A Guide to Creating Another World – 105

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Stiil, Momiji wants to eat onigiri

After confirming the status of the otherworldly café project at the company, I went back to my house.

I had a lot of conversations afterwards and found out that the project itself had progressed a lot and that the location of the building had been decided.

The location was chosen in a corner of an alleyway just a short distance from company, but it had been chosen on the premise that it would not attract the attention of ordinary people.

In the first place, the items we handle are unrelated to general public, so this location is just right.

After all, the target audience was already limited to a small number of people.

After that, I finished what I had to do and went to take a bath to pass the time, and finally my phone vibrated.

It looked like the maintenance of the app had ended.

“Let me see how the …… world has turned out.”

Before releasing Momiji I opened the world map and looked at the planet in its full glory.

Immediately after that, I saw the perfectly restored appearance of the Royal Castle on that continent that had become in rubble a hundred years ago, the Earl Galhart territory, the hometown of Mizzet, had become more developed …… etc.

The Dragon God and the World Tree looked no different than usual, and the world seemed to be going well.

There was just one thing that concerned me.

Within a little while of not looking at it, civilization evolved – I couldn’t help but notice that something like an airship was flying in the sky.

Does this mean that human beings have racked their brains and started working on mechanical products during that a hundred years?

Of course it wasn’t all mechanical, there were probably a few places where magic and magical props were used, but that was a big step forward.

Finally, the human race of the planet I created seems to have succeeded in gaining wings.

So the world seems to have become more interesting. I’m looking forward to going over there right away.

One small difference from a hundred years ago, when I fought the Demon King, was that a bronze statue of me as a child had been built there, and a bronze statue of the Sage Argus had been placed next to it.

And it was also posed in the noble pose of supremacy.

“Oh no! I’m going to be ashamed.”

What kind of shame PLAY is this.

It’s true that I’m the god of that world, but that’s too much!

And that bronze statue so faithfully reproduced my likeness that I can’t imagine what will happen when I descend on that planet again in that childlike form.

“… Okay, I just need to change the age of my character now.”

Tapping the screen with my finger at high speed changed the 10 year old setting to 15.

This way I can feel relieved for the time being

After making the general preparations I was finally able to return to calmly releasing Momiji.

“Woo!!… Looks like I’m back.”

“Yo, welcome back Momiji.”

“Mmm, I’m home… Mister, I’m hungry.”

“Fine, fine, you wait. I’ll get the onigiri out now.”

As soon as she was summoned to the room, I was asked for dinner, but I can’t blame her this time.

Even though time stopped in the dimensional storage, but it was after the battle when she was put there, so of course she would be hungry.

Immediately afterwards, I continued to take out the tuna & seaweed onigiri from the secondary storage and ate together.

“Hmmmm… It’s really strange though-”

“What’s wrong? Something wrong with the onigiri?”

“No, it’s not that …… hey ……”

Momiji seemed to look a little strange.

She looked at the empty space, her mouth chanting and constantly wiggling her ears and tail. It was as if …… she had sensed something.

And then…



Both Momiji and I were lost in thought.

Although the things that bothered both of us were different, a closer look revealed that the way we curled our wrists and cocked our heads was identical.

It’s not that we’re imitating each other by any means.
It’s just that occasionally…occasionally we do the same thing.

“Well, it’s really strange. Not to mention Kaa-sama, even the aura of the elder sisters has increased dramatically. Maybe everyone has been unsealed.”

“Ah, is that what happened ……”

Indeed Saionji had said something similar. Several youkai with two tails or more had already broken the seal and come to the outside world or something like that.

No, wait a minute.

…… Could this be …….

“Could your location be fully sensed by the other side?”

“It should be. As long as we’re within this world, we’ll be able to sense each other’s presence.”

“This isn’t something that can be said calmly!! ”

This kid has no sense of tension whatsoever.

That means there are probably youkai with two or more tails that are already on their way to my house at this very moment.

What should I do? I guess I’ll have to fight.

Why don’t I put her back in the storage space before they find her?

She was afraid of her sisters before, so that would be the best way to go, right?

I quickly took out my phone and aimed it at the screen.

“No! Stop it, onigiri-man!! My stomach isn’t even filled yet! Just, can’t you let me taste it just a little bit more?”

Seeing that I was going to perform a stash, Momiji desperately wrapped Onigiri in her arms and shuddered.

Hey hey hey, does this kid value eating more than her own safety?

“So what…. I’ve no problem if you want to keep eat. But your sisters do might come looking for you, don’t they?”

“Even if you say that to me ……”

The corporate-sl*ve youkai spoke while still having her mouth full of rice, and then also wagged her tail and looked upwards at me waterily.

Well, it can’t be helped.

Since Momiji is already under my protection, this kid’s problem is my problem.

If Two-Tail or Three-Tail or whatever is coming to harm her, then I’ll have to take care of them.

To be honest the thought of it being a fellow of this corporate-sl*ve youkai made me a bit uncomfortable to do it, but if I couldn’t solve the problem by talking then I had to do it.

“Okay, okay, I’m not going to take you in. Aren’t you hungry, just let go of your stomach and eat.”


Once she knew I wasn’t going to take her in, she quickly regained her composure and ate again with a calm face as if nothing had happened.

What a difficult one.

Even if her sister rushes in, I’ll have to put up a fight for this youkai who’s eating onigiri with a happy face.

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