A Guide to Creating Another World – 126

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Return 2

It was still late at night when I went to talk to Mizzet about the situation, but she came back as soon as she could.

I thought Renein was confused by the explanation that she would leave the mansion for about a month, but apparently he saw that Mizzet had her own deep situation and sent her off without saying a word.

In fact, it’s not that she has a deep situation, it’s just that I’m letting her tag along for my own reasons, but I guess the less said about that the better.

Of course, Gray-kun was a little disappointed, but when she announced that she would train him hard when we came back, he changed his mind and became motivated.

This gives me a lot of hope for the future.

The boy’s motivation is tremendous.

In addition, Renein has told me that he has something to tell about the Paladin Festival as soon as we get back, so I guess he is probably going to address Mizzet about the selection of the brave party.

The current Earl, who is away at the moment, will probably be involved in that.

After all, the organizer of the Paladin Festival is the current Earl.

It is not surprising that they are now making adjustments related to the selection of the brave party in the royal capital and other places.

After receiving a full report, I stored Mizzet and Momiji in the dimensional storage and returned home.

My room is as small as ever, but I guess there’s no problem taking them out here.

I immediately took out Mizzet and Momiji from the app in the real world.

“…… What is this place? Oh, look, there’s Kenji as an uncle! It’s turn out you’re pretty cool in that form…… So, this is the other world! I’m getting excited about this.”

“Oh, this is my home. Well, I’m sure things will be different, so if you have any questions, let me know.”

Mizzet was surprised for a moment when she was summoned to Japan, but she quickly showed her original big-heartedness and accepted.

In fact, she immediately asked, “What’s this? It’s slippery,” she said, flicking the TV screen.

I’ll surprise her with the remote control.

“Woo…………!? Suddenly there’s a human being on the screen! So you’re one of the No-Name from the temple, huh? My eyes can’t be fooled!”

“No, it’s totally different. Hey, don’t pull out the sword, because there is no enemy attack here.”


She was surprised when the power supply suddenly was turned on, and almost drew her sword, but just before she did, she realized that it was a variant of the computer screen NoName from the Temple of the Creator – and that understanding was incorrect.

The only difference is that while the angel NoName looked like a cartoon character, the person on the TV screen is a real person, so she seems to be quite confused.

Rather, I had intended to surprise her, but I hadn’t expected her to behave so suspiciously.

I guess I’ll have to explain a few things first.

“Hmm. If you’re not familiar with this modern Japan, I can give you some knowledge myself.” (Momiji)

“Oh, thank you!”

Momiji says in proud way, but she still only knows how to turn on the TV and switch on the microwave.

However, I didn’t want to interrupt the friendly and fun communication, so I let her go.

If there’s something she can’t answer herself, I’m sure she’ll come to me for help.

In addition, it was around midnight in this world, so I decided to go buy some more food while boiling a bath.

I decided to go to a nearby convenience store to get some more dinner.

Time doesn’t move inside the dimensional storage, so no matter how much I buy, it won’t go bad.

I told Mizzet, who was desperately trying to learn how to use the TV and microwave, that I was going to get some groceries, and went out.

Hmmm. I’ve been away for a while now, but I’ve noticed a lot more signs of youkai in the area.

I can detect floating ghosts, evil spirits, and little youkai that are invisible to the general public more clearly than before.

I can find a lot more of them than before, perhaps because I have acquired the skill of magic perception, but even so, the number is extraordinary.

Most of them are just wandering around without doing anything bad, but sometimes there are some that are intentionally trying to possess and harm people.

As soon as I find them, I kill them instantly with a “light bullet” and “stealing magic”.

I’m not sure if it’s because my level has increased lately, but I’ve been able to adjust my light bullets much more precisely.

Even if I use a skill, it only looks like a flash of sparks.    There would be no fuss about this.

The light was smaller than a lighter’s flame.

As I was wandering along the road to the convenience store, taking some detours and sweeping for youkai in the back alleys, I saw a man running toward me from the front.

I wondered what was going on.

“Hey, you should run too! There’s a dangerous guy with a gun running around up ahead!”


“Are you listening to me? Anyway, I’m leaving now! Don’t resent me if you die!”

The man, an office worker who smelled a bit like alcohol, ran straight away, occasionally tangling his legs and falling down.

He was obviously drunk, and I wondered if he was hallucinating.

There are not many people in Japan who would suddenly go on a rampage with a gun in their hands.    However, if this were true, it would be a very serious matter.

I was 90% sure that the man was mistaken, but I decided to go on, thinking that a few bullets would not be a threat to me.

Well, there’s a clear difference in level from modern people, so even if I’m hit by a lead ball, I’ll probably only feel the pain of a BB bullet.

I won’t die because I have have recovery magic in the first place, and it’s nothing compared to wyvern fangs or Argus’ magic.

As usual, the power of the APP is a cheat.

And while I was still wary for a while, as I made my way through the trash-strewn back alleys of the city, I saw a suspicious looking man.

He was holding a pistol with religious ornaments in his hand, smoking a cigarette with smoke emitting from the muzzle.

Oh come on, seriously, he was really there.

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