floor. γ€€ γ€€

I checked the door of the room and found it unlocked. γ€€ γ€€There was a Paladin’s sword propped up on the table and a note.

This is…

“Did that girl go out without permission?”


I’m sure she’s got a good understanding of the Japanese rules that I mentioned yesterday before she went out, since she left her holy Paladin’s sword propped up on the table. γ€€

I did tell her about the law against carrying weapons and such, but I don’t remember allowing her to go outside.

Given the character of Mizzet, who has been curious since childhood, that’s the natural behavior, but is that okay?

I mean, she’s leaving her sword behind, but not with the armor. γ€€

Does that mean she’s going out with her Paladin armor on?

I should have forbidden her to wear armor too!

I found a note on the table and read it: “I’m going to take a little tour of this world! I’ll be back by noon.”

From Mizzet. γ€€ γ€€

I had a bad feeling about this. γ€€ γ€€

But if I go out now, there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to find her, as I don’t have any particular detection skills, so what should I do? γ€€ γ€€

It’s not that Mizzet is going to cause any problems, but it’s hard not to be worried about her going out when she doesn’t even have any Japanese yen. γ€€

It can’t be helped, I’ll wake Momiji.

That kid has a wide area detection skill and I’ll ask her help.

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