A Guide to Creating Another World – 107

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Two-Tailed Youkai Fox

Kuroko-san takes a breather with “ha~” while looking at the trembling youkai who is still traumatized by Onmyoji.

“It’s incredible that the number of her tails has grown compared to before … but, I see, surely, I don’t feel any evil signs from that child.”

“Right. How about her other sisters is not quite clear, but this kid originally was not good at fighting.”

The bad things in the past were all done because she could not resist the power of her mother, Nine-Tails and other sisters. To be honest, if it wasn’t a matter of life and death, there was no way she would want to do that.

But despite this, you can’t force that Ojou-sama who is hostile towards youkai to tolerate her.

So this time it is just a wish that she can let Momiji go.

And it is up to her to agree or not.

It’s a shame that we can’t work together at the cafe if she object.

Because Momiji will also be present.

“I now fully understand exactly why Saito-sama called me here …… even from my personal point of view, this two-tails is in a pitiful environment. But that doesn’t mean the other Onmyoji will spare her.”

“Ah.. you are right.”

But in this regard, I need not worry.

Perhaps everyone has forgotten, and Momiji is a professional in the field of transformation. There is absolutely no way that a third-rate Onmyoji can discover this kid’s true identity.

And this time I will honestly tell the truth to Kuroko-san because I believe to some extent that she can accept my expectation.

When I conveyed this to her, her face turned a little red and she nodded her head.

“Alright. Since Saito-sama said that, let’s believe her for now …… But, I hope you can understand that not all dependents under the command of the Nine Tails will be as gentle as that child.”

“Of course.”

Rather, even I am also wary of her sisters.

After all, I don’t know when the other side will attack when we are not prepared.

And I can’t be respwan like in the other world, so it’s best to keep an extra eye out.

After that, the three of us (including Momiji) shared information about Nine-Tails and her sisters, and Kuroko-san, who understood and accepted the situation, left in the evening to prepare for the opening of the cafe.

Among the results of the conversation, there is information about the characteristics and combat power of Momiji’s sisters, in this regard Kuroko-san gave a lot of reference information.

However, the fighting power of the Nine-Tailed Youkai is beyond common sense, and it is impossible to formulate countermeasures.

After all, I still don’t have enough power to confront the boss.

The best solution would be to rush my leveling by making full use of the replay mode.

“Momiji, great. In this world there are also people who are willing to accept you …… although it’s still only the first.”

“Are you the first one?”

“Am I wrong?”

“I think it’s the second. Because the first one is you, Onigiri man.”

She suddenly opened her eyes wide and recounted. Oh? If you say so, it seems to be true.

In that sense, this uncle seems out of the box.

Well, the biggest percentage of the reason is because I’m not very familiar with youkai so I accepted her.

“Well, whatever is good.”

“Maybe so~”

All in all the first step was taken, which is a huge turning point.

This will make life easier.

“Okay, let’s make today the day Momiji is accepted, let’s go eat outside”


Ah, what a headache.
I looked at you with a face that said, “What about the onigiri?” I only felt confused when you was looking at me like that.

There are things in this world that are more delicious than onigiri, and my wallet is well-developed.

Let’s take this opportunity to enjoy the modern Japanese food culture.

After that, I decided to take Momiji, who was still saying, “Isn’t today’s meal onigiri?” to a family restaurant.

Why didn’t I choose a fancy restaurant? Because I’m a commoner, and if it was too fancy, I would be very nervous by the atmosphere around me.

After all, there is a lot of etiquette and so on, so it is more suitable for a family restaurant.

“How is it, delicious, right?”

“Well …… Umm umm. It seems…this children’s meal…lurks with endless possibilities …… No, but ……”

Hiding her ears and tail, Momiji is struggling with the family restaurant menu, but I never said she could only order one dish.

She can order as many as she wants. But that would be like throwing cold water on her who was choosing from a limited menu, so I chose to keep quiet.

As if the battle with the menu was over, she made up her mind and announced in front of the clerk.

“That’s it! I, I want this cheeseburger patty! How’s that, okay?”

“Okay customer. Then let me take care the menu.”

In contrast to her resolute and determined attitude, the clerk collected the menu with a placid face. Professional!

If I were an employee, I would definitely laugh.

Incidentally, I chose the spaghetti with sturgeon roe.

Before waiting for the dish to be ready, Momiji went into standby mode, eager to try. Then after 10 minutes, the cheeseburger patty was placed in front of her.

The sizzling meat exuded a strong smell of meat, and she couldn’t help but gulp at the look of the meat.

She seemed to have fallen into a state of disorientation – all that was left in her mind was that piece of meat.

“This is the ultimate in modern times …”

“No, it’s not the ultimate.”

“The supreme ……”

Even though she changed phrase, the meaning is same. Well never mind, it also reflects the high expectations of her.

He clumsyly holds a fork and knife in his hand and tries to cut the meat and bring it to the mouth.

The next second …….

— Bang!


“Aaah! My, my burger patty aaaah!?”

Suddenly the glass of the window behind cracked, and at the same time Momiji’s plate flew away.
You may be a little confused as to what exactly I’m talking about, but in reality her plate just flew.

No, huh?

What happened!

“Hey, hey, you midget. You’ve got a lot of nerve eating behind your sister’s back, Futaba. You’re so obsessed with dish that you don’t notice my presence, and your attitude has really gotten worse during the time I’m not watching you.”

Outside the broken window, there is a girl with blue-white flames on her fingers, narrowing her eyes and staring at this side.

Maybe that’s…


Momiji trembled incessantly, and cold sweat flowed out of her back and knelt down.

Look at this reaction should be correct.

This is her sister mentioned before.

Although now mimicry into a human can not be identified, but since she called herself Futaba, I am afraid that she’s the two-tailed youkai fox.

But I never thought she would attack righteously.
Is she okay, Momiji?

“Aaaaaah, so cruel. But it’s my fault. Afterall, I so despised towards Futaba anee-sama…”

“Momiji, are you okay?”

Although she wasn’t hit head-on, but the power of that flying flame bullet wasn’t low either.

If you’re not hurt then it’s okay ……

A stunned Momiji suddenly stood up and shouted with a trembling voice.

“Meat! Meat —-! My meat —-!?”

“So that’s what you mean!! ”

My voice overlapped with Futaba’s.

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