A Guide to Creating Another World – 109

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Go to another world in a hundred years 1

–The next day.

Despite the accident with Futaba at the family restaurant, that day passed without incident.

Luckily, no one came near after the explosion so we and was not held accountable. But, to put it mildly, if anyone had seen it, it would have been a big problem.

The incident was reported on local news programmes, but was eventually put to rest in the form of a mysterious explosion and terrorist attack or something.

They’re still looking for the culprit, but I don’t think they’ll be able to find him for the rest of their lives.

Since the fox fire was triggered by demonic power, it can’t be captured by security cameras or anything like that, so there’s no way to find out what happened.

Of course, afterwards, in order to calm down the sullen Momiji who had lost her burger patty, we went to another family restaurant to enjoy another meal.

There are no words to describe her joy at that time. But as she said, “Sure enough, it’s not as good as the onigiri you gave me,” she seems to have lost her heart to the onigiri.

So, today I watched Momiji eating her mayonnaise-tuna onigiri breakfast.

Then I suddenly remembered something.
Of course, I was thinking about the fox named Yatsuha that the two fox youkai were discussing yesterday.

It was said that she was on par with the current me in terms of battle power, and I always feel uncomfortable leaving it at that.

“Say, will your sisters attack us even after this?”

“I don’t know~”

Hmm, the youngest youkai said blankly, tilting her head.

No, don’t say “I don’t know.”.

That would be a problem for me too.

But Momiji didn’t seem to know much about it either, because I asked her many times and couldn’t get an answer.

Hmm, that’s a problem.

I’m sure this place has been discovered by the other side, so I can’t even take a nap in peace.

By the way, was there an eight-tailed youkai fox named Yatsuha among the youkai that had escaped from the seal?

Maybe Momiji would know about that.

Let’s ask.

“Has that fellow named Yatsuha already escaped from the seal? You should be able to sense it if it’s just a scent.”

“Hmm? …… hmmmm. I can sense it, but the aura of Yatsuha anee-sama is too large, so maybe the aura won’t change much whether it’s sealed or not.”

This, so? ……

Then it can’t be helped.

Well, in short, I have to be on guard in this world until the problem is solved.

I don’t want to get involved in human-youkai showdown with my life in the line, so it’s time for me to think of a preventive measure.

Well, the so called “preventive measure” was actually to go off-world and enjoy item creation mode, that was the most efficient and risk-averse way to go.

It just so happens to be the right time to release Mizzet as well, so let’s go on that course.

Momiji had to rise to the Three-Tails for self-defense anyway, and there was no better way to do that than to practice.

I then store Momiji, who had become content after breakfast, into dimensional storage and once again made the journey to another world a hundred years later.

The landing site was something like the ruins of the old Royal Castle, which was mainly used to worship the bronze statues of Sage Argus and 10 years old me.

After the battle with the Demon King, the site of the Royal Castle was moved once in order to rebuild it, and this place was used as the place where I, the god of mankind, descended to save the continent, which means that it is considered a sacred place.

There were many worshippers around the statue, but thanks to this, the 15-year-old me, who had sneaked out of the shadows, was not suspected by anyone.

Looks like I managed to arrive in this another world without any problems.

The streets of this world are much more developed than they were a hundred years ago, and since they have developed flying ships and other equipment, it is only natural that there are many machines. But to be more specific, it is only to the extent that that there are things like hand pump wells.

But this is obviously different from the time I visited a hundred years later with the time machine.

The last time I visited this era with a time machine, civilisation hadn’t developed this far.

I guess the future had changed because Sage Argus had solved the various problems between the races in this big country.

Quickly walking into the alley, I released the two people.

“Yo, Momiji and Mizzet, welcome back.”


“…… hmmm! It really is a change of scenery when you look back. Is this really future a hundred years from before?”

Momiji still looked the same, but it seemed like Mizzet couldn’t contain her curiosity.

Perhaps the fireworks of the adolescent girl’s soul were ignited because of the incredible things she experienced.

Mizzet looked around for a moment, confirming the grown-up me and the changed scenery.

Then, as if amused, she sometimes said, “Oh? You’ve gotten bigger all of a sudden. But you look great like this” and “Ah, there’s a bronze statue of Kenji here. What the hell is that? That’s funny.” She said things to me that were heartbreaking in every sense of the word.

Maybe to her it was just a straightforward expression of her feelings, but that “That’s funny” was superfluous!

I didn’t ask anyone to make that thing!

“There are a lot of changes, but let’s start with a straightforward confirmation of what the future will look like in a hundred years. And also to practice …… Mizzet you will come along too, right?”

“Of course! What do you think I’m doing abandoning the past times with you for? …… I am not going to leave for the rest of my life, so prepare yourself, Kenji.”

I already knew that, but I confirmed it myself just to be on the safe side – she replied so with a one-eyed wink with a bit of childish mischief.

Well, then the course was decided.

“As I said earlier, I’ll first check the situation in this big country, and then I’ll take the opportunity to do my training again once I’ve finished my important work.”

If I had stayed in Japan, I would have been killed by the family of the Nine Tails.


Yatsuha (八葉) means Eight Leaf
Futaba (二葉) means Two Leaf
Momiji (紅葉) means Red Leaf/Autumn Leaf

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