A Guide to Creating Another World – 115

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To Galhart Territory 1

The airship made several stops and eventually we managed to get to the border of the country where Galhart territory is located.

As expected, the air route was much faster than the sea route, it’s amazing that such long distance was covered in 3 days.

As we approached our destination, Mizzet, who had always shown no concern of her, showed a sense of anxiety and prayed that we would reach Galhart soon.

To sum up, the airship had landed. The next step was to leave from this side of the border, which would have been on horseback or on foot, but we had a companion, Momiji, who could change into riding mode.

And this Momiji, surprisingly, evolved into a Three-Tails while sightseeing and playing high above the airship.

It was a nice miscalculation.

I had just woken up early that morning when Momiji came up to me and said “I have an extra tail!” . When I heard the enigmatic report, I thought about what this kid was talking nonsense, but then I saw that there was really an extra tail, I was really speechless.

It must have been the happy experience gained by looking at the world from above that triggered the conditions needed for evolution.

By the way, the data obtained from the appraisal was as follows:

[Three-tailed Youkai Fox, Momiji]

Adept at stealth illusions.

Can use the foxfire ability of the two tails, and after evolving into the three tails she can use the giantization of the three tails.

Quick to escape and can also transform into a mounted beast.

Although she is still growing up, her potential is comparable to that of the gods.

Sleep well, eat well and play well, and sooner or later the path to the Great Youkai of the Nine Tails will open up.

Did you guys get the picture?

Yes, that Momiji can actually become huge.

By the way, when in beast form, the size is determined by its youkai power, so it can’t get infinitely bigger. But she can transform into a size that can easily carry both me and Mizzet. I did ask her about it, and she said it would not be a problem at all.

In short, from now on, we can travel around the world on the back of Momiji, who has become a mount beast.

I don’t know exactly why she evolved into a three-tailed fox at this time, but I think it’s because of the effects of air travel, or the training in the demon king’s duel or the temple of the god of creation, or something similar to these experiences, which stimulated her to evolve, as I have just speculated.

And isn’t it written on the appraisal: sleep well, eat well, play well.

But there is no doubt that, in addition to all of those items that were implemented, the creation pattern-made cloaks and weapons she had equipped also had the effect of increasing her experience value.

After all, those equipment had 『Protection of Creator God』.

The effect was so simple that I usually forgot about it, but when I think about it, it did have an effect on the growth rate of evolution.

It was lucky to have made it in the first place.

After disembarking, we submitted our ID cards at the border – Momiji and I had guild cards, while Mizzet had the ID card he used when he was once affiliated with the Paladin Order.

I was surprised that she could use her Paladin Order ID card, but what impressed me more was the exaggerated look of trepidation on the faces of the soldiers in charge of policing the national border.
It seems that even in these technologically advanced times, the profession of Paladin is a super elite position and very popular.

But the one thing I was more worried about was whether the use of ID cards by members of the Paladin Order a hundred years ago in this day and age would cause many subsequent problems.

After all, I’m not quite sure of the details of this world a century later.

Maybe it will lead to something troublesome, maybe not.

However, judging from the fact that the figure of Mizzet Galhart is said to be an apostle of the legendary god on the next continent, there is a feeling that it could lead to some trouble.

When I heard the nun talk about the story, she only used the legendary apostle, not her real name, so I don’t think it would be assumed that Mizzet was the legendary apostle. Besides, it’s not like the people upstairs are going to check the names of everyone who crosses the border, is it?

So there’s a good chance there won’t be any surprises, but sooner or later we’ll have to update Mizzet’s ID by some means.

Well, even if the names are found out, we haven’t done anything wrong, have we?

Either way, there’s no chance of us getting arrested.

People would just think it was the same name.

Next, with Mizzet leading the way, we rode Momiji straight to the Galhart Territory.

After evolving into the Three Tails, her movement speed had increased by a level, and she was able to match my speed, which has an overwhelming difference in level.

And with two people on her back, her original speed was probably even faster.

Although paladin and akuma are professions with low speed growth rates, I didn’t expect her to have grown so much after only one evolution.

I was starting to be glad that the youkai fox I had met at the family restaurant was a two-tailed one.

“Momiji, how’s it going? Can you still run?”

“Mmm~ Easy as pie.”

“Well, that’s good.”

Even though she’s fast and can turn into riding mode, it’s her first time running with 2 people, so I tentatively made sure that Momiji wasn’t pushing herself.

If she felt tired, then it wasn’t impossible for us to spend some time hiking to our destination.

Next we crossed the mountains.

Then on the first night of this long overdue trip for three.

I held off Mizzet who was about to make her bed with the intention of taking her to the temple of the God of Creation.

That might be a bit of a nonsense way of putting it, but I needn’t worry about sleeping out in the open as long as I still have that ability.

I could open the door to the temple anywhere anyway, and there was no limit to the number of times I could do it.

“This is the first time I’ve shown it to Mizzet, isn’t? It’s one of my abilities. Details will be given when we get inside. Well, in short it’s my shrine …… Well, just think of that as my base.”

“Oh? That’s one of the abilities Kenji originally possessed? Well, anything about you, Mizzet-sama will take it all in, come on, pour it all out to me.”

Somehow, she stood in front of the door in a battle stance.

No, this is not a dangerous house. You don’t need to take out the holy sword.

It’s true that there is a replay mode, but other than that it’s pretty safe.

Although I spit like this in my heart, I can also understand her tension with the unknown space. So I decided not to alarm her. After all, Momiji also mistakenly thought it was an enemy attack or something, and made a lot of noise.

I guess it’s true that people get nervous when they encounter the unknown.

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