A Guide to Creating Another World – 129

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While Kuroko Togami was driving to Saito’s apartment, Mizzet and Momiji were discussing the mysterious female voice that came from the stationary phone.

“I still think that voice come from dark side of the country that is monitoring Kenji in this world. I got the impression of hostility from her for some reason. I think they might attack this room, so we should stay alert.”

“Nona!! Why can you be sure?”

“… It’s intuition.”

The two of them nodded at that conclusion. That said, the conclusion is not completely wrong.

Even if Kuroko herself is not aware of it, the eldest daughter of the Togami family, which has strong ties with the government, has been monitoring Saito with her Shikigami. It is not that different from the government keeping him under surveillance.

If there was any disturbance in Saito’s life, it would be reported to her grandfather Genzo and her father Saiga through Kuroko, and if it was a hostile action, the country would be informed.    

Basically, the Togami family feels indebted to Saito for his help in exterminating the youkai, and they are trying to build a good relationship with him in the future.  

In fact, they would never betray him unless there was something wrong with him, but that’s one thing and that’s another.    

As they were discussing this and that with their theories, their movements suddenly stopped.

“…. I can feel the presence of people. There are seven of them. One of them has some magical power, but the rest are small fish.”

“Mm. That’s true, I can sense them too. But my sisters’ presence seems to be far away. I think it’s another visitor.”

The two of them, with their outstanding sense of detection, seem to have completely read the movements of the people on the other side of the door.    

That was Momiji’s extraordinary detecting ability when it comes to sensing danger and escaping, latter was the strong instinct of strongest Paladin who was personally trained by the Dragon God.

Of course, that sensing will never be wrong.

“Maybe the dark side from earlier has attacked us…”

“Wha, what!!”

Mizzet muttered this in a hushed voice, killing any hint of annoyance, and looked to Momiji for confirmation.    

However, the girl in question wasn’t familiar with this era.

The only thing she knows is that the owner of this presence probably belongs to that female Onmyouji, and now that they’ve made a personal reconciliation, they shouldn’t be so easily antagonized.

However, when she was confidently told that the female Onmyouji was the dark one who was after Saito’s personal information, she was carried away by the idea, “Maybe that is the case?”

Since this youkai basically lives by atmosphere and flow, so it is easily swayed by the opinions of otherworlders, especially those who are good to her.

“A, aaaaaah….”

Her mind was already split in two, with Momiji defending the female Onmyouji and Momiji defending Mizzet, saying that it was dangerous and she should run away.

No, from the way she was frightened, it seemed that defending Mizzet were slightly in the lead.

“Well, it can’t be helped. I’d really like to buy some time until Kenji gets here, but now it’s an emergency. I’ll stand in the front and defend this room, and you can hide in plain sight.”


And then she hides right away.

“Um, is Saito-sama there? This is Kuroko. I need to consult with you about Mini Kuroko-chan and the youkai….”

“Hmm, I know you’re the woman from earlier! Don’t think you can trick this Mizzet-sama! [Holy Shield invocation!]”


When she heard a familiar voice coming from the other side of the door, Mizzet was convinced of her theory and used her skills to make the first move.    

The Holy Shield Invocation, an advanced skill of the Paladin, appeared as a shield of light in front of the door of the room, blocking the intrusion of visitors as if it were nothing.

The dignity of the mysterious holy shield that appeared divinely in front of the door of the slightly old apartment was completely out of place, and it’s more appropriate to say it was sealed with glow rather than protected.

“This is Saito-sama’a power!…. Ah, as I thought! I think it’s impossible for Saito-sama to brought a woman to his house! So you’re his blood relative?”

“Hmm. You seem to know about this power too!  It’s no wonder you’re chasing after Kenji! But no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to break my holy shield with your magic! Now, until Kenji comes back, let’s battle it out, woman!”

As matter of fact, their voices reached each other, so they speculate on their own, and the mystery continues to unfold.    

As a side note, it was a complete nuisance to the neighbors because of loud yelling, but fortunately no one seemed to be dared to shout at them because of the black clothes bodyguards deployed around this rundown apartment.

Over the next few minutes, as the two of them speculated and argued, Mizzet gradually began to think, “Could this woman actually be an ally?”

On the one hand, there is the confused female Onmyouji who thinks that Mizzet is Saito’s blood relative, and on the other hand, there is the former barbaric girl who relaxes her guard as she hears about Saito’s emergency.  

It didn’t take long for the two to reconcile.

“If it was an emergency, why didn’t you say so from the beginning? You startled me.”

“I’m sorry to have barged in so suddenly too. So, I’d like to ask Saito-sama something in person, is he home now?”

“He’s not here right now, so why don’t you wait in the room?”

“Alright, I will accept your hospitality …. ”

After that, the two of them, who had become completely at ease with each other through the holy shield and the door, became friends and finally had a chance encounter with each other with many misunderstandings.

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