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Paladin Festival 2

While getting acquainted with Galhart’s domain, which I hadn’t visited for a long time, I greeted and chatted with the stallholders on the street, and eventually arrived at the mansion.

It seemed that they had spent money on renovating the mansion over the past hundred years, so the building was much bigger than I remembered before.

“Ara, my house has gotten bigger. Did Klein onii-sama renovate it when he became head of the family?”

“I’m not sure about that, but the city doesn’t seem to be declined either.”

“That’s for sure. How could that prudent brother have acted recklessly and put the family in danger.”

I don’t know the exact financial situation, but judging by the festival and the money for renovations, the territory’s coffers are not bad.

Personally, I think it’s better this way. After all, if this place were to fall, I would feel very sorry for Mizzet.

Indeed, Galhart’s first-born son, Klein, is so steady and discreet that I don’t think there will be any incidents without much worry.

Then, after we had seen the inn, we decided to make another trip to the Adventurers’ Guild.

As we had stayed here before, we walked lightly through the familiar streets to the guild. The place was still as lively as before, with a tavern all together, and many adventurers had gathered here to chat since noon.

But although it was afternoon, it was actually almost evening now, so many adventurers had already returned from their commissions.

There was a queue after queue in front of a line of beautiful receptionist ladies.

Many of the adventurers in the queue were in the melee occupations, and it was really because of the influence of the Paladin Festival.

There was no doubt that these people were basically all here for the festival.

The absolute prerequisite for becoming a paladin is to hold a priest’s occupation or a basic occupation related to the melee occupation, which is why this is the current scene.

Then again, judging from the fact that there are few priests, even in this day and age someone who can use recovery magic is a valuable being.

I passed the time while watching the people around me during the queue, and finally it was my turn.

“Please have the next person. …… Oh? What a rarity, the guest is a child. Are you here to present a commission to the guild?”

I’m currently set to be 15 years old, so I wouldn’t be taken for a child straight away by this world’s standards, but since Momiji and Mizet beside me looked so young, it couldn’t be helped that they were misunderstood.

Mizzet is still 13 years old, equivalent to a first year high school student in Japan.

Granted, otherworldly people’s body looks leaned towards the European and American side of the real world, developing fast and well, so she wasn’t actually that small, but even so it was still obvious that she was a young.

“Uh …… we’re here at the guild to gather information about the Paladin Festival to decide whether or not we want to participate in it …… and then there’s something else I’d like to ask you, I wonder if you could call the Guild Master over. The current president is the former Earl of Galhart’s domain, right?”

“Ah …… you’re right …… but …… it’s not usually possible to arrange a meeting with the Guildmaster for uninvolved people without a prior appointment ……”

You’re right!
But now the most important information has been obtained: the former Earl of Galhart’s domain is the current adventurers’ guild president. The next step is to make them think it’s worthwhile to meet me or Miserat.

Whether it was a general unrelated person or a guild member, as long as the Earl’s family was raising strong people they couldn’t just ignore them.

“On that matter …… I and the people behind me have actually been offered the position of Paladin. But things are a bit complicated can’t be explained in simple terms, so there’s really no way to meet with the former Earl if you want to?”

“Look at this.”

Mizzet showed the receptionist the identity card of a member of the Paladin Order of this country and asked her to confirm it.

The name recorded on the ID card was Mizzet Galhart, and the reception lady shouldn’t have failed to notice the significance that this name held.

When I entered the city at the gates, the guards were not as strict as they should have been, and they thought I was a nobleman with a surname, so when I showed my identity card, I was released along with the two people I was travelling with – in other words, Mizzet had never shown her own identity card.

However, the lady at the reception had worked with the former Earl and could not have been unaware of the name of the legendary ancestor who was the source of the festival.

To go further, in this country, a paladin’s card is the one that has the power to be able to force an audience.

Moreover, even if it was a false card, the lady at the reception could not rely on her personal judgement in this matter.

So in the end she had to go and call her superior.

The receptionist who saw the paladin’s card turned blue and returned to the depths of the counter, running towards the guild master’s room on the first floor.

Although I had already known about it, I was still shocked by the power the paladin profession held in this country.

Judging from the calm look on Mizzet’s face, she should have been through this scene several times before.

The adventurers lined up behind us whispered, “What’s wrong? What’s happening?” , from the first floor also came the shout of the reception lady, “Master, something happened, something big, it’s an emergency!” .

The power of that occupation is truly terrifying.

“Is this the power – legend of the Maiden Knight?”

“What are you shocked about, Kenji. You’re more of a legend than me, aren’t you?”

“That’s true.”

Then again, my name came up in the legends too.

But I don’t intend the name the God of Mankind in the myths told by the nun appear here, though.

If the name Kenji Galhart had gotten to the Earl’s family then there was no way around it, but that all depended on how much Argus had told the Earl about me.

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