A Guide to Creating Another World – 108

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Two-Tailed Youkai Fox 2

The corporate-slal*ve youkai stared at the meat that was blasted by the flame bullet emitted by her sister, the two-tailed youkai fox and went mad. It seemed that the shock of losing the burger patty was too great, the light was lost in the pupils of her eyes.

I felt sorry for her even looking at it.
But it wasn’t my doing either.

“Meat, my meat…”

“It’s okay, Momiji. Burgers and stuff just need to be ordered again, so cheer up.”

She heard that and revive, nodding her head while shedding tears, before taking the meat stuck on her fork into her mouth and chewing on it.

So that was it, that was the only surviving piece of meat …….

“Yummy ……”

“Is it delicious? ”


Well, what should I do with this Futaba?

That explosion just now created a shocking scene causing the family restaurant guests to flee the restaurant thinking it was a terrorist attack or something.

To be honest, I don’t want to fight here.

If I were to fight a powerful youkai here, the restaurant would suffer even more damage. I’d like to change the place if conditions allow.

“Well, Futaba. You seem to have something to do with the Momiji, but I don’t want to fight here. Would you like to change the place?”

“Hmm? Who are you, uncle, I have no business with you. I’m here to educate that little runt over there.”

Futaba displayed a fierce smile and once again lit up blue and white fox fire on his fingertips.

With that movement and ability, there was no doubt that this girl was Two-Tails.

From what Momiji said, Two-Tails often used foxfire and had a warlike disposition.

But unfortunately, this uncle not weak enough to lose to Two-Tails.

Perhaps to the Onmyoji and supernaturalists of the modern world, that foxfire would be a threat.

However, to me, who received two composite jobs through my training in another world, it seems to me that kind of spark, which is weaker than the fire of a match, is just an attack that no need even be contained.

Perhaps that it would be even less powerful than the light bullets I was letting out with my hands now.

And now I know through my magical perception that the energy of Momiji behind me is equal to or even stronger than the power of Futaba in front of me.

Well, she had been taken to training and then evolved into the Two-Tails, so it was only natural that the power would be evenly matched. In short, Futaba was like a child in front of me.

“Stop it. I don’t know how low Momiji is to you, but you’re clearly going too far with this.”

“Huh? Are you out of your mind, Uncle? If human beings are hit by my attack, it would not be a joke. Get out of there.”

She seemed surprised that I had deliberately stood in the line of aim of her attack, and showed a moment of hesitation.

Hmmm? Is she worried about her opponent?

If she really wanted to attack, she wouldn’t have cared so much about firing the bullets.

“It’s Momiji behind me, so how can I leave. If you think I’m in the way, why don’t you try attacking? If that’s all it takes to satisfy you.”

“Tch. Annoying… Hey, midget! Come to my side now! Otherwise I’m going to kill this uncle!”

As she said that, she increased the amount of foxfire and started preparing to attack with the inflammation bomb.


It was a bit strange.

Why did she still insist on not attacking even though she was at this point.

And coupled with her words of ‘Come to my side now’, it seems that Futaba is really just here to take Momiji away.

But despite that, I couldn’t let her take her away unless it was Momiji’s personal wishes.

After a short period of glaring at each other, Momiji finally gave an answer.

“I’m not going to follow you who waste food, anee-sama. I have already decided to go with this onigiri-man. After all, he indulge me.”

“You, what did you say ……”

“You can say it as many times as you want, but I’ve decided to live with this onigiri-man at will. Anee-sama, you can live your own life.”

So declared Momiji who gave a look of contempt. Wow, one could feel her resentment from the burger patty becoming burnt black.

It seems that she can’t stand it anymore because of the attack she just made.

It’s scary to feel resentment over food, but it doesn’t seem like a joke when this kid is the main character in the incident.

I had to be more careful, too.

“Do you know what you’re saying to whom, you ba*stard?””

“Of course I do.”

“Tch….!! Ah, really, what a pain in the *ss. I came all the way over here because my sisters told me to protect you, but now it looks like you really do need a bit of tweaking! I’ll make an example of you by killing that uncle over there since you’re the one who contradicted me first!”

Angered by what Momiji had said, Futaba decided to attack and fired several rounds of flame bullets at me.

Of course I couldn’t dodge them so I took them all with my physical body, but they were really not very powerful.
It doesn’t matter if they are shot separately, even if they all add up. The only thing I can say I lost was my shirt, which was set on fire and burnt to a crisp.

The attack was so weak.

Given the rare opportunity, I decided to use my recovery magic to heal even tiny little wound and brew it up to look unharmed.

Wahahaha! Come and experience the sense of despair!

“Is it over already?”

“What! …… How, how is that possible! How is it unharmed when I was obviously hit by so much foxfire!”

Well, thanks for the reaction, that was great.
This uncle was, satisfied.

“It’s useless, stop it Futaba anee-sama. This man is ridiculously strong. If we’re really going to fight, we’ll have to at least bring in Yatsuha anee-sama.”

“You mean …… he and Yatsuha anee-sama are equal!?”

Somehow the conversation started that only the sisters understood each other, and immediately afterwards it was Futaba’s turn to be struck and her body trembled.

“What’s wrong? Please say it in a way that I can understand.”

As soon as I finished speaking, the young girl with beads of sweat on her forehead took two steps backwards, turning into a fleeing motion.

“Damn it! I’ve never heard of such a monster! Remember this, Momiji, you’re definitely going to be disciplined up after this!”

“Oh, take care of your health~”

As if she understood that she couldn’t match me with her current battle power, she used a jutsu of some kind to run away.

I feel like this person is like a wave that comes and goes in a hurry.

But it was great to learn of Momiji’s true nature through this accident.

Never waste food in front of this kid, never!

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