A Guide to Creating Another World – 121

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Paladin Festival 4

Later that evening, we arrived at the former Earl of Renein’s residence in a carriage led by a man arranged by the Earl.

In order to remain anonymous, I had replaced my old guild card with the latest magic-approved guild card. The guild card should have been replaced a long time ago.

However, I was grateful to the Earl’s family for covering the cost of replacing it.
And in this place, mine aside, the name of Mizzet is a household name that is very prominent.

On reflection, I shouldn’t show my ID to anyone.

At the end of the analysis it became clear that, in that case, it was time to renew my guild card when I was on the mainland over there.

At first, I thought that since the people who saw my name didn’t think I was a Creator God (no, a God of Mankind to be exact), so the renew of the guild certificate is not important. But if it hadn’t been me, and it had been Mizzet, whose name was more widely circulated, it wouldn’t have been possible to make a generalization.

That was a mistake on my part, but fortunately I had the understanding of the former Earl to avoid having my identity exposed.

After that, he recounted a message from the Sage Argus, which had been passed down from generation to generation in the Earl’s family, and one of the instructions was that if future generations came across us, they must keep the matter secret and not tell anyone around them.

Thanks to that, we didn’t have to worry about our identity in the future. I didn’t expect to be pulled in again by that guy’s deployment yet again.

Argus probably thought that someone from the state or the church might get in the way and cause us a lot of trouble.

He’s the one who doesn’t lack consideration until the very end.

He also said he would help us sooner or later, so he probably has a lot of people in place around the world.

The servants were already lined up at the entrance to the mansion and greeted us with bent heads when they saw us arrived.

They did not regard us as suspicious. They probably received us so naturally because they had been told that they had guests coming to the house.
Even before I got out of the carriage, I could tell that the servants were well educated.

Just as I was about to get out of the carriage, the front door of the mansion burst open and a young boy emerged.

He is a cheerful boy who stands up with such an appearance, reminiscent of the former little girl Mizzet.

Probably ten years old?

With a wooden sword in his hand, he darted at the adventurers’ guild’s president, the former Earl Renein in one swift movement.

“Grandfather! I heard that you are inviting an adventurer’s guest to our house! Has representative of the Paladin Festival finally been decided!? Can you introduce me soon!”

“Gray, be at peace. It’s disrespectful to the ancestors.”

The energic boy ignored Renein’s advice and stared straight over – first at Momiji, then at Mizzet, and finally his gaze rested on me, the eldest.

It seems he mistook me for a representative of the apaladin Festival.

Well, judging by my appearance alone, I was the most likely one, and I was actually a paladin.

I glanced to my side, and it looked as if Mizzet felt the same way, with a bitter smile twitching at the corners of her mouth.

That’s what you call remembering your own dark history, isn’t it?

Incidentally, Gray-kun, who hadn’t listened to the conversation at all, didn’t react to the word “Ancestors” at all, and all he could think about was the Paladin Festival.

“Are you the representative of the Paladin Festival? Come and fight with me~”

“Wait a minute, Gray. The Paladin Festival hasn’t even started yet. Besides, it’s rude to treat a guest with that kind of attitude. Please be careful with your words and don’t act in a way that would tarnish the Earl’s reputation”


Gray suddenly made to dart over, but he was caught by Renaiin in the air in dangling state.

What a poor vivacious boy.

“Ah~ It’s like seeing the old me, my face is burning. That kid over there, it’s better to think carefully before you do something, or you’ll regret it later – just like me.”

“Huh? Who are you. I’m looking for a paladin on an important matter …… After all, I’m the one who will one day become the strongest knight, like the legendary Paladin Mizzet Galhart! So I don’t have the slightest interest in a soft, feeble little girl like you!”

Wow, no way, how dare you do that?

The courage to contradict that Mizzet is commendable. But with all this liveliness, it’s going to be a problem after this.

After all, she was a young girl who had always believed in hitting back when she was hit.

When Renein heard what the boy said, he aslo let out an “Haa~” and covered his forehead with his hand, and can only be said to be a pity.

I’m sure that after this, the boy would receive all sorts of guidance from the paladin he had set as his target.

“Oh so? No interest in soft, feeble little girls then. Good, I see. In that case, let the mighty and legendary Paladin Mizzet Galhart myself re-educate you. Just kowtow with gratitude.”

“…… huh?”

With those words, the original-rebellious girl lifted the boy by the back of his collar and dragged him out into the courtyard.

Presumably, hellish training (education) would begin to unfold at this moment.

Boy, you have to come back alive!

“…… ahem. Uh, in that case, what do you think?”

“Well …… but I can’t say anything about the actions of the ancestor-sama. Anyway we will show our guests you around our mansion first.”

“Well, that’s a good arrangement ……”

Momiji who was following behind seemed to be almost ready for dinner as well and kept going “Ne~, ne~ isn’t it ready yet?” The two of us are probably better off going ahead first.

Well, they’ll be back here when their enthusiasm subsides anyway.

It’s a rare opportunity, so let’s ask for details of the Paladin Festival over dinner.

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