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Go to another world in a hundred years 2

The future 100 years after the decisive battle with the Demon King.

This is the world at the moment, with the development of technology around the world, the equipment of adventurers and the clothes of civilians have changed.

In the old days, adventurers used to use leather armor and equipment made of monster materials, which were not particularly impressive, but now, even of one piece of armor is made of magic equipment.

You can find geometric patterns on the armor, and sometimes it even glows.

This is probably because of the magic or sorcery effects they have on them.

Of course, there are also changes in the weapons.

I don’t know who developed them, but I’ve seen adventurers wearing equipment that looks like pistols.

You can see the glow of the magic circle on the pistol, so I think the ball is not lead, but something else, but I don’t know how it evolved so far in a hundred years.

It’s the fastest the world has ever grown, and as a creation god player I’m amazed.

Maybe if we avoid the ‘Creation Breakdown’ as the app’s message said, the era will accelerate at once.

To be precise, that was the only thing I could think of.

Then, if I avoid the ‘Creation Breakdown’ in this era too, it’s likely to cause a technological breakthrough as well.

Now I’m a little excited.

As I wandered around the statue of me as a boy and appraising people on the street, I suddenly saw a nun-like figure standing in front of the statue and giving a speech.

I listened to her, and she seemed to be telling the people who had gathered here about the beginnings of myths and legends, and how they came to be.

It’s a kind of annual event, I guess, because it’s such a holy place and there are probably tourists there.

The sister is talking very seriously, but the listener is not so serious.

It looks like they are half-believers.

I don’t know anything about the religions of this world, but I do know that the day of the battle has somehow become a legend, and that my adventures have u

“A hundred years ago, the invasion of the Demon King brought great calamity to our country. The Demon King deceived the people and incited the human race against the other races, trying to bring the world into chaos. Harmony was severely disrupted, and suppression on sub-humans took place across the continent, which triggered a major war. “

Then Sister’s story continues.

“And for the next ten years, the conflict between humans and sub-humans continued, and the future of the continent looked hopeless. Up to this point it was just as the Demon King had planned. But just when the harmony between all the people of this continent is about to collapse, a miracle happens: ────”

Hmmm, from that point on, it’s a development that I know.

As the Creator God, I visited this great country with Sage Argus and the others and solved the problem with the help of Mizzet and Momiji.

Well, for them, even if it was 100 years ago, it was just yesterday from my point of view, so it’s a bit amusing to see it being handed down like this.

Mizzet is listening to her scene with a little grin on her face, as if she is not too disappointed.

After all, in that narrative, she is “an apostle of God who appeared from the sky to protect the world”.

It’s a cool role.

In the part where I defeat the demon king, my special move, the basic skill of occupation [Akuma], “Death Sentence Countdown”, is represented as God’s lightning.

And when Sister finishes the legendary story, she returns to the church with her followers.

Considering that the church was built in this place that became the former royal castle and that the contents of the trip were expressed in quite detail, the sage Argus and this country probably supervised the whole story. The king may be involved.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible to use the expression “a God of Mankind in the shape of a boy who visits Argus, the Sage who travels with the elf and dwarf”, which appears in the early part of the story.

“It’s kind of an embarrassing story to be told like this again.”

There were a few scenes that were beautified, which is probably something that has gradually changed over the centuries.

The surrealist Argus would never have twisted the facts to make himself look good.

He’s the type who seems to hate that kind of distortion of information the most.

“Hmmm, I enjoyed it! I’ve learned a lot about what you’ve been doing since you left me when I was child.”

“I’m glad that people in this world know that I’ve been travelling with you too, Onigiri man.”

Mizzet is confident and proud, and Momiji is a little embarrassed, twitching her fox ears.

I’m glad you two enjoyed it.

“So, I’ve always been curious about who this celestial fox is…. Your wife?”


Why is that so?

It’s too abrupt.

What’s the matter with you all of a sudden?

I mean, this youkai fox, which is closer to a little girl than a girl, there’s no way to be my wife.

But if you considering age than appearance….

“No, no, she’s not my wife.”

“Hmm. So suspicious…”

“You aren’t believe in me?”

“Don’t worry about me. I don’t care if you have a wife, I’m not going to regret following you here. I’ll never regret it.”

And really, for me, Momiji is like an abandoned dog, correction, an abandoned fox that I picked up because she was weak.

Our relationship is not like that.

Now, how can I explain it?

And now Momiji joined in the conversation.

“How could I’m not a wife of Onigiri man?”

“So it’s true?”

“Well well well …… doesn’t seem right but it doesn’t seem wrong either. But since I can get the onigiri, I want to be with him forever.”

“That’s really ambiguous.”

No, no, no, this kid has made it clear, right?

This kid’s love is based on her appetite! It seems that the three of us need to have a meeting.

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