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While Saito was having his encounter with Harry, Kuroko Togami was in a hurry.

The recent incidents related to the Nine Tails are worrisome in many ways, but what is troubling her this time is something more personal.

Recently, she received a notification from Mini Kuroko, a doll made with a certain amount of pocket money that Kuroko can buy a small private house, that it was damaged or died.

The subtitute doll was designed to use Kuroko’s hair as a medium to send a message to herself in case of emergency.

It’s a secret that has been handed down in the family of Onmyouji for generations, and while it’s not something that can be easily created over and over again due to the problems of spiritual power and substitutes, the connection between the practitioner and the doll is quite deep.

Until she met Saito, she thought that he was not under any threat because she had not heard anything from him.

However, when she met him a few days ago, she found out that the doll had reported that it was out of action.

This meant that in the past few days, Saito had fought with someone who deserved a lethal blow.

This is unusual.

“This is not a good…….. We Onmyouji have our hands full with the matter of the Nine Tails, and we cannot afford to deal with a youkai that is on par with Saito-sama’s power. I must somehow contact Saito-sama again to confirm the details of this case.”

The shikigami informed her that Saito himself, who had consumed the mini Kuroko-chan, was still alive and well, which was a blessing in disguise.

This means that he has won the battle against the high threat youkai.

I don’t know if he completely defeated it, or if he sealed it up, or if he missed it, but at least he beat it to the point where it couldn’t pursue him, and suppressed its movements.    

Otherwise he can’t be safe.

Kuroko thought that way, so for the time being, she decided to call Saito’s home.

It was already late at night, so it was obvious that this was an annoying call from a common sense standpoint, but since the situation was what it was, she wanted to get confirmation as soon as possible.

If anything, she wanted to go to his house now to find out more about the youkai that had become a threat.    She called Saito’s room from her stationary phone at home and waited for a response.

The answer came back immediately.

“……….. Ah! Hello, is this Saito-sama’s home? I’m calling about an urgent matter. …… Saito-sama?”

However, there was no reply from the other end of the line, which should have received the call. And for some reason, there are [Momiji, I heard woman’s voice from this magic tool! What the mean is this?] and [I’m don’t know much about that {Electrical Equipment}! But if you use it without permission, Onigiri-man will be angry with you!] she heard something like that.

She wonder what this is all about.

One of them is definitely the voice of Momiji, One-Tail, or now Two-Tails that Saito himself is hiding.

The other woman, however, was unknown.

She sounds as if she doesn’t know anything about telephones, but that’s not possible.

The words she hear are in fluent Japanese, and she doesn’t think she is a woman from a developing country where even telephones are not widely used.

There is no doubt that there are Momiji at Saito’s home where they are connected.

…… Kuroko thinks it’s really a mystery.

It’s a mystery, but for the time being, the story doesn’t go on without Saito himself, so she’ll continue the conversation.

However, the words that came out became intimidating for some reason, and the attitude became unthinkable from the usual Kuroko.

“I don’t know who you are, but what the hell are you doing in Saito-sama’s house? Could it be that you are Saito-sama’s girlfriend or something? Is that why you messing with me? What’s wrong with a woman making the call?”

She couldn’t even understand why herself was speaking in such a high-handed manner.

Contrary to her intention to negotiate calmly, she responded to a quarrel that had nothing to do with the matter.

Kuroko blushes and writhe while holding a phone in the blunder that she has done, but the words that came back were surprising.

“Hey Momiji, who’s Saito?”

“It’s probably Onigiri-man.”

“Oh, I see. That’s Kenji’s name in this world, I understand.”


What is this world?    

What on earth are the woman and the Two-Tails talking about?  

Kuroko, who has been getting more and more frustrated by all the things that don’t make sense, is breaking out in a cold sweat and is finally confused by the incident with the Nine Tails, the report of Mini Kuroko-chan, and the incomprehensible way things are currently being handled.

Finally, she realizes that there might be something unforeseen going on.

So she decides to hang up the phone and make a suicide mission to her house.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m pretty sure Saito-sama is safe, according to the shikigami. If so, it is unlikely that she is hostile, but just in case, I have to directly confirm the identity of that woman ……Yes, I really don’t want any contingencies to happen. This visit is justified at the moment…”

Kuroko makes excuses like a curse, but she doesn’t understand why she’s so impatient.

I’m not sure why, but I have a vague feeling that if I let it go, I’ll lose to something, and I can’t stand it any longer.    

She called up her own black-clothes bodyguards, which could move around in the middle of the night, and told Genzo Togami the reason for her visit before driving out of the mansion.

Genzo didn’t stop her, as it was common for Togami family members to move around in the middle of the night to deal with youkai, but for some reason, he felt a little chilled when Kuroko left without saying a word with a chilling black smile on her face.

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