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Go to another world in a hundred years 4

The one thing I couldn’t afford to delay after going to the Adventurers Guild and learning that my ID card was still valid was going back to hometown of Mizzet.

It had been a hundred years since then, and even if I said I was going back, it was really just a matter of visiting. But while that was one thing for me, it was another for her, who had been separated from her family.

Normally, you should be worried about what happens after that.

In summary, I should not delay thinking about the way back to Garhart’s territory. After hearing some information at the bar inside the adventurers Guild, we decided on a travel route without saying a word.

First of all, there were already airships going in and out of the royal capital recently, so it was faster and safer to travel by airship than by boat, both in terms of speed of movement and safety.

A journey across the continent that would have taken two weeks a hundred years ago can now be made by airship in about three days.

The cost is more expensive than by boat, but apart from that there are no other drawbacks, and transport in this era is really convenient.

There are also several stops, and it is said that there are flights to the border line near Garhart’s territory.

Of course, there is also the disadvantage of being able to travel only between the major cities of the continent, in this case, the initial advantages of traveling by boat will be lost.

Despite the importance of travelling by boat to see the world at a leisurely pace, we had to give up travelling by boat nowadays when we needed to get to the territory of Galhart as quickly as possible.
Although the technology is not as advanced as in modern Japan, it has become much more convenient.

“It’s amazing how far technology has come in the future.”

“Yeah, I can’t help but be amazed at how fast it’s developing. Maybe in another era there will be planes that can fly at high speeds.”

Magic is not the same thing as science, so the technology of the airships used in Japan and the other world should be different, so there is no guarantee that the technology will break through at the same time.

But as long as I can evade the ‘Creation Breakdown’ again, I might be able to welcome that kind of transportation in a better future.
But this is all just speculation on my part.

“Nah, what’s this ‘plane’ you’re talking about? Is that more powerful than an airship?”

“The so-called plane is …… is ……”

Mizzet asked me back out of curiosity after hearing what I said, but to be honest I didn’t really know much about planes.

I could explain the principle on a general common sense level, but the problem was that I didn’t know if it was the same as the planes developed in this world, so I couldn’t answer easily.

How could I explain it?

As I was struggling to answer, Momiji raised her hand with a jump.

“I know about that thing called “plane”. It was on the TV at Onigiri-man house. I think it’s a vehicle that mimics the shape of an oversized bird.”

“Oh? The shape of a bird? That really can spread its wings and fly high, right?”

How can you accept such a simple explanation?
Give me back my troubles!

Incidentally, planes don’t usually fly on wings.
But if I said that out loud, it would be an endless loop of “what kind of transport is that?” So I chose to acquiesce to what Momiji said.

The civilisation of this world could develop in one form or the other, so there was no need to go that far.

Development, growth should be earned by the people who live in this world through their own hands constantly experimenting, failing and succeeding.
Well, maybe that’s how it should be?

After that, while watching the image of conversation between the two of them, I began to go through the procedures for boarding the airship.

It’s true that a three-person ticket for latest equipment is quite expensive. But luckily, I could still afford it with the money I had earned in the towns near the country’s borders.

I almost didn’t have enough, but I managed to get it in the end.

Now that my wallet is empty, it seems necessary to put the preparation of money on the agenda.

But I can’t use the spirits to collect the gold and silver.
I think that if I ask them, the spirits will collect the gold and silver without mercy, and the world’s resources will then be at risk.

It is better to choose among the many legitimate means of earning money that do not destroy nature.

But if there is a personal emergency on my part, that’s a different story.

Immediately afterwards we entered the interior of the ship, which was indeed an otherworldly ship, very different from the modern Japanese airframe construction. I immediately understood that the buoyancy here was filled with wind magic stones, a device capable of producing a lighter-than-air gas processed by craftsmen.

But it wasn’t right to say that I understood, because if I had to say it, it was just my guess.

But I think I hit the bull’s eye with this guess.
I knew the basic structure of the ship before I used the word “understood”. But it’s easy to imagine “well, that’s what creates the buoyancy” when you see the green glowing rocks that they keep pouring into what looks like a power furnace.

Or rather, that’s all you can think.

By the way, this vehicle has an overwhelmingly small number of flights, it uses a lot of the latest technology, so it seems that a certain adventurer rank is necessary for non-noble civilians to use it.

However, as I had a B Rank, the Guild Card for high ranking adventurers, I was able to get a ticket this time. But if I couldn’t use the card and had to re-register, I guess I would have to enjoy the boat trip as before.

That’s when I remembered the saying, “More cards are better than less.”

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