A Guide to Creating Another World – 125

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That night, when I fell asleep in the room assigned to me, I was awakened from sleep by the knock on the door.

After eating dinner I went straight to this room and slept. The only two people in the room were me and Momiji, who was kicking me with her legs while killing time on my bunk.

Since someone had visited this room, it meant that Mizzet had finished talking to Renein and was coming my way.

“Please come in, the door is unlocked.”

“Excuse me.”

The person who came was indeed Mizzet.
She had changed into the pajamas the Count had lent her, and looked like she was ready for bed.

It’s possible that after talking with Renein, she had something to think about the history of Earl Galhart’s house, so she wanted to come to me to discuss it with me. This is something that I thought about, but never thought that she would want to sleep with me.

Honestly, this is a high-class nobleman’s mansion, so the bed is also quite large, there is enough space to sleep together, but the legendary ancestor Mizzet slipped out of her own room will cause a lot of problems, right?

Well, although this barbaric princess sneaking past people and taking liberties is not something that happens only today.

“And then, how did it go?”

“Well …… well, the political aspect is as stable as my brother Klein’s steady character in general. It is said that everyone can live so happily seems to be thanks to me, which is really good.”

Although Mizzet said so, her expression showed a hint of loneliness. But I could see that she felt proud and satisfied.

That was because her elder brother had excellently united the Earl’s family with pride.

“Oh, yes. The sage Argus who fought with us seems to have left a few messages in my family, and the rumors will be passed down from generation to generation to each of the eldest son, that’s why Gray is making noise every day to become a paladin.”

When I listened to the story in detail, I found out that the Earl’s family had a legend about how the Paladin Mizzet met the God of Mankind and how the God, who took the form of a boy, trained Mizzet in her childhood.

The plot here stimulated Gray-kun teenage sensibility, and he also aimed to become a paladin who would step into the divine world.

In short, it’s probably the kind of admiration that children often have

Incidentally, it is impossible for Argus to know what happened when she was a child, so most of the descriptions of this time period are referenced to the various memories of Gray-kun and Earl Garellia and the head of Galhart’s family back then.

But fortunately, the name of the God of Mankind was covered, and now I took the appearance of a different young man on the stage, so I won’t be recognized.

And, as for the important message from Argus, is that if the world is ever in danger again, Midget Galhart, the legendary holy knight who once stepped into the divine realm, will return to this land as a apostle of God.

Although Argus himself would not have thought that I would use the power of APP to jump to the era of the second chapter, but the discerning he estimated that m that I would show up once it reached the era of the divergence of civilization.

And Mizzet I took away will also appear with me at the point of divergence, that’s why his messages will be used when the crisis comes.

The conversation ended with this exchange of opinions and speculations.

The matter here is over. Next, I have to tell her about my plans here. Of course, I want to go back to Japan.

I haven’t told her about my side so far, but I’m a little worried about her reaction, but judging from her calm reaction when she saw the temple of the creator god, I don’t think there will be any problem.

“—To sum up, I’m going back to Japan, which means I want to go back to a different world relative to this world. What do you think? If you want to train Gray-kun here, I will leave you for a while, you can train him well during the time I am away.”

After briefly conveying my idea to her, Mizzwt, who had silently listened to me, suddenly puffed up her cheeks and turned red and flushed.
Hmm? What’s wrong?

“Hey, hey, hey! Kenji, you’ve got a lot of nerve, trying to leave me behind? I don’t care about the other world or anything, I’ll go wherever you go anyway! Why should Momiji be able to go with you and I can’t! Things such training Gray can be wait until we come back, so I’ll follow you too!”

She seems to be very angry about it.

Well~ Yes, it does make sense when you think about it.

It’s not too late to do the training of Gray-kun after going to Japan to confirm the situation of the Momiji sisters. This I really did not think enough, forgive me

I thought of this, I immediately began to explain to her that the speed of time flow is different between there and here, there can not wield a sword and other such weapons openly, she nodded without hesitation that she understands and quickly ran out of the room.
It looks like she’s going to Renein to tell him there’s been a change in plans.

As expected of Mizzet, she was quick to respond.

But to be honest, I am also a little worried that just relying on my own to confirm situation may be a little lack of combat power, it is a good thing to have an extra strong front guard. However, what I worry about is whether Mizzet can get used to Japanese civilization

The difference in common sense between the two worlds is huge, and I don’t think she’ll be able to use her muscles to solve problems when she gets into trouble.

Never mind, I’ll just have to trust her on this point.

“Munya …… no need to be so hurry, onigiri do not grow legs to escape ……zzzzz.”

After Mizzet left this room in a hurry, it is not known whether Momiji is awake or asleep, with eyes closed blurred like that.

No, this kid definitely awake, right!


But she does seem to be sleeping?

That’s too much of a coincidence!

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