A Guide to Creating Another World – 113

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Deus Ex Machina

This is near the Dragon Veil Mountains, the place of strife between the primodial dragons of the demon god and the dragon god’s after their rebellion against him.

In the dim depths of the sea, a certain distortion was thinking.

The Distortion is a foreign substance in the world, a chaos naturally generated by the magic power overflowing from the corpses of the Dragon Race and the Demon Kings, which were born as a result of a former conflict.

But although it may be a foreign body of the world, it is in fact a fragile body of thought, initially without a physical body, which gradually develops a sense of self as time passes.

It can only think, and it is only therefore born.

And so, it keeps thinking in eternal time

Who am I?

Why have I been born?

What am I supposed to do?

But none of it can get an answer to one of these questions.

But it is not fruitless.

In the infinite contemplation of the unsatisfied, the thinking body gains an intelligence that others can hardly catch up with and evolves.

It is precisely because there is no physical body as a shackle that the mental body can have this extremely rapid rate of growth.

If one compares it to a modern supercomputer, then the mental body’s computational processing speed is faster than all the devices in the world.

No, to be precise, it is no longer the same dimension.
It has reached the ultimate in intelligence and thinking power.

But even so, it hadn’t stopped.

This distortion things is still accelerating its growth, evolving to a higher level.

This distortion was still growing at an accelerated rate, evolving to a higher level.

After its intelligence surpassed a certain threshold, the Thinking Body gained the power to become the answer to one of these questions–

“Life Creation”.

The thinking body successfully realized that there was a weak miracle in its body, and then it obtained the technique to interfere with the lives of others by using that miracle improperly.

However, it knew very well that the miracle power could not be fully controlled by its own intelligence, and that it could not fully understand and grasp this miracle power even if it evolved and grew in the future.

Therefore, the Distortion thinks…

If I cannot manipulate this power properly to achieve my purpose, then why not just try it a few more times until I can get the result I want?

And so, it concluded.

The thing that the thinking body wants is flesh.
And one that was as strong as its own intellect, one that was beyond the reach of others.

But it did not know why it sought something like that.

It is as if it were asking itself, “Who am I?” “What was I born for?” Questions that have no answer, but only the instinct to perceive in a vague way to “want to be”.

Immediately putting it into practice, as expected, the improper use of power continued to fail.

At times, ugly monsters were created whose flesh collapsed, and at other times, the use of that power led to ominous events.

In an infinite process of random experimentation, consuming an eternity of enormous amounts of time, progress grows slowly.

Once a finished part has been successfully created, it is saved and put back to work on other parts.
Repeating the same thing countless times, it was as if the cells were being made one by one, the delicate work progressing.

Then, after countless hours, it, at last, reached hope.

The thinking body made flesh, and the self that had been only consciousness received flesh!

And it was not just a physical mortal body, but a physical body that was as capable of growth as the ego’s thoughts, with infinite potential and capable of constant strengthening in the future.

It will be vulnerable at first.

But the excellent thing about this flesh is that it can strengthen itself by leaps and bounds by devouring and absorbing other flesh.

From the point of view of long-term development, this could be the strongest flesh possible.

This is exactly what the Distortion, born into this world, seeks.

It just that …… that Distortion began to think.

Something didn’t feel right.

I gained this body and became the strongest, but in the end, what am I trying to do.

Trying to bring about the end of the world?

Or was there some other purpose?

There was only this one thing that it could not understand.

Thus, the Distortion arrives at this ultimate purpose.

That is – to find the meaning of the creation of this body, no, to find the meaning of its own existence, to be precise.

Or perhaps the answer came from the mouth of someone.

It thinks that can be the purpose after this.

There is already a clue to the person who can give the answer to its own question.

It was the miracle power that even he could not master.

All one had to do was to meet the one who could fully control it.

For the one who has the answer must be a being far beyond its own imagination, far beyond its own height.

But if there is no one in the world who can give me the answer, then I will probably follow my instincts and drive my strongest body to end the world!

Having thought of this, the Distortion thing decided to give itself a name.

For it realises what kind of being it is in comparison to a being who can freely use the power of miracles.

Compared to what someone who can manipulate miracles at will can do, what it does is merely mechanical and experimental.

That’s what its body is like a doll formed by chance.

Thus, the Distortion gave itself this name…

──── My name is Deus ex machina..

──── The name of the one who finds the answer to the beginning and end of itself.

This is the final story of the broken doll in a world line where there is no creation god player. At the same time, it is also the last thing to be saved in a world line where the creation god player exists.

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