A Guide to Creating Another World – 116

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To Galhart Territory 2

I took Momiji and Mizzet into the replay mode room and did combat training to confirm their strength.
After that, I introduced her to the interior of the shrine, and Mizzet, while surprised by all the new things, basically didn’t dwell on them too much – seeing the Angel NONAME on the computer screen was just a “So that’s a magic item” and accepted it. I’m afraid that in her mind, the concept of phenomena and things doesn’t matter, it’s enough to know whether they are good for you or not.

Of all the things presented she was only interested in the replay mode.

She only glanced at the time machine that could go to the future and the creation mode, which she could not use, and showed a different interest in the facility that allowed her to fight a powerful enemy.

Incidentally, the facility was originally intended for training purposes, but it seemed to Mizzet that its ability to fight powerful opponents was what it was all about.

How can I describe it, it’s like she’s constantly on the hunt for an opponent stronger than herself.

I don’t get her.

“Puhaa! What’s with the swordplay? I didn’t realize that the Sword Saint and Sage Argus, who once fought together, were this strong.”

As of now, Mizzet’s record against Sword Saint and Sage Argus was 0 wins and 2 losses.

As expected, no matter how hard she tried to hone herself as a composite occupation, she couldn’t beat them in a head-to-head battle who were constantly drilling their high-rangking occupation.

Well, that’s justifiable.

There’s not only an age gap, but also an insurmountable gap in professional traits.
If I were to fight them in my current state, I would need a companion and a tool to deal with them.

Next up was Momiji, who was making strange noises and lying flat on my knee.

Even as a three-tailed fighter, she would never have been able to keep up with a high-ranking occupation, but Mizzet tricked her into training with some fancy words: “It’s all about experience, and onigiri taste more good when you’ve worked hard,” and that’s what happened to her.

Poor thing.

She’s so trusting, and so kind, I should say. Maybe she needs to be told so she doesn’t go out and get tricked by bad people.

When she was in Japan, she had been wary of people around her, but it seemed that she had let her guard down because this was a different world.

“Hey, it’s time to rest~”

I took out my dinner from my sub-dimensional storage and handed it to the two who were exhausted from training.

Then, Mizzet seemed to be still in good spirits as she sveltely enjoyed her dinner, while Momiji was still curing her mental fatigue with an onigiri in her mouth despite having gold stars in her eyes.

Mizzet aside, it was time for Momiji to get some sleep.

Even with the onigiri in front of her, it looked like Momiji was completely down.

“It’s unseemly. You can’t be a first-class warrior like that.”

“No, Momiji doesn’t want to be a first-class warrior at all.”

“Oh? Really?”

Mizzet acted as if she had just realized this, but then again I hadn’t explained to her why this youkai was following me.

Wait, maybe I’m to blame for this whole chain of events.


Well, let’s find a chance to explain it to her afterwards.

“Onogiri, onigiri are so delicious …… this refreshing smell!”

“Right! Especially the post-workout meal is especially delicious”


“So come and practice later too!”

“Uh …… eh?”

Hey hey hey, stop it!

This kid is a different creature from someone like you who has unlimited stamina to come.

You’re not just constantly chasing an opponent stronger than you, you’re practically risk your life to an opponent stronger than you.

It seems that Momiji also subconsciously rejected Mizzet’s statement, unable to understand the meaning of that statement.

Allow me to say it again – poor thing.

It was true that a little more exercise for future trips could only be beneficial, but there was no need to overdo it.

Unless she herself is eager to fight.

But how are you going to convince Mizzet, Momiji ……

“I feel like it’s almost time for me to be lazy and play idle.”

“Is that so?”


“Then there’s nothing to be done about it, okay.”

“Well, there is indeed nothing to be done.”

Hey! You’ve convinced her!

I was obviously ready to stand up for Momiji and help her, so how come Mizzet accepted this so easily.

But it’s good to be like this.

It is not that she invites her to practice because she wants to annoy her, but rather the opposite: she’s trying to motivate her for her own good.

If she felt that it was time for her to rest, then let her be, as it was her own freedom to train or not.

She can go back when she feels like it.

After that, we took a short rest, and then Mizzet and I started another mock battle with the Sage Argus. After our practice, we used the new showers that had been added to the temple after achieve an achievement, and finally went to bed in the sleeping quarters.

How can I put it, when I take a shower, I rather concerned with where the water from the shower actually came from and where it was going. But the space was strange enough as it was, so this sort of thing has become so strange that I didn’t think much of it in the end.

Off topic, we beat the Sword Saint and the Sage for now.

Although 2 against 1 was the biggest reason, it did seem like a lot of progress compared to before.
Sure enough getting two composite occupations got a lot stronger and became able to bridge the gap between us.

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