A Guide to Creating Another World – 117

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Go to Galhart Territory 3

The next day, after walking out of the temple of the God of Creation, we once again sat on Momiji’s back and set off for Galhart’s domain.

As with her previous evolutions, her physical abilities are increased by leaps and bounds with just one evolution, and she is now running down the road at a speed far greater than before.

Whereas Two-Tails’ maximum instantaneous speed was roughly equivalent to that of a car on a highway, it had now become a speed that could maintain its maximum instantaneous speed at all times.

As Momiji had said, the Mounted Beast mode was a specialised physical ability, and although it was a qualitative improvement on the physical abilities of the human form, it was not flexible enough to use magical techniques. However, it was still very powerful.

As expected of a youkai, I can’t help but be impressed.

However, as the number of tails increases, it seems that she will be able to use quite advanced magical techniques even in Mounted Beast mode. That’s something to keep in mind in case you ever get into a fight with the Nine Tails.

It must be because after reaching the realm of the Sub-God, both physical ability and magical power have surpassed common sense.

To be honest, I really don’t want to fight a fierce youkai like this, but considering how I dismissed the demon fox called Futaba with my own hands, this will definitely turn into a hostile relationship, right?

That girl was clearly hostile towards us, and the gap between youkai and humans seemed to be very deep.

For the next 2 days, we rode on Momiji’s back across the land at super speed and finally arrived at the Galhart domain, which we had visited before.
The place hadn’t changed much from a century ago, it was almost exactly the same.

The only thing was that there was a queue in front of the gate, which had not been there before, because even the number of people other than humans had increased.

From a distance, I could see that the queue would take quite some time.

However, I was pleased that Galhart was still so busy.
Mizzet, who was standing beside me, naturally smiled too.

“Here we are!!” (Momiji)

“Oh thank you. That’s a big help.”

“I would like to thank you too. I never thought I could return to my hometown so quickly. Thank you Momiji.”

“It’s nothing, never mind.”

After the two had saluted each other, Momiji began to clean the fur from her tail with her tongue.

I’ve discovered through the past few days that for this kid, her tail after turning into a three-tailed one is a fashionable place for herself.
I was also recently forced to help groom her fur.

How can I put it, it’s like the feeling that her clothes can be untidy but her tail fur can’t be messed up. It’s as if she’ll say “I can’t get married” if it gets a little messy.

I don’t know what the difference is between the current tail and the first and second tails, but it does seem different.

But that’s a mystery I can’t figure out.

Is it because the aesthetics have changed because she has evolved? Or is it that with evolution, the mental aspect has also changed?

In general, it’s like a transition from a young girl’s mind to a girl’s mind.

Well, although the appearance is still that of a loli-like youkai.

“Okay, is it like this?”

“Smooth it out a bit more here.”

“Oh, here?”

“And then this side, the tail hairs are straight and a bit tangled.”


I honestly didn’t understand what the difference was as I cautiously combed the tail hair while listening to her opinion.

I was just running my hands through the tail hair as she said, and she squinted as if she was satisfied, so I guess I was in the right place.

There were a lot of places to comb, but personally, I didn’t feel tired of experiencing the fluffy feeling.
You could even say that it was a little refreshing.
Although I’m still a bachelor I don’t really understand it, but I guess that’s the state of mind of an old father with a daughter at home.

We then groomed her and when she felt ready she returned to human form with a “boom”.

Mizzet’s curiosity was piqued from the midway point and she joined in the tail grooming session, and Momiji herself seemed feel to be helped.

All three tails were now neatly groomed and she shook them contentedly.

“Then again, it’s an interesting discovery that a Celestial Beastman can take on a beast form.”

“Er …… this kid is special, there are many reasons for it. Maybe not all the beastmen could do it.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Maybe there would be a portion of Celestial Beastmen that resembled the Beast Mode, but from the explanation of [Life Evolution] on the app, there didn’t seem to be any such indication.

There was no need to hide the fact that Momiji was a yokai, but the thought of explaining the concept of a youkai was so troublesome, so I nodded vaguely for the time being

Even if I leave it alone, she’ll find out someday that something’s wrong with her, right …… I guess?

Just as the three of us were waiting in the queue to enter the city, from behind us came the sound of someone who appeared to be an adventurer striking up a conversation.

“Hey, you guys.”

“What can I do for you?”

From the looks of it, the short-haired guy who spoke to us seemed to be a warrior, and must have been around 20 years old.

He didn’t have a partner or anything with him either, so he must be a solo adventurer.

I know what it’s like to want to talk to someone while waiting in line because you have nothing to do.

“Oh! Looking at your outfits, I guess you’re also here to challenge the paladin festival conducted by the lord of this city, right? Your outfits look like those of adventurers, so I could tell right away. In case you are up against me, please give me more guidance. I’m Roy, and you?”

“My name is Kenji, please take care of me.”

Okay, so what was the Paladin Festival again?
The guy seemed to know quite a lot about it, but unfortunately we had just moved to this era so we didn’t know anything about it.

Anyway, I replied to him first. I wanted to find out more about it because it sounded interesting.
As it turned out, Misset beat me to it and asked.

“Hmm? What’s the Paladin Festival?”

“What, you guys don’t know? I thought that when you talk about the Paladin Festival, it would naturally be associated with this Galhart domain, no, this country’s famous product …… After all, that’s like a festival to choose the candidates for the brave team. And there’s a huge bounty.”

The lone adventurer gave a puzzled expression and put his hand against his chin.

As if looking at us as if we were travelling from some remote country, he took a breath and then told us the details.

This guy was really friendly, in every sense of the word.

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